First Aid & Safety
  • With a sturdy frame and plenty of options from which to choose, this wheelchair may be just what you need.

    It has a convenient storage pouch on the back, and quickly folds up into a convenient little package. The S-style ergonomic frame and breathable fabric provide a level of comfort suitable for all day use.

    14" Rear wheels standard. Perfect for vacationing or around the house.

    • Folding backrest
    • Fixed armrest, Swing-away footrest
    • Tube-in Center foot-plate, assures better side leg support
    • 14'' flat free polyurethane tires
    • High strength, aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Weighs only 22 lbs. (w/o footrests)
    • Seat width: 16" x 17" , 18" x 17" , or 20" x 17"
    • Frame Color: Pearl Silver or Rose Red
    • Upholstery: Silver
    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

    Select color and seat width.

    Please note: This item does not come with the Travel Bag. This is an accessory item that is sold separately.
  • Relief Pod Emergency Backpack (283 items): survival essentials for 1 person for up to 5 days, 2 people for up to 3 days

    This compact, organized backpack is your resource in an emergency or a disaster. In an evacuation, you'll have essential survival items ready to take with you. Inside are four color-coded insert kits stocked with supplies: red for first aid, yellow for tools, blue for food and water, green for sanitary. Kits unfold to show contents organized in clear pockets so you can quickly find what you need, when you need it.

    • compact, color-coded, organized design puts everything at your fingertips
    • additional pockets for personal items
    • travel-size items are easy to restock
    • durable, dependable materials
    • comfortable padded straps
    • for home, office, RV, boat
    • includes supplies recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross

    Dimensions: 14.25" (W) x 18.25" (H) x 11.75" (D)
    Weight: 26 lbs.

    Contents (283 items, listed as they appear in kits):
    Pill boxes, splint, N95 latex-free face masks, latex-free gloves, notepad, pens, medical tape, gauze, adhesive wrap, elastic roll, cold compresses, first-aid pouch, trauma pad, bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, scissors, antibiotic ointment, cotton swabs, rain ponchos, emergency blankets, work gloves, multi-tool, crank flashlight/radio/charger & attachments, crank flashlight, duct tape, signaling mirror, compass/whistles, flint strike, cable saw, rope, carabineers, glow sticks, emergency tent, water packs, compressed towelettes, food bars, toiletry pouches, nail files & clippers, microfiber cloths, soap sheets, sanitary bags, toilet tissues/seat covers, hairbrush/comb, towels & pouch, three-section kits, backpack

    Select color.
  • Be prepared for unforeseen multi-story rescue.
    The life-saving solution when time is running out.

    Do you live or work in a multi-story building If the answer is yes, do you have a plan in place to help you evacuate the premises quickly and safely in case of a fire or other emergency When crises happen suddenly, it's not always easy to stay focused, think clearly and keep your cool. You want to be prepared.

    SkySaver is a life-saving, personal self-rescue device, worn like a backpack. It is lightweight, self-contained and easy to use. Simply strap it on, attach the fire-resistant cable to a secure anchor point, and you can safely lower yourself down the side of the structure. Automatic braking system safely lowers users 5-6 feet per second. SkySaver is effective for use in buildings up to 260 feet (80 meters). When the situation is serious, and there's little time to react, SkySaver is the ultimate piece of survival gear for multi-story occupants.

    SkySaver is a unique personal rescue device which uses an individual harness to help a user safely escape from an emergency situation in a multi-story building. There are certain personal considerations that must be taken into account before a SkySaver device is issued, such as user's height, weight, and physical infirmity among other issues.

    Prior to the fulfillment of any SkySaver order, purchasers are required to complete a brief customer information form so that the suitability of the SkySaver device can be determined. For this reason, please provide your e-mail address to receive this form. In the event that SkySaver, in its sole discretion, determines that a device cannot be used safely by a particular individual and cannot be issued, the order will promptly be cancelled. If a device is developed that is potentially suitable for a previously declined individual, they will be contacted and informed of the new device.

    Begin by selecting structure height.
  • We proudly announce the product that will redefine ultra lightweight wheelchairs.

    This wheelchair combines a durable frame made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum with unsurpassed comfort and style.

    • Ergonomic handrims & S-Style Ergonomic Seat
    • Fixed armrest with wider concave arm pads
    • Swing Away footrest
    • Silver 1/4" Aegis Anti-Bacterial Upholstery, washable
    • Folding backrest / folding seat for easy traveling
    • "Tube-in Center" foot-plate, assures better side leg support
    • High strength, starting weight at only 25 lbs. (without footrests)
    • Frame Color: Pearl Silver or Rose Red
    • 7x1" Polyurethane front casters
    • 24" flat free polyurethane tires, high tread, flat free wheels
    • Seat width: 16" x 17" , 18" x 17" , or 20" x 17"
    • Upholstery: Black breathable mesh bottom, AEGIS top
    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

    Select color and seat width.

    Please note: This item does not come with the Travel Bag. This is an accessory item that is sold separately.