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  • Heirloom quality, custom-made leather goods by Colsen Keane.

    In a sea of cookie cutter products, Colsen Keane leather goods scream originality, inspired by simplicity and a deep sense of clean form. You'll find lasting value in these handsomely simple, rugged and durable designs for the vintage-minded in this digital age.

    This sheath is constructed of limited edition Crazy Horse leather characterized by a stunning chroma that photography can't begin to capture. If your great-grandfather would have carried an iPad, this is how he would have done it. The rugged hardware gives your iPad protection without compromising style.

    When iPads first came on the market, they turned heads. Now that they're quite commonplace, turn heads with the case in which you carry yours. There is nothing else on the market quite like this Colsen Keane brand North Carolina hand-crafted iPad cover. Each one takes a few hours to complete. One solid piece of limited edition Crazy horse cowhide is hand-stitched with heavy wax cording to form this one-of-a-kind iPad sheath. This iPad cover is the thickest you'll find on the market anywhere at 7+ oz! Hand-stitched detailing throughout.

    Simple and easy to tuck into your satchel or backpack. 9-3/4" X 11". Designed to fit all four generations of the with the Apple Smart Cover Attached.

    Handmade in the USA and guaranteed for life. Does the leather scratch the iPad?
    Since the first iPad came out in 2010 we have used this style case and have had ZERO scratches on the front or back of the iPad.

    iPad Sheath with Buckle in Crazyhorse Leather
    (9-3/4"H x 11"W)