Other Jewelry
  • A pair of 14k Yellow Gold Filled cuff links featuring a natural centerstone. The cuff links secure with standard swivel back locks.
  • A simple twist of faith.

    Most kids aren't keen on sitting still. Every Sunday was a challenge for my parents as they tried to keep everyone well-behaved at church. But Palm Sunday was never a problem. We were all given palm fronds that kept our fidgety hands occupied. By the end of the service, each of us had our own cross that we'd made using the palm leaves. Mine was always a little crooked, but no ornate cross could ever compare to the beauty of those simple woven palm leaves.

    Our DiamondAura Endless Faith Necklace recalls those precious creations and will serve as a reminder that symbols of faith can be found in the simplest things. The slight, graceful curves of the crosses flow like woven green leaves but stand firm in precious sterling silver. Rows of white, lab-created DiamondAura are precisely microset to give the pendant an ethereal shine that dazzles with even more fire than natural diamonds.

    The pendant dangles from a 18" sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp. Add this remarkable necklace to your Sunday best.