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  • Gravity Defyer does it again.

    These running shoes, designed by the Impact Research Technology Group are made to get you to the finish line --Fast! They'll improve your game using advanced technology. The Versoshock Trampoline sole provides you with unparalleled cushioning and support, reducing stress on your muscles, bones and joints. They relieve pain by absorbing impact and then reduce fatigue by propelling you forward. You'll do more with less effort, and do it all pain free. AVS3 keeps your feet cool and odor free by expelling hot air through a one way valve. These athletic shoes will equip you with the tools you need to succeed. With Gravity Defyer, you'll be able to attack obesity head on. They are ideal for all your training needs, but if you decide to skip the gym today, don't be surprised if you catch someone looking at your shoes. They look that good!

    • Shock absorption reduces pain and fatigue
    • Ease joint pain & spinal pressure
    • Walk further with less effort
    • Stay on your feet longer without aches or pain
    • Be more active
    • Have more energy
    • Appear taller
    • Jump higher, walk and run faster
    • Have instant comfort
    • Rebound action improves health
    • Strengthens Legs & Improves Balance
    • Increases Coordination
    • Enhances Lymphatic Circulation
    • Increases Bone Density
    • Stimulates the Immune System
    • Improves Cardiovascular Condition
    • Strengthens Cells
    • Appear nearly 2 inches taller
    • AVS3 Cooling system reduces perspiration, odor and microbial growth

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