• Here's a pen that could make James Bond jealous

    These multifunction spy pens digitally record up to 64 hours using a built in microphone. They can also transfer 2 GB of data and play up to 1000 songs in MP3 or WMA format. The CompuFlash mo0del is also an FM radio. Silver or Gold

    Includes 3.7V battery. Recharge using any USB port or optional charger.
    5.0/5 (1)
  • A multifunction pen that even James Bond would envy!

    This 2GB multifunction spy pen digitally records up to 64 hours of sound using a built-in microphone. Includes secret operations, no visible button or light, uses one touch recording. Choose black with gold or silver trim.
    Includes 3.7V battery. Recharge using any USB port or optional home or car charger.
    5 4/5"L x 7/10" diameter; 1.7oz. 12-month warranty.
    Covert Pen
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Discover our proven language-learning solution from Rosetta Stone.

    It's everything you've always loved about Rosetta Stone software, now with an entirely new online experience that immerses you in language as never before.

    Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe pairs our proven software, which has brought success to millions of language learners all over the world, with exciting new features to take your language-learning journey to the next stage.

    Version 4 customers have access to online sessions that include live interaction with up to three other learners, tutored by a native speaker. Our exclusive language-learning community allows you to play games on your own or with others, motivating you engage and connect with your new language at each stage of your journey. The TOTALe Mobile Companion application allows you to practice on the go, so you can continue your experience with Rosetta Stone when you're not by the computer. And with dedicated success agents, you'll never lose sight of your language-learning goals.

    What's Included:

    Interactive Software

    The latest award-winning version, complete with proprietary speech-recognition technology.

    Audio Companion
    For your CD or MP3 player so you can review while on the go.

    Headset with Microphone
    For use with our state-of-the-art speech-recognition software.

    Live Online Sessions
    Practice sessions led by native speakers.

    Games & Community
    Language-enhancing games move you toward real-world proficiency.

    Mobile Companion
    Practice application for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Copyright 2010 Rosetta Stone Ltd. All rights reserved. iPhone and iPod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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    $179.00 - $499.00
    4.6/5 (7)
  • Access 8,000 Business Books Instantly

    Books piling up on your desk or nightstand? No time to read? You're not alone! For years, successful executives have been relying on getAbstract to summarize the most critical business books and deliver them in a flash. Now you can, too!

    getAbstract is the most efficient way to absorb the key ideas of today's best business books. Our top-notch editorial team reads through thousands of books and picks out the very best. Forget all the hot-air books that are not worth your time. We select the ones that really make a difference.

    Next, we write a crisp, clear five-page summary you can read in less than 10 minutes. The perfect length to deliver the book's main ideas, and packed full of relevant insights.

    getAbstract offers the world's largest library of business book summaries. Our collection of over 10,000+ titles is ten times larger than others.

    You can access the complete getAbstract library online 24/7, downloading the summaries onto your computer (PDF), iPod (MP3) or mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, PDA, iPad, tablet, and Kindle).

    Plus, your subscription is uniquely personalized and tailored to your specific needs and interests. From our vast library, build your own Personal Bookshelf, download summaries for your next trip using our Travel Packs, or browse through our large selection of more than 100 business categories and Knowledge Packs.

    Why getAbstract?
    • A complete selection of more than 10,000 titles
    • Expert analytical insights from top business authors
    • Clear explanations
    • Effective strategies
    • Proven techniques to jump-start your career and get you ahead of the pack

    Subscribe now and see why hundreds of thousands of business professionals use getAbstract!

    Free electronic delivery. No-risk money-back guarantee.

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  • Your own custom App for iPhone, Android, iPad, and a Mobile Website!

    IT Mentor APPS makes it easy for Individuals and Businesses to have their own custom App for iPhone, Android, iPad, and a Mobile Website. Now you can use the same technology that Fortune 500 companies are using, for a fraction of the cost!

    This is the most powerful mobile marketing tool in the world! Your custom App for iPhone, Android, and iPad are downloadable by anyone in the world via the iTunes and Android Marketplace. Now all your customers can have your business in their pocket. You can even send them PUSH Notifications which instantly pop up on their phone, just like a text message.

    Your custom App for iPhone, Android, and iPad includes hundreds of features and gives you the ability to change ANYTHING in your App via a simple user interface. You also get analytics to show you how many people have downloaded your App to their iPhone or Android phone!

    Once you make your purchase, our team of designers will go to your website to get content for your custom App. We will contact you within 7 days to show you a demo of your App. We will then work with you to make the appropriate changes until your App is perfect. After your approval, we will upload your custom App to the iTunes and Android Marketplace!

    Note: All Apps require a monthly platform maintenance of either $59 (Individual) or $99 (Business). This includes access to your user friendly interface, gives you Unlimited Push Notifications, Unlimited upgrades and access to all of our new features as they become available. Your monthly maintenance will not begin until AFTER we have completed your App.

    Make your choice of either Business* or Individual.**
    *A business is defined as more than one person. Examples: Restaurant, Gym, Law Firm, etc.
    **An individual is defined as a single person. Examples: Real Estate Agent, Doctor, etc.
    $495.00 - $1,495.00
    5.0/5 (4)
  • This home charger works with our Multifunction and Discreet Pens in the CMP101 to CMP115 series to allow you to charge them from home or on the go!
  • This car charger is an optional accessory for any of the multifunction pens in the CMP101 thru 120 model range. Use this item to recharge the battery of your multifunction voice recorder, video or camera pen. Pens sold separately.

  • The IMPRESSA C9 One Touch is the most compact One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

    With the ultimate in user-friendly technology, the C9 One Touch creates a cappuccino, cafe mocha or latte at the touch of one button, without moving the cup. The insulated 14 oz. thermal stainless steel milk container keeps cold milk cold for up to eight hours. Push one button & watch how the C9 One Touch steams & froths your milk, then grinds, tamps and brews the best in high-pressure-brewed crema coffee or espresso and adds it automatically into your cappuccino cup.
  • ENA Micro 9 One Touch

    ENA Micro 9 One-Touch is the world's smallest one-touch automatic coffee machine, 11% shorter than the compact ENA line. Newly developed brew unit engineered for a single cup, makes it possible to make a cappuccino or latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Simple operation: press and enjoy! Height adjustable spout will accomodate up to a 5.4" cup. Fine foam technology will prepare luxurious milk foam for all your milk specialty drinks. Eco friendly design switches into energy saving mode after 5 minutes and completely shuts off after two hours.
  • IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional

    Combining Swiss technology with remarkable ease of use & customization options, the Jura IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional, is an automatic coffee center designed for lodges, bed & breakfasts, cafes, offices, boutiques, galleries, catering operations and other small-scale hospitality venues that offer first class service. The XJ9 Professional is programmed to create 10 popular espresso-based beverages. The extra large capacity 135-oz water tank & ample 17.6-oz bean container are sized to accommodate any morning rush.
  • Here's a pen that could make James Bond jealous.
    Imagine a spy pen that can transfer one GB of data, make digital recordings up to 32 hours using a built-in microphone, store and play 500 songs in MP3 or WMA format, and play FM radio using the included 3.7V battery.
    Recharge this device through any USB port, or use an optional home or car charger. By the way, this pen writes, too. Choose Black or Silver. 54/5"L x 7/10" diam. 1.7oz. 12-month warranty.
  • IMPRESSA J9.3 One Touch TFT

    The new best in class of the IMPRESSSA J line has ingenious operating concept that couldn't be easier to use. Simply use the rotary selection to choose the specialty coffee you want. One-touch automatic coffee machine prepares full range from latte macchiato to ristretto at the touch of a button without moving the cup. TFT display and new fine foam technology puts the J9 in a class by itself! A thermal stainless steel milk container is included to keep the milk cold for up to 8 hours. Style:Brilliant Silver.
  • MAGic opens up a whole new world of computing to low vision users.

    Whether you are surfing the Web, creating a document, e-mailing, or engaging in social networking, MAGic provides you the tools you need to work more efficiently.

    MAGic with Speech features built-in human-sounding voices that you control independently for speaking text, mouse echo, and typing echo. Speech On Demand lets you easily access this aid only when you need it.

    MAGic's high-definition text delivers smooth, crisp letters for all fonts, even at the highest magnification. MAGic features 46 magnification levels from 1x to 36x. Built-in training tools, text and audio training, talking installation, online Help, and context-sensitive Help work together to make MAGic extremely easy to learn and use.

    Features at a Glance:
    • 46 magnification levels from 1x to 36x
    • High-definition text provides crisp fonts for hours of comfortable use
    • High-definition mouse and cursor enhancement options
    • Makes the mouse pointer and cursor easier to find
    • Highlights where you are on the screen
    • Customizable on-screen colors
    • Runs on PC's, laptops, and tablets
    • Built-in color enhancements eliminate glare and increase contrast
    • Unique productivity tools that enable users to excel at their jobs
    • Dual-monitor & Citrix Remote Access support for greater workplace opportunities
    • Speech option adds human-sounding voices to speak text and echo user actions
    • Uses rechargeable or disposable AAA batteries
    • Batteries and carrying case included

    Select item with or without speech option.
    $395.00 - $595.00
  • At Little Pim, we believe that all children deserve to learn a second language.

    Our program makes learning Spanish, French, Chinese or any of our languages easy for kids to get started at the age they learn best, which is up to six years old.

    The Entertainment Immersion Method makes language learning fun, and features short episodes that are perfectly paced for young children. Our award-winning video series stars the lovable animated panda bear Little Pim and real kids doing everyday activities. Your children will learn words and phrases for baking a cake, making friends, playtime, and more, as they gain confidence and building blocks for speaking a second language.

    Your child can learn up to 360 words and phrases from watching the series. No prior language knowledge is needed for the child, parents or caregivers.

    Select language and package:
    *Intro Set (includes 3 Educational Videos DVD + Digital)
    *Discovery Set (includes 6 Educational Videos DVD + Digital)
    Immersion Set (includes 6 Educational Videos DVD + Digital & 2 Flashcards Set)

    PLUS, Free Plush Panda Toy with each set ordered!
    $59.00 - $129.00