• CrocsRx Men's / Women's Relief offers on-the-spot solutions for troubled, aching feet.
    Cool and comfy protection in the form of a slingback or clog.

    Relieve stress from various conditions, such as Morton's neuroma and forefoot pain, in these roomy therapeutic clogs that are so comfortable, they mold to your feet! Amazing cushioning protects sore feet.

    Select color and men's (M) / women's (W) size. Fit runs full; for half sizes, order next size down.

    Features & Benefits of CrocsRx Men's / Women's Relief:
    • The roomy forefoot eliminates pressure points, relieving bunions and other foot irregularities.
    • Ultra-soft soles offer a cushioning effect to help ease pain.
    • Side air ports keep feet cool and dry.
    • A convertible strap gives you the option of a slingback or clog.

    Other Important Information About CrocsRx Men's / Women's Relief:
    • Material Content: rubber.
    • Care: Wipe off with a damp cloth.
    • Imported.
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  • Set your toes straight and enjoy better feeling feet! Try them on and your feet will fall in love!

    These four-post, five-toe sandals spread your toes for a more natural alignment and to help strengthen foot muscles. If you have overlapping or crowded toes, corns, or tired, aching feet, slip on a pair and feel the difference.

    Allow one week for feet to adjust. Cushiony EVA molded footbeds.

    Features & Benefits of ToeSox Women's Kirra Sandals:
    • Four toe posts separate the toes to promote natural alignment of the foot and toes. Encourages muscle activation and foot strengthening. Proper foot alignment and spread toes helps to improve posture and gait.
    • Pitched (slanted) toe design improves rebound for an easier walk.
    • Washed denim strap with cotton fabric lining feels soft on your foot.
    • Yoga mat footbed is made of 100% recycled yoga mat material, providing cushiony softness underfoot.

    Other Important Information About ToeSox Women's Kirra Sandals:
    • Material Content: cotton upper and upper lining, nylon toe posts, EVA midsole, thermoplastic rubber outsole.
    • Imported.

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