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Garage Door Threshold Seals


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More durable than door mounted weatherstripping, our floor mounted, precision engineered vinyl Garage Door Threshold Seal provides a tight, long lasting barrier between your garage door bottom and floor.

The weight of the garage door presses down on the threshold seal, filling the gap and preventing dirt, leaves, water, and critters from getting under the door and into your garage.

This Garage Door Threshold Seal performs from -40 degrees to +140 degrees F, and is resistant to gasoline and oil. Garage Door Threshold Seals help ensure that your vehicles and tools stay cleaner, drier, and less likely to rust. The Garage Door Threshold Seal installs easily (when air temperature is above 50 degrees F) with adhesive included.

UV stabilized. Made in the USA. Cut with a knife to fit.

Garage Door Threshold Seal benefits:

  • Provides tight barrier to keep out leaves, rain, rodents
  • Helps keep cars and tools cleaner
  • Performs in temperatures from -40 degrees to +140 degrees F
  • Easy installation

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  1. Garage Door Threshold -16-Foot review by Timothy

    Purchased product and it solved all my problems with the rain coming in under the door and trust me being from the midwest we have had alot of rain this season

  2. Good product review by Robbi

    Hi, I bought this product because I had animals in my garage in summer time and now after installation they just can't come inside anymore. On havy rain I had some water inside too. Product is good, the space between my garage door and the rubber is a bit too small so it makes a noise during opening and closing. But the garage is now sealed.

  3. Garage door strip review by Hasso

    Spent a lot of money on garage door seals, door adjustment etc, no one had an answer. Ordered this product and found it was exactly what I needed. Not only did it stop the water from coming under the door, it stopped the bugs in the summer.
    Truly a great product, just make sure you clean the area where you are going to apply it and follow the directions. My two strips are over two years old now and works

  4. Very useful product! review by Vick

    We had a problem with rainwater, leaves, insects and dirt coming into the garage. Installed the strip 2 weeks back. Has performed very well so far. It rained pretty hard over the weekend but there was no water in the garage this time! Was easy to install. Comes with glue. Just make sure to clean the area prior to application and follow the directions on the carton.

Garage Door Threshold Seals
Garage Door Threshold Seals

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