Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack

  • Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack

Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack

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Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack

Keep the Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight plugged into your wall socket -- if the power goes out, it lights up automatically. You get 2! The American Red Cross recommends that all households have a portable flashlight as part of their emergency preparedness kit. With the Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight, you get three great functions in one compact unit. First, it operates as a blackout alert, lighting up automatically during a power outage so you're not left in the dark. You can remove it from the wall socket and use it as a flashlight -- 3 LEDS provide up to 2 hours of light at the touch of a button. You can also set the Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight to operate as an automatic nightlight; a light sensor triggers a single LED light to come on when the room is dark.

Special purchase! Get 2 Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlights for the price of 1!

Benefits of the Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack:

  • This compact unit operates as a blackout alert, 3-LED flashlight, or a 1-LED nightlight
  • Fold-up prongs plug directly into the socket for constant charging, so it's always ready when you need it
  • An amount of the proceeds from the sale of the Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight goes to support the American Red Cross

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  1. Emergency Light review by frose

    Great Emergency Flashlight", with a added night light feature. its very bright. I installed them thru out our house, and I bought some for my daughters houses. It's a great idea for California Earthquakes when we loose power.

  2. Very good review by KC Hamilton

    I like that they are a night light and emergency light in one. Great for kids since it automatically turns on!

  3. Saved me during blackout emergency. review by Aeropolowoman

    These emergency light/flashlights are better than they look in the ad. First of all I didn't realize there is also a nightlight feature on these units. I keep the nightlight switched on the units in my bedroom and kitchen so that I can walk around the house at night without having to turn on lights. Secondly, when all of our power went out in my apartment complex, these two units lit up to the ceiling so I could grab them. As I was walking out of my apartment into the hallway it was black as pitch because none of the overhead emergency lighting was working. I was able to use the powerful flashlights on these units to get me quickly and safely to the stairwell which also didn't have any working emergency lighting. I let other residents use my second flashlight to help more tenants get down the three flights of stairs and outside to safety. I was able to clear my floor of residents from farther down the hall because this beam is so bright. Then I cleared those left on the second floor. I never did get my other emergency flashlight back that I let somebody borrow, but at least I know who ever has it will feel as safe as I felt with mine. I would pay the same price for just one of these multi-function emergency lights, so it is a steal to get two in a pack. Needless to say I'll be buying more -- one to use, and one to lose -- then more as gifts for my brother's family.

Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack
Emergency Flashlight 2-Pack

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