• Now with 3x more SHOCK ABSORBING POWER.
    And 2x more ENERGY RETURN.

    Introducing the G-Defy Pro-Line. The only biomechanical footwear approved by Impact Research Technology Group.

    Own the World's Most Advanced Footwear Technology Risk Free for 60 Days!
    Gravity Defyer's exclusive VersoShock Trampoline Sole launches you from the earth. It eliminates discomfort and provides maximum energy return so you can walk more, run more, jump higher and stay on your feet longer. It's the ultimate comfort shoe! It makes walking -- even on hard concrete -- feel like you're walking on clouds.

    Now you can try Gravity Defyer shock absorbing footwear in the privacy of your own home. It's like nothing you've experienced before. You'll enjoy every step as our exclusive VersoShock Trampoline sole absorbs shock and transforms it into forward motion -- effortlessly!

    Get up. Get out. Get Fit. Get Gravity Defyer!

    • Designed to support your fitness and weight loss goals
    • Absorb harmful impact
    • Maximize energy return
    • Feet stay cool with less odor
    • Appear 2 inches taller
    • Improve posture

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    Find the latest styles in men's and women's shoes for casual and formal wear. Remake your master bedroom closet with affordable shoe storage options.

  • Set your toes straight and enjoy better feeling feet! Try them on and your feet will fall in love!

    These four-post, five-toe sandals spread your toes for a more natural alignment and to help strengthen foot muscles. If you have overlapping or crowded toes, corns, or tired, aching feet, slip on a pair and feel the difference.

    Allow one week for feet to adjust. Cushiony EVA molded footbeds.

    Features & Benefits of ToeSox Yogini Sandals:
    • Four toe posts separate the toes to promote natural alignment of the foot and toes.
    • Breathable vegan-friendly faux leather strap feels comfortable on your foot.
    • Molded EVA foam footbed cushions your stride.

    Other Important Information About ToeSox Yogini Sandals:
    • Material Content: lamy upper, EVA foam footbed.
    • Imported.

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    Find the latest styles in men's and women's shoes for casual and formal wear. Remake your master bedroom closet with affordable shoe storage options.

  • We know your pain, so we invented a solution.
    Sweat more with less effort.

    If you find it painful to walk 30 minutes a day... If you feel discouraged and sluggish when you jog or run (even short distances) then you'll be amazed at the changes wearing the miraculous G-Defy Super Walk can make. Feel the rush as you slip them on--a new power emanating from within like a burning sun. Confidence that tells you this is your day. You will be the champion at the gym and on the street. With G-Defy, hard becomes effortless and the impossible becomes possible.

    Simply out of this world. Perfect for trails or a lap around the track, the Super Walk is a shoe built for comfort and performance.

    Padded collar and tongue reduce chafing at the ankle, while our new web-last technology turns the lightweight upper into a rugged exoskeleton. But the best feature of the Super Walk is the VS2 VersoShock Reverse Trampoline sole. 3x the shock absorption. 2x the energy return. 30% Lighter. Durable reinforced toe and heel guards reduces scuffing and wear. Burst on the scene with the Super Walk.

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  • Gravity Defyer does it again.

    These running shoes, designed by the Impact Research Technology Group are made to get you to the finish line --Fast! They'll improve your game using advanced technology. The Versoshock Trampoline sole provides you with unparalleled cushioning and support, reducing stress on your muscles, bones and joints. They relieve pain by absorbing impact and then reduce fatigue by propelling you forward. You'll do more with less effort, and do it all pain free. AVS3 keeps your feet cool and odor free by expelling hot air through a one way valve. These athletic shoes will equip you with the tools you need to succeed. With Gravity Defyer, you'll be able to attack obesity head on. They are ideal for all your training needs, but if you decide to skip the gym today, don't be surprised if you catch someone looking at your shoes. They look that good!

    • Shock absorption reduces pain and fatigue
    • Ease joint pain & spinal pressure
    • Walk further with less effort
    • Stay on your feet longer without aches or pain
    • Be more active
    • Have more energy
    • Appear taller
    • Jump higher, walk and run faster
    • Have instant comfort
    • Rebound action improves health
    • Strengthens Legs & Improves Balance
    • Increases Coordination
    • Enhances Lymphatic Circulation
    • Increases Bone Density
    • Stimulates the Immune System
    • Improves Cardiovascular Condition
    • Strengthens Cells
    • Appear nearly 2 inches taller
    • AVS3 Cooling system reduces perspiration, odor and microbial growth

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  • Tread ever so softly on Foamtreads Women's Waltz Indoor / Outdoor Slippers.
    Don't sacrifice foot comfort or protection.

    Step into this Foamtreads Women's Waltz Indoor / Outdoor Slipper and step onto the comfort of plush cushioning. The quilted velour upper also lends a stylish look.

    Select color, width, and size.

    Features & Benefits of Foamtreads Women's Waltz Indoor / Outdoor Slippers:
    • The rubber sole provides durability and traction for indoor / outdoor wear.
    • Foam insole is cushioned to keep feet comfortable.
    • Stretchy insert custom fits your foot.

    Other Important Information About Foamtreads Women's Waltz Indoor / Outdoor Slippers:
    • Material Content: polyester and cotton velour brushed upper, nylon tricot lining, rubber outsole.
    • Care: Machine wash and air dry or wipe with wet cloth.
    • Imported.
  • Women's FLEXNET ll Shoes

    High tech polymers form the durable, never before seen, Flexnet upper. Tested against wear and tear, the Flexnet II features a perfect blend of flexibility and breathability so you can enjoy supreme comfort with every step you take.

    The Flexnet II features the VS2W VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Sole. It absorbs harmful shock so you don't have to. Wear them on your next workout, jogging or playing a quick game of catch up and experience for yourself what a truly great shoe feels like.

    The broad based Sole includes Reactor Gel Technology for improved cornering and stability, while AVS3 cooling helps expel hot air from the shoe bed, improving all day comfort. Go ahead. Catch some air with the all new FLEXNET II and leave the competition in the dust.

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