• From pedicures to Pilates, you'll "flip" for Creations by Alan Stuart Women's Pedi-Couture Sandals.

    Say goodbye to messy pedicures and hello to the Pedi-Couture sandal. Each toe is protected from polish smudges with a handsewn, foam-cushioned separator covered in soft, smooth polyester. Not only will your pedicure stay intact, this on- the-go sandal helps prevent blisters, provides relief to bunions and encourages better posture. The durable, skid-resistant rubber outsole is versatile and flexible enough to take you to-and-from Yoga and Pilates workouts. Plus, you can simply toss the sandal in the washing machine to keep it clean!

    Select color and size (M(B-C) width):
    *Small - 5 to 6
    *Medium - 7 to 8
    *Large - 8 to 9
    *X-Large - 10 to 11

    Features & Benefits of Creations by Alan Stuart Women's Pedi-Couture Sandals:
    • Toe separators, covered in soft, smooth polyester, help prevent pedicure smudges.
    • Skid-resistant rubber outsole helps keep you steady on your feet.
    • Each pair comes with a handy mesh travel bag, so you can take these slippers / sandals anywhere.

    Other Important Information About Creations by Alan Stuart Women's Pedi-Couture Sandals:
    • Material Content: polyester upper and upper lining. EVA insole and midsole, rubber outsole.
    • Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Air dry only.
    • Imported.

    Women's Pedi-Couture Sandals - Qty. 1 Pair
    3.9/5 (17)
  • Give your arch a lift and get relief from plantar fasciitis.

    Wrap your arch in this neoprene support with Coolmax mesh and experience relief almost immediately. Worn over a sock, the Arch Pro-Tec features a built-in compression pad to reduce pronation (foot rolling inward), support the plantar fascia and alleviate soreness, inflammation and discomfort in the arch and heel region. Hook-and-loop fastener allows you to control the amount of support you need. Recommended by medical professionals. Washable. Order by shoe size (men's 7 to 13, women's 5 to 12). USA. Not recommended for those with diabetes.
    3.7/5 (15)
  • HealWell Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint lets you adjust the level of stretching to relieve foot pain. 10 degrees of stretching reduces muscle and ligament pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Comfortably positions the foot in a controlled amount of dorseflexion to provide a gentle stretch to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. Adjustable hinge can be positioned up to 10 degrees for just the right amount of stretch in foot. Built-in toe wedge allows for greater stretch across the plantar fascia. Cool, breathable material prevents cracked and callused heels. Ankle strap secures foot and heel for more effective stretching. Side supports with openings eliminate pressure on sensitive heel and Achilles tendon. Easy and quick to apply and comfortable to sleep in. Not recommended for those with diabetes. Care: Spot clean the liner with a soft cloth, water and mild soap. Do not submerge the product in water. Air dry. Made in USA.
    5.0/5 (3)
  • Treat bothersome bunions with this sleeve that fits like a glove. Slip on this ultra-thin nylon / spandex sleeve with gel to relieve bunion pressure, discomfort and pain. Fits easily over your foot and into most shoes, providing superior cushioning that won't slip as you move about. Wear under sock or stocking. Mesh bag included.
    3.3/5 (3)
  • Bunions bothering you? Our Silicone Toe Spreader provides gentle, constant pressure that promotes proper joint alignment, reduces friction and irritation, and provides relief on the bunion joint. You'll notice reduced friction between adjacent toes as well. Hypoallergenic. Reusable. Material Content: silicone. Imported.
  • Lumbar Sacral Support is designed to provide support right where it is needed most. Relieve lower back pain in comfort with this light, breathable support. This cool, lightweight lumbar sacral back support provides support and compression to the lower lumbar and abdominal region, helping relieve lower back pain. The latex-free design has tapered, breathable elastic bands that overlap, giving a contoured shape and added support. Soft, plush fabric can be worn against the skin without irritation or discomfort. Tapered design and hook-and-loop closure allows easy adjustment for a customized fit. Wide 4" elastic bands are latex-free and ventilated for breathable comfort. Material Content: 70% cotton, 30% spandex. Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Air dry. Made in USA.
  • How can a bunion sling be so comforting and work so well?

    We know your day can't stop because of bunion pain! That's why we found this super comfortable daytime solution.

    That's why we found this super comfortable daytime solution. Light and slim in design, the bunion sling gently stretches muscles and tendons, which helps straighten the big toe and alleviate pressure inside your shoe.

    Fabrifoam material cushions and wicks away moisture all's even comfortable while sleeping. Adjust the tension with a hook-and-loop strap.

    Order by shoe size (men's 6 to 14, women's 4 to 13). Specify left or right foot. USA
    3.2/5 (6)
  • Ease pain and enjoy free movement. Morton's neuroma, ball-of-foot pain and fallen metatarsal arches can make each step torturous. Ease the pain by applying Metatarsal Lift Pads exactly where you hurt for maximum relief.
  • Count on all-day toe pain relief with the Footsmart Gel Toe Crest. It provides extra cushioning and relief for hammertoes and bent toes. Even when you wear them all day, these cushions refuse to flatten. Odorless, reusable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cushion can be worn by even the most sensitive toes.
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Acorn Women's Spa Thong Slippers make a walk to the shower or the pool pure heaven!
    Indulge feet in spa comfort.

    Slide feet into the polyester micro-terry of the Acorn Women's Spa Thong Slipper and step away in cushioned softness. It's weatherproof and velvety soft!

    Select color, width, and size:
    Small (5-6)
    Medium (6.5-7.5)
    Large (8-9)
    X-Large (9.5-10.5)

    Features & Benefits of Acorn Women's Spa Thong Slippers:
    • Broad footbed gives feet lots of room.
    • Non-slip TPR outsole provides excellent traction.
    • Contoured footbed rests on a midsole of lofty memory foam that conforms to your foot.
    • Slightly raised heel and arch lend stability and support.

    Other Important Information About Acorn Women's Spa Thong Slippers:
    • Material Content: micro-terry upper and upper lining, 10mm foam and 5mm EVA midsole, micro-terry sockliner, fabric covered thermoplastic rubber outsole.
    • Care: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
    • Imported.
  • If you suffer from osteoarthritis in your knees, or if you sleep on your side and often wake with morning knee pain, slide on FootSmart Nighttime Osteoarthritis Knee Sleeve at bedtime & ease the pain of arthritic knees. While you sleep, a soft donut-shaped pad stitched into the sleeve disperses pressure on sensitive areas over the medial knee, holding the knees in proper alignment throughout the night. As a result, you awake with less pain and inflammation. The cushiony brace stabilizes the knee joint, reducing pain and inflammation. Determine size by measuring 6 inches above the kneecap. Material Content: nylon, spandex sleeve, polyester foam construction. Care: Hand wash with mild soap and water. Do not use hot water or hot dryer. Made in USA.
    3.0/5 (1)
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    Thorlos Experia Men's / Women's Micro Mini Crew Socks deliver cushioned protection without the weight.

    Get cushioned protection right where you need it in this quarter sock. Designed to eliminate all but the most essential padding, significantly reducing the weight of the sock, your foot is protected against impact with sculpted Thorlo pads in the ball and heel of the sock. Plus, it features Coolmax / mesh polyester fibers that help keep feet at a comfortable temperature.

    Select Color and Men's (M) or Women's (W) size (order by your specific shoe size).

    Features & Benefits of Thorlos Experia Men's / Women's Micro Mini Crew Socks:
    • Coolmax / mesh polyester fiber maximizes breathability to keep feet cooler.
    • Ultra-lightweight sock frame provides your foot with a contoured, aerodynamic glove-like fit.
    • Sculpted Thorlos pads in the heel and ball of foot offer protection from impact.
    • Achilles tendon pad protects against rubbing and chafing, while functioning as a heel lock.

    Other Important Information About Thorlos Experia Men's / Women's Micro Mini Crew Socks:
    • Yarn Content: 66% Coolmax, 20% nylon, 13% polyester, 1% elastic.
    • Care: Machine wash with lukewarm water, inside out. Tumble dry low. Liquid fabric softener recommended.
    • Made in USA.

    Thorlos Experia, Pair
    3.0/5 (1)
  • Sore, aching heels will love these silicone cushions.
    A recent medical study indicated that high-performance silicone heel cushions often relieve sore, aching heels (plantar fasciitis) more effectively than custom orthotics costing hundreds of dollars. Made of clear medical-grade silicone, Silipos Heel Cushions absorb the foot shock forces that can aggravate heel pain. Recommended by orthopedists, these technologically advanced cushions feature an extra-soft, anatomically correct silicone insert to provide maximum relief where it's needed most. Specify men's or women's shoe size.
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Feet hurt? Give them HTP Heel Seats for foot and heel pain relief.

    If you have excessive heel, arch, foot or heel pain, or suffer from a common condition called plantar fasciitis, then you might want to try HTP Heel Seats. These heel seats feature a "Fasciitis Bar" that applies acupressure directly beneath the part of the foot where the heel meets the arch. HTP Heel Seats offer cost effective relief for heel pain, redistributing the heel's natural fat pad and actually increasing its density and heel cushioning ability.

    Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes or those with poor circulation.

    Select size (if between sizes, order the larger size):
    Medium: Women's 7 - 10 / Men's 5 - 8
    Large: Women's 11 - 13 / Men's 9 - 12
    X-Large: Men's 13 - 15

    Features & Benefits of HTP Heel Seats:
    • Fasciitis Bar helps re-stretch the plantar fascia and provides natural structural reinforcement to prevent collapse of the midfoot.
    • Provides just the right amount of support -- without interfering with the fit of your shoe -- for maximum comfort.
    • Applies continuous, localized acupressure directly beneath the heel pain hot-spot.

    Other Important Information About HTP Heel Seats:
    • Material Content: Patented Kraton.
    • Care: Hand wash with mild, soapy water. Dry with a cloth.
    • Made in USA.

    HTP Heel Seats, Pr
  • Designed by leading Australian podiatrist Dr. Philip Vasyli as a more effective alternative to basic heel cups, this gel heel cushion features a contoured arch support and a deeper, anti-pronation heel cup design that cushions the heel while improving stability. A built-in four-degree rearfoot angle helps control mild pronation, while a Shock Dot in the center of the heel softens impact. Plus, its designed to fit in narrow-fitting shoes.
  • Wrap your feet in velvety soft Acorn Women's Spa Slide Slippers.
    Treat your feet to a comfy, contoured fit in cushiony memory foam.

    The broad, contoured footbed rests on a midsole of lofty memory foam that conforms to your foot. You can easily wear these slippers to the shower or pool. The weatherproof, non-slip TPR outsole provides excellent traction.

    Select color, width, and size:
    Small (5-6)
    Medium (6.5-7.5)
    Large (8-9)
    X-Large (9.5-10.5)

    Features & Benefits of Acorn Women's Spa Slide Slippers:
    • The slightly raised heel and arch lend stability and support to your steps.
    • The newly-designed wider bottom in medium and wide widths creates a sure-to-please fit.
    • The TPR outsole is non-slip and provides traction, even on wet surfaces.
    • Adjust the hook-and-loop closure for a fit that feels best to you.

    Other Important Information About Acorn Women's Spa Slide Slippers:
    • Material Content: Microterry upper, upper lining and sockliner, 10mm Foam and 5mm EVA midsole, fabric-covered thermoplastic rubber outsole.
    • Care: Machine wash cold on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
    • Imported.
  • Stay on the go and stop ankle swelling with the FootSmart Men's / Women's Compression Ankle Support. This compression ankle support applies just the right level of pressure to the ankle to help reduce swelling and discomfort that comes from being too long on your feet. FootSmart has designed this support to keep swelling, due to edema and excess fluid build up around the ankle, to a minimum and comfort to a maximum.