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  • Women's Shoe Fit Right Kit

    Now you can have all the tools on hand that you need make any shoe "fit right". Does your heel slip out of the shoe or rub and cause a blister? Use our STOP padded leather heel grips. Do your sandals or sling back straps slip off the back of your heel or rub and cause pain? Use our SLING soft leather strap grips. Does your foot slide forward when you wear your favorite heels? Use our GIRL skid proof, forefoot grips in either tan or black leather to keep your foot securely where it belongs. Finally, when you REALLY need help, use LADY GEL. Lady Gel is an extra slim 3/4 -length insole perfect for high heels sandals, pumps, and high fashion shoes and boots. Lady Gel is trimmable, hand washable and movable from shoe to shoe. Lady Gel helps prevent that ominous burning sensation in the balls of the feet that indicates your forefoot and arch are under a lot of stress. Flattening and spreading of the forefoot can lead to the development of many serious, and unattractive, foot conditions like Morton's Neuroma, metatarsalgia, bunions, calluses, etc. Lady Gel also relieves pressure on the heels while comfortable gel makes walking and standing more relaxing because the anatomical shaped cushioning relieves your feet, ankles, hips, knees and spine. This very low profile, streamlined insole will fit perfectly in virtually any shoe, sandal, or boot. You can wear Lady Gel barefoot because the velour microfiber surface is kind and gentle to the skin-and is hand washable.

    Set Includes:
    • 1 Pair Lady Gel Insoles
    • 1 Pair Girl Forefront Pad Cushions in Black
    • 1 Pair Girl Forefront Pad Cushions in Tan Leather
    • 2 Pairs of Heel Stops
    • 4 Pairs Sling

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  • Clothing & Accessories

    Update your wardrobe or that of your family with great clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Upgrade your style with fun watches.

  • Orthotic Arch Support Kit

    3 Full Length Orthotic Insoles, all with semi-rigid longitudinal arch and plantar vault area support, metatarsal pad, and shock absorbing heel cushion. All three orthotics are useful tools for prevention and relief of symptoms of fallen arches (Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, heel pain, alignment issues like pronation/supination, neuroma, etc.). VIVA is made of vegetable tanned leather, with an active, natural, carbon filter-slim and low profile enough for all your dress, business and comfort shoes. VIVA OUTDOOR is made of non-abrasive, rugged, cushioning, compressed jute, felt with an active, natural, carbon filter for your hiking boots, trail runners, work boots, military boots and cowboy boots, etc. VIVA SUMMER is made of hand washable, pure cotton terry with nano sized silver ions for permanent antibacterial treatment, and airy, durable sisal fibers. Great for all your golf, boating, tennis, vacation, and other leisure shoes. No need to wear socks! All 3 use natural materials that keep feet and shoes fresh and comfortable. All 3 foot beds have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal for promoting foot health. Made in Germany.

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