• Tagua Handmade Bracelet

    We've nicknamed them tie-dye but whatever you call them the finish is amazing. Each of the Natual color rectangle "skin" pieces is so cool and interesting the way they all come together. These bracelets stretch and adjust to many sizes. The beads are hand harvested, eco-friendly and fairly traded.

    Tagua is the nut of a family of palm trees found in certain regions of Central and South America. It goes through an interesting metamorphosis. When the nut is green the center is a watery, gel-like substance that soon takes on a milky color and is sweet to the taste. However, if the Tagua nut is allowed to dry, the liquid center becomes very hard and takes on a beautiful ivory color. For this reason Tagua is also known as Vegetable Ivory or the Ivory Nut. In fact, Tagua has now been classified as an Organic Gem, representing purity and vitality, with an average hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale.

    The economic activity of Tagua carving helps preserve tropical forest in two ways. First, in the absence of this economic activity, these same artisans would have to return to other activities available to them mainly agriculture and/or animal-raising which causes the contamination and destruction of tropical ecosystems. Second, the Tagua nut can't exist without the Tagua Palm. Because the nut becomes an important economic medium not only for the artisans but also for the "Tagueros" who collect the nut, the Tagua Palm is perceived as a valuable resource more important than the land underneath it and is left standing.

    This Tagua is Fairly Traded, that is, the artisan was not economically or otherwise exploited in the making of this product. Furthermore, you enjoy a beautiful and exotic handmade creation and less tropical forest is cut down.