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  • Picking up and going has never been easier, available now in 5 different colors.

    Even though other laptop stands are designed to support mobile products they are, generally, not designed to travel. The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand folds flat to fit easily into a laptop bag and is less than 1/4" thick.

    • World's lightest laptop stand
    • Set up and go in a snap
    • For laptops up to 17"
    • Patented aluminum material
    • Ergonomic typing angle

    Laptop not included.

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    5.0/5 (1)
  • 4 Positions, 1 Case! The way your iPad was meant to be used.

    Most iPad cases cover up the beauty of the original iPad design but the AViiQ Case Stand for iPad is designed to compliment it like no other case while giving the flexibility to position it any way you want. It's versatile while still protecting your iPad like no other iPad back cover. The best selling iPad 1 Case Stand is the perfect complement to your Apple iPad.

    • World's only case that gives you the ability to have four positions in one stand
    • With an aluminum finish, keep your iPad feeling like an iPad
    • Protect your investment

    iPad not included.
  • Designed to complement the Smart Cover and protect your iPad 2 in style.

    Introducing the best selling AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2. Protect your iPad 2 with our case made of rugged plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate anodized to match the colors of the Apple Smart Cover making it the perfect iPad 2 case.

    • World's first hybrid case for iPad 2
    • Works with Apple Smart Cover
    • Anodized Aluminum backing compliments Smart Cover colors
    • Protects from dings and scratches

    iPad 2 not included.

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    5.0/5 (2)
  • Super-Slim Portable Laptop Stand

    For the on-the-go laptop user, AViiQ offers the best in both function and style. The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is exceptionally light, thin and simple to use. When folded flat, the stand slides into any laptop bag (even a laptop sleeve), but when set up for use, it supports the laptop at an ergonomic angle of 12 degrees, allowing airflow underneath, which dissipates heat from the laptop.

    The simple, geometric form of the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand, as well as the brushed aluminum, complements the design of most of today's laptops. With the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand, form follows function. It features a minimalist aesthetic, which includes four aluminum plates with white plastic hinges and grey feet, with just a pop of magenta in the right corner to mimic the AViiQ logo.

    The simplicity of the design mirrors its physical weight, size and ease-of-use. The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand folds flat and is less than 1/4" thick and weighs only 5.25 oz. It unfolds in less than 2 seconds and can support up to 17" laptops. The aluminum in the Hylite material, an advanced composite, along with the airflow underneath, helps to dissipate heat to improve battery life and overall longevity.

    Select the Original model, or the Premium which comes in multiple colors.
    $59.99 - $79.99