Back and Joint Pain Reliever

  • Back and Joint Pain Reliever
  • BackandJointPainReliever

Back and Joint Pain Reliever

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The Back and Joint Pain Reliever

This is the machine that replicates the pain-relieving effects of inversion therapy while lying flat on one's back. Padded ankle and arm supports hold the body in place on the cushioned bench, while an easy-to-reach lever allows users to extend the feet downward. The result is a reviving stretch that relieves pressure on the spine as well as decompresses the joints in the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Unlike inversion tables, this machine is easy to get into and out of, and it won't cause a rush of blood to the head.

Sturdy 14-gauge tubular steel frame. Assembly required.

72" L x 25" W x 11" H; (24 lbs.)

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  1. Ugh...I think it works review by JDub

    Verdict is not out but definitely doesn't feel like inversion therapy. Rating may rise but so far not feeling like I'm floating in the clouds.

  2. The Real Deal! Back Pain Gone! review by YimmyDgeek

    I never write reviews! First one ever! I am compelled to "write" the wrong of the previous reviewer. (I am also going to right the wrong of the marketing geek who sorely missed the mark in divining the remarkable effectiveness and functionality of this superior product.) First off - this device IS NOT the lateral equivalent of an inversion system! It's purpose is not to make you feel as though you're floating. It's purpose is to exert negative-lateral pressure away from your disks and stretch the corresponding muscles. It performs that remarkably well! I would argue that it is equal or superior to the Chiropractor's Vax-D disk decompression therapy which I personally swear by. This device is better, easier, faster and more convenient and you can own it as opposed to the $3,000 dollars that the rehab folks will charge you for a month's therapy. if you have chronic lower back pain - YOU MUST TRY THIS PRODUCT! With their money back guarantee - you have nothing to lose but your back pain! This works! Here's what you do. Use as directed for 20-30 minutes a day - 5 days a week - for a month. At first you'll experience a bit of tenderness and discomfort. You'll confuse muscle pain for joint and nerve pain. Then one day you'll find yourself with a bit more pep in your step and a whole lot more agile as you start to bounce like you did as a kid. And if your as old as I am - you'll be surprised at how much better you feel and how that translates into an overall felling of well-being. Regrettably - you will be upset with yourself as you realize that it took you more than a few minutes to realize that your feeling better can be traced back to that goofy device you bought at Sky-Mall. So much for age and memory. This is a first rate implementation of great idea. It might even keep you from going under the knife.

  3. Hope it gets better review by Backman

    Was looking forward to receiving the machine and was a little disappointed when it didn't fit under my arm well. It kept pulling my arms in and cutting my airway off. I have not used it since and hope an adjustment will help.

  4. Good machine! review by tommyjoe

    Work well and as adverised. Easy to put together and provides immediate relief.

Back and Joint Pain Reliever
Back and Joint Pain Reliever

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