• Silvery Bangles

    To wear singly, pair, or stack. Pretty, sculptural Asian motifs adorn cool, comfortable metal bangles cast in 60/40 copper-zinc alloy. The special design allows them to fit a bit closer than other bangles: Squeeze the metal spirals toward each other to widen the opening, then slide the bracelet over your hand.

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  • LifeNames Locking Bracelet

    The LifeNames Locking Bracelet is a totally unique symbol of your binding, unconditional love! The personalized locking bracelet features up to 4 names or dates. Choose your children's names or feature the names and anniversary date of a couple. Depending on the number of names/dates we may repeat them to create the coolest look possible. For fewer than 4 names leave fields blank. Each bracelet comes with a free locking tool to attach the bracelet to your wrist and is available in a medium size for most wrists (2.25") or large if desired (2.5").

    The bracelet is hand-crafted in our proprietary fine jeweler's-grade stainless steel, PurLuxium, featuring our PurLuxium Lifetime Warranty.

    Your complete satisfaction and confidence in Carved Creations is our mission. If you are not completely satisfied with your custom-made jewelry, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund. Yes, it's that easy!