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    These modern slip-ons hug your foot with crisscross elastic straps and an integrated tongue. They're a fun way to stay comfortable while still declaring your individuality. You'll love the way they feel.

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    Find the latest styles in men's and women's shoes for casual and formal wear. Remake your master bedroom closet with affordable shoe storage options.

  • What makes this footwear a Gravity Defyer?
    This footwear is packed with technological innovations that have made it the most comfortable footwear you will ever own. At the core of Gravity Defyer's comfort and health benefits is the integrated shock absorbing system enclosed in a specially formulated polymer sole that absorbs harmful impact and propels you forward for a more energized and active lifestyle.

    Smart spring technology
    The heart of the MXT-C3 sole is the Smart Memory Spring. Engineered by the Impact Research Technology Group for Active walkers, its MXT-C3 sole's primary shock absorber has been specially calibrated and placed within the sole housing to create a one of a kind reciprocal shock absorber system that absorbs impact and propels you forward. This sole delivers the highest Forward Thrust Rating (FTR 22%) of any Gravity Defyer footwear. Two secondary springs serve as stabilizers to support the primary spring and reduce yaw in the footwear.

    Stay cool and refreshed
    Though this sole is most recognized for its distinctive wedge shaped sole, there are other secrets hidden inside... The AVS3 ventilation system. --No more hot, sticky, smelly feet. The Air Ventilation Step Strike System is the Gravity Defyer's cooling system. You'll feel cool and fresh with every step as the pumping action of the MXT-C3 sole draws air away from the foot bed through hidden channels and expels it though a one way valve. The AVS3 system will help to reduce your shoes internal temperature and reduce microbial growth so that your feet stay fresh and clean feeling throughout the day.

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