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    Bilz Pinball Game

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    Give a gift of money or a gift card inside one of these games -- they'll have to win the game to get their prize.

    Way more entertaining than simply putting a $50 bill inside a greeting card!

    With the Bilz Pinball game, player uses the flippers to shoot 3 pinballs into slots that pop open the gift drawer.

    Instructions included.

    Bilz Pinball is sized for currency, check, gift certificate or a movie ticket.

    9-1/4" x 5" x 2-1/4" thick.


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    1. Clever idea review by EasyButton on 5/1/2015

      I liked the idea of giving the kids something other than a gift card or cash. This adds a little bit of fun for them. I think they'll enjoy the challenge.

    2. NULL review by aunt on 5/1/2015

      This is fun and a real change from just giving money. The kids were thrilled with something to do to get the money and raised the energy level a great deal in the room.

    3. NULL review by moky on 5/1/2015

      The grand kids had a blast trying to get to the $50 bill that I had put in there. Once they finally figured it out one of them closed it back up to try again.

    4. Not As Good As Anticipated review by Fincat on 5/1/2015

      These little pinball machines were not as good as I had hoped for. They are hard to play with any accuracy because or their small size. The hole that the balls must be rolled into to release the money gift is almost impossible to hit with the flippers. In order to release the money we had to pick up the game, tip it forward and physically roll the ball to the required hole. These games are slightly more fun than handing over a cash gift in an envelope

    5. Great review by Fatboy on 5/1/2015

      Products that you can't find anywhere else

    6. Great Idea! review by dcshe on 5/1/2015

      I hate to just give money as a present and this way I could give the money inside the pinball machine and give my grandkids some fun as well.

    7. Lots of Laughs review by drawer57 on 5/1/2015

      The order arrived promptly and I couldn't have been more pleased. Not only did the kids enjoy the Pinball Game but I enjoyed watching them having to make the extra effort to actually get to the cash! As much fun (if not more) for the giver than the gift receiver.

    8. Fun!! review by Pinballwizz on 5/1/2015

      I bought two if these, one for each sibling... they're both in their 20s and we all found it very funny and exciting to watch them play the hard pin ball game. Its not easy to get the money out but it was def money spent well because its a lot more exciting to watch them get frustrated to get their gift out.

    9. Fun Present review by jw45 on 5/1/2015

      Given to my 11 yr old grandson on Christmas. He had a great time playing the game to get his Christmas money.

    10. cash gifts review by teams on 5/1/2015

      Fun item to put cash or gift cards into as gifts

    11. Great product review by brh2 on 5/1/2015

      Such a fun way to send money or gift cards. It was a hit with my 10-year-old grandson and added a bonus to the gift.

    12. Fun and lots of laughs review by llb3724 on 5/1/2015

      I ordered 4 of these for gift cards we were giving to nieces and nephews. They were a big hit and lots of fun! We all laughed (including them!) while they were trying to win to get the gift card out. The only problem with these was that on all 4 of them the win button fell out/off as soon as the game was taken out of the box. But, we soon discovered it wasn't completely necessary in order to get the gift card out.

    13. Breaks immediately review by noyuu on 5/1/2015

      Bought as a gift--broke at first play

    14. NULL review by MM1940 on 5/1/2015

      I bought 3 for my young adult grandchildren 2 of home are avid gamers. They loved the idea that they could compete with each other to play for the assortment of items I placed inside-money, movie gift card and lottery tickets. They thought the game was well constructed and ended competing with each other. Just be very careful when you insert the items ir is possible to put items in wrong compartment 

    15. Unique fun! review by Opchristmas on 5/1/2015

      We bought these for our 6 nieces/nephews as money holders for Christmas gifts. It got the most attention & provided lots of fun!

    16. Boys loved it! review by AmyD on 5/1/2015

      I bought two of these for my God sons ages 6 and 7. They thought it was very cool. It was very easy for me to load with their gift. I wondered how long it would take them to open (didn't want too hard where they couldn't get the gift or so easy it wasn't really a game). It took each of them about 5 mins or so.

    17. Not for Kids review by Sandywt on 5/1/2015

      We bought this to give with gifts. After not being able to get into it, they broke it open.

    18. What fun!! review by Debbby on 5/1/2015

      What a wonderfully clever idea to give cash or a gift card. Gave one to each of my grandchildren (13 yr & 14 yr), what a hit. We laughed so hard. Great idea!' Thx

    19. Great Gift review by nodaker28 on 5/1/2015

      Great gift for my nephew. The adults loved it too.

    20. This was a lot of fun review by Santa Mom on 5/1/2015

      I put a cash gift in this for my 22 year old son. It took him about 10 minutes to win and get the game open and he had a lot of fun. In fact, he's going to use the game to give a gift to one of his friends. It is hard plastic so I handled with care when loading so as not to risk snapping a piece.

    21. Very cheap product. review by xmas present on 5/1/2015

      pinball was plastic and cheap. should be more like a dollar store product. The maze is a better game.

    22. Bilz Pinball Game review by board on airplanes on 5/1/2015

      Bought as Christmas gift. Item box is old and damaged, not due to shipping.
      I did not open, causing further damage, and do not know how item performs
      Am disappointed that I am having to give a damaged looking gift

    23. Hit or miss review by Srg426 on 5/1/2015

      I purchased 3 of these pinball games as holiday presents. One was broke on arrival. The second did not release the money even after all 3 balls hit the target (had to take a hammer to it to release the money. The 3rd worked perfectly.

    24. A Christmas Gift HIT!!! review by SilverLining on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this and the Money Maze for my 3 niece and nephews for Christmas. It was a HIT!!! I would definitely recommend this as a gift.

    Bilz Pinball Game
    Bilz Pinball Game

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