• These outdoor furniture glides are made from durable Delrin to provide over 10 times the wear of conventional glides.

    When placed on furniture leg bottoms, these wood furniture glides help prevent scratching or gouging of your deck or patio surface. Forever Glides outdoor furniture glides also have an interior Neoprene foam pad that is self-leveling on angled legs to maintain greater contact with the floor, thereby protecting furniture legs as well as the floor surface. These outdoor furniture glides have a dark oak finish and are safe for tile, linoleum, hardwood and other types of floors. To install the Wood Furniture Glides, use a 7/64" drill bit and screwdriver; includes screws. You get 20 Wood Furniture Glides.

    Benefits of Wood Furniture Glides:
    • These outdoor furniture glides slide easily and protect floors such as hardwood, tile, brick, concrete, more
    • No more wobble...these Wood Furniture Glides are self-leveling
    • Forever Glides outdoor furniture glides won't pop out and are extremely durable