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  • Edifier Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock

    Waking up has never been made easier. Tick Tock Bluetooth, one of Edifier's Tick Tock series allows for any Bluetooth enabled device with alarm capabilities to synchronize so you can wake up to your favorite tunes every day. The retro designed alarm clock features a front firing speaker and two 360 degree omni-directional tweeters allow for multi-directional rich sound that can be controlled with ease using the navigation, input selection and volume control buttons located on the top of the clock. Tick Tock Bluetooth also comes with an auxiliary input jack and FM radio for other media applications.

    The retro designed clock comes with a built in international FM radio tuner with 24 preset channels, Bluetooth receiver, an auxiliary input, 5 preset alarm functions and a sleep function. The LCD display shows the audio input selected, date and time as well as any active alarms and the strength of the signal for both the Bluetooth connection and FM Radio. The two 360 degree omni-directional speakers are neatly disguised as two classic speaker bells, producing 8 watts of audio output that can be easily controlled via the buttons located on the top of the speaker. Iconic in design, the Tick Tock Bluetooth complements the contemporary and modern home and office without the clutter of cables.

    Edifier; a global market leader in consumer electronics produces high-quality audio systems and docking solutions at affordable prices, giving the listener an unparalleled experience truly reflecting the Edifier maxim "A Passion for Sound."

    Available in Black, White or Beige. Select a color from the drop-down box.


    • Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enabled device
    • Front firing speaker driver
    • Omni-directional tweeters
    • LED display screen for FM/AUX/Time display
    • Auxiliary 3.5mm input jack for additional audio connectivity
    • FM radio function
    • Volume, track change, FM adjustment, Inp