Mens Watches
  • The Men's Faceless Watch.

    This is the watch that tells time with LEDs built into the band. Blending seamlessly into the watch's stainless steel links, the four disguised LED sets are only detected when they illuminate to form 1/2" H digital numbers at the press of a button. The top row displays the hour and the lower row the minute; the press of a button switches the view to month and day. The stainless steel band features a durable electroplated finish. Includes two additional links. Links to be adjusted by a professional.

    High-gloss Black with Red LEDs or Brushed Nickel with Blue LEDs. (5 oz.)

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    The 1/2" thick case and 1" wide band give the watch a substantial look and feel. Fits wrists up to 8-3/4" in circumference.
    4.1/5 (27)
  • The first analog watch that connects to your iPhone and Android, keeping you connected and in control.

    COOKOO is the world's first designer watch that manages your social life by bringing notifications to your wrist and giving you control over your smart phone remotely with the press of one button. COOKOO won the prestigious A'Design Platinum Award in 2013.
    • Notifications for incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook post and messages, calendar reminders
    • Remind when your device is out of range, or at critical battery level
    • At the push of a customizable COMMAND button, people can take specific actions like finding their phone, snapping photos remotely, one-button Facebook check-in and tagging location on the map
    • Locate your phone with the press of a button from your COOKOO watch
    • Japanese movement with scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass and water resistance up to 5ATM
    • Up to 1 year of battery life for CONNECTED Display and up to 3 years of battery life for analog watch movement.

    Compatible with the latest Bluetooth SMART READY devices such as iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod mini, iPad (4th & 3rd generation), iPod touch (5th generation), Samsung GALAXY S4, and other latest Android devices.

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    4.0/5 (9)
  • We can only find one.
    A Watch Legend for under $100!

    Eighty-seven years ago, a watchmaker in Europe famous for building clocks at Versailles created a legendary watch movement. He invented the first watch with an automatic mechanical drive. These innovative movements required no batteries and never needed to be manually wound. Only seven of these ultra-rare watches were ever made and we've only actually seen one surviving masterpiece in a watch history museum. Inspired by history, our Stauer Meisterzeit has been painstakingly handcrafted to meet the demanding standards of vintage watch collectors.

    Every interior dial has been carefully engineered to replicate the "complications" of the earliest multifunction watches. Two interior dials display day and month and are run by a perpetual calendar mechanism. The 27-ruby-jewel movement utilizes an automatic self-winding mechanism inspired by a patent from 1923. With an exhibition back, you can see into the heart of engineering and you can see the rotor spin to keep it wound-it's powered by the movement of your body.

    This limited edition Stauer Meisterzeit allows you to wear a watch far more exclusive than most new "upscale" models. Here is your chance to claim a piece of watchmaking history in a rare design that is priced to wear everyday. This offer might not reappear for another 80 years.

    Watch specs:
    • 14K gold-clad case and bezel
    • Precision 27-jeweled movement
    • Interior dials display day and month
    • Croc-embossed leather strap
    • Fits 6-3/4" to 8-1/4" wrist
    4.2/5 (38)
  • Moon Lands on Man!

    Galileo Galilei relied on his knowledge of light and shadow learned as a painter to understand the movements of the heavenly orb. We relied on that same pairing of art and science to create one of our most complicated and beautiful movements yet.. for an unbelievable price! The stars have finally aligned to make the Stauer Moon Phase Watch available for a low price.

    Our Moon Phase Watch continues a centuries-old tradition of unlocking the secrets of the Moon with scientific innovation. It includes a separate window that showcases the current phase of the Moon. This beautiful addition to the face is no easy feat...Solving the mystery of Moon time. Since earthly time is measured at regular 12 month intervals, the Moon's month is at odds with our calendar. A lunar month is 29.53 days, so a Moon-phase watch needs to keep time in two totally different ways. That's why antique watch collectors are always quick to bid on this type of complex lunar movement. You'll find them among the rarest and most expensive vintage watches ever sold at auction. Not long ago, one of the most important moon-phase timepieces fetched an incredible $5.7 million!

    Our goal was to create a timepiece more accurate and affordable than its ancestors. As you can imagine, an offer this good on a watch this spectacular cannot last forever. The Moon Phase Watch boasts three different complications set in the guillocheed face: a standard monthly calendar, a day of the week indicator, and the moon phase display. Its rose gold-finished case features a hobnail-pattern bezel and a crocodile-embossed, genuine leather strap adds the final luxurious detail. Please don't wait. This kind of watch only comes around once in a blue moon.
    5.0/5 (1)
  • noon copenhagen Men's Watches

    noon copenhagen creates unique, innovative products. Its unique double disc display is a new way to tell the time. Sophistication and high quality materials will deliver years of enjoyment. Innovative design combined with function creates the perfect watch for any occasion that is sure to leave a lasting impression!

    • "Turning Disc" dial
    • Water Resistance: 5ATM - 50m. - 165ft
    • Case Size: 42mm
    • Strap: Silicone
    • Movement: High torque Japanese movement
    4.5/5 (2)
  • Watch legend comes back in black.

    In 1770 a Swiss watchmaker created a legendary movement. He built the first watch with an automatic mechanical drive. The innovative movement required no batteries and never needed to be manually wound. His invention changed the face of time forever. More 150 years later, someone did it again. Now it's our turn.

    It could be said that the Stauer Midnight Meisterzeit was born on the battlefields of Europe. During the fierce combat of World War I, a British serviceman and watchmaker had a revelation. He found that opening a watchcase to manually wind it left the delicate mechanics vulnerable to dust and moisture. After the war, he developed the very first self-winding, self-contained wristwatch. Building on the historic designs of a Swiss genius, he transformed the way the world kept time.

    Our Midnight Meisterzeit has been painstakingly handcrafted to meet the demanding standards of vintage watch collectors. We engineered this classic with millions worth of precise, Swiss-built machinery. Every interior dial has been carefully engineered to replicate the "complications" of the earliest multifunction watches. Interior dials display day and month and a date window sits at the 6 o'clock position. The 27-ruby-jewel movement utilizes a self-winding mechanism inspired by the British soldier's 1923 patent.

    With an exhibition back, you can see into the heart of the engineering and watch the rotor spin to keep it wound--it's powered by the movement of your body. The watch secures with a genuine leather strap and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs.

    Watch specs:
    • 27-jeweled Vertex automatic movement
    • Exhibition back
    • Genuine black leather band fits wrists 7-1/4" to 9-1/8"

    Stauer Midnight Meisterzeit Timepiece
    3.8/5 (11)
  • The ultimate gift for any Major League Baseball fan.

    Your team's logo appears on the face and your team's schedule is pre-programmed into this fully functioning watch. Use scroll function to see upcoming games, start times and locations.

    "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" plays at the start of each Major League Baseball game.

    Includes alarm, hourly chime and EL backlight functions. A USB connector is included to update schedule. Black PU band, stainless steel case, plastic face.

    8-3/4"H x 2"W.
    1 battery required (included).

    Manufacturer 1-year limited warranty.

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  • This 23k Gold Electroplated Pocket Timepiece is a stylish and sophisticated men's accessory. A rugged antique look and a great substitute for a traditional wrist watch.
  • Edward Gorey Seventeen Cats Watch

    Cats laze, loaf, and loiter in this delightful illustration by lifelong cat lover Edward Gorey. A portion of his famous "Seventeen cats on the front steps of 82 Maple Street" (not all 17 would fit) adorns the square face of a handsome watch with polished silver-tone bezel, black leather band, and sweep second hand. Quartz movement.
  • My Own Identity Fingerprint Watch: Ink Strip Collection Kit Included

    Embrace the power of identity with this classic fingerprint watch. This trendy, oversized stainless steel watch features an asymmetrical rectangular shape with rounded corners. The smooth black leather band makes this accessory suitable for day or night wear.

    The black dial contains a cool white fingerprint graphic, perfect for those who love science, forensics, and crime scene investigation. Also included is an ink strip collection kit which can be used to design a watch (instructions will be enclosed), be given as a unique gift, or kept with your own fingerprints on it for safe-keeping.
    • Japanese Movement
    • Long Battery Life
    • Water Resistant Watch
    • Quality Leather Strap
  • The Best Talking Watch.

    This is the talking analog watch that ranked highest in every category in evaluations by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. Unlike lesser models that were inaudible or malfunctioned completely, this model announces the time distinctly in a male voice, ideal for those who find it difficult or inconvenient (such as when driving) to look at a watch. In addition to the time, the watch can announce the day and date, alarm, and sound a chime at the top of the hour.

    Contrary to other watches that were found to be overly complicated to operate, this watch offers straightforward instructions and functions that are easily accessed via two buttons.

    To ensure accuracy, the watch automatically synchronizes nightly with the atomic clock in Ft. Collins, CO, a timekeeping standard that won't vary by a second in 80 million years.

    The watch's face is set within a stainless steel.

    Its 3/4"-wide black leather strap fits wrists up to 8 1/2".

    Face is 1 1/2" diameter x 5/8" thick. (6 1/2 oz.)
  • A Rare Re-Issue of a Legendary Time Machine

    Steinhausen set out to recreate the most legendary Impulse time machine ever! Wait for it... Combining a sophisticated quartz movement with multiple complications, including day of week, calendar date, and AM/PM indicators with a stunning classic design wasn't enough!

    This Impulse had to be more than just another great looking and accurate time machine. This Impulse had to make a statement for you without you uttering a word! With sharp, bold coloring and an ultra affordable price, you'll need to act fast before this limited edition time machine is a thing of the past.

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