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  • Vintage Look with Elegant Design

    Software Electronics Handcrafted Wood iPhone Case. Durable & Protects your iPhone. Our stylish slider iPhone case is made of 100% real wood and features durable light weight construction of 1/2 oz with a minimal case thickness. Design to perfectly fit your iPhone. Protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches. Each case is made of a single block of wood, which means that the wood will not splinter like other cases that have been glued together. Each case has its own unique grain. You earned the Style and Luxury you wear.


    • 100% Real Wood
    • Each case has its own unique grain
    • Made out of a single block of wood
    • Only 0.8 oz (22g) with a minimal case thickness, does not make your iPhone big & bulky
    • Wraps around the edges of the iPhone to protect them
    • Works with original Apple & aftermarket charger cables
    • Wooden Power & Wooden Volume Buttons
    • Scratch-Resistant Lining Interior
    • Durability & Excellent Grip
    • Extraordinary Craftsmanship
    • Two-Piece Wood Case - Easy to install & remove
    • Designed to perfectly fit your iPhone
    2.0/5 (1)