• Keep your finest automatic timepieces constantly wound.

    Each handcrafted watch winder case is the perfect accessory for keeping your favorite watches constantly wound. Silent motors with intermittent timers and directional controls keep any automatic movement wound.

    The mechanical movement inside an automatic watch is kept accurate by a spring that operates most efficiently when it is kept wound at all times. Over time, an automatic watch that is not kept wound will begin to lose accuracy. Keep yourself on time and beautify your home and watch collection with a Steinhausen watch winder today.

    Select a Dual Winder (2 motors - 1 watch per motor) from the drop-down box.

    Or, select a Quad Winder (2 motors - 2 watches per motor).
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  • Watches

    Be on time every time with men's and women's watches. Introduce your little one to telling time with quality children's watches for boys and girls.

  • 5-mode Dual Wood Watch Winder

    This Steinhausen 5-mode watch winder has an elegant high gloss lacquer coated wood finish. This watch winder has a single motor and paired cylinder with a handsome micro-suede interior.

    • Holds two (2) watches
    • Storage compartments: watch and jewelry tray
    • Number of winders: Single with paired cylinders
    • 3v adapter (included) or optional two (2) D batteries (not included)
    • Materials: Lacquer coated wood (exterior) micro-suede (interior)
    • Dimensions: 21.5 cm long x 19.2 cm wide x 22.7 cm high
    • One year, plus lifetime motor warranty

    Select color.