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    • Fire Escape Ladders

    Fire Escape Ladders

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    Make any bedroom window an instant fire escape.

    Store this compact, easy-to-use ladder under a bed or in the closet where it's quick to grab in case of fire. Large hooks secure easily to windowsills, and the slip-resistant rungs have steel stabilizers to help keep your feet steady.

    Tough steel construction; nylon straps.

    Fits windows at least 20"W x 32"H with sill width of 6"-13".

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    1. Great Idea review by Hotdog on 4/30/2015

      We were pleased to find this item in your catalog as we have 20 grandchildren - many of which live in a 2 story home. They would have no idea what to do if there were a fire in the home as they only way down is the stairs. This will be a great opportunity to teach them about fire safety as well as how to escape in the case of emergency. We hope our children will use it with their children so that we can make certain our grandchildren are safe and well-informed.

    2. Fire-Escape Ladder 3rd Story review by Lorik on 4/30/2015

      Before we would allow my son to move into the third floor bedroom we finished we wanted to be sure that he would be safe. We found the Fire Escape Ladder in SkyMall and ordered it as soon as the room was completed.

    3. NULL review by bostonskier9 on 4/30/2015

      It's a basic, yet great idea for home safety. Strong, and compact..takes up very little room. I keep it under the bed and hope NEVER to use it...but if I have to, it's peace of mind to know it's there.

    4. We feel safe now! review by DC55 on 4/30/2015

      This product is great quality, very well made and holds a thousand pounds! We put it in the kids room upstairs in case of fire. It is also very easy to use! We did a practice evacuation with it and it worked great!

    5. Best Safety Item for older homes ever review by Davis on 4/30/2015

      This item gives a parent peace of mind, when living in a two story home with children living on the 2nd floor. It was easy to use and to teach my kids how to use it. A must for families with children or themselves on 2nd floors with no alternate escape routes

    6. insurance review by sbear on 4/30/2015

      This item met the standard for a recent insurance iinspection of our small Methodist Church. We hope that we will never need to use it.

    7. Every home needs one review by chatty on 4/30/2015

      With three children under 7 in the home, I am always looking for better ways to protect my family. When I was paging through your magazine, it immediately caught my eye. What a great idea and why didn't I think of it. As soon as I arrived home I placed an order. The ladder is in the bedroom of our 7 year old. His bedroom is in the middle of the 2nd floor. We have had two trial runs with the ladder and it works great. The 6 year old was very apprehensive to step outside the window. On the second try she had confidence. We go to bed with confidence and reassurance that if there was a fire we would all be safe on the ground in a short time.

    8. imperative for any home 2-3 stories! review by dinz on 4/30/2015

      great to have, even children can deploy it too !

    9. Life Saving Purchase review by Shirl on 4/30/2015

      If a fire breaks out in our house I now have the peace of mind knowing that I can escape through my second story bedroom window without breaking bones.

      The instructions say not to use this if over a first floor window but most houses, I would say would have their second story window over the first floor window. I understand the risk of some rungs going through the downstairs window but its a shorter distance to jump from there than from the second story window. I can see tangling as an issue but again weighing the alternative, I would rather risk that than not having any way of escape.

    Fire Escape Ladders
    Fire Escape Ladders

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