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    African Gem Cutter Makes $2,689,000 Mistake...Will You?

    Allegedly, just two years after the discovery of tanzanite in 1967, a Maasai tribesman knocked on the door of a gem cutter's office in Nairobi. The Maasai had brought along an enormous chunk of tanzanite and was looking to sell. His asking price? Fifty dollars. But the gem cutter was suspicious and assumed that a stone so large could only be glass. He told the tribesman, no thanks. Huge mistake. It turns out that the gem was genuine and based on common pricing, that "chunk" could have been worth close to $3,000,000!

    Would you have made the same mistake? Will you make it today?

    Tanzanite has become one of the world's most coveted gemstones. Found in only one place on Earth (in Tanzania's remote Merelani Hills, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro), the precious purple stone is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Luxury retailers have been warning that supplies of tanzanite will not last forever. And in this case, they're right. Most believe we only have a few years left. Some along Fifth Avenue are more than happy to charge you outrageous prices for this rarity. Not Stauer. Staying true to our contrarian nature, we've decided to lower the price of one of the world's rarest gemstones.

    Sunburst Genuine Tanzanite Ring (2 ctw)

    Our 2-Carat Sunburst Tanzanite Ring features marquise-cut gems set in gorgeous sterling silver. Each facet sparkles with the distinct violet-blue hue of the precious stones. Behind the shine you'll find that the exquisite silverwork of the setting calls to mind the treasures being produced by Europe's finest jewelers. This is a ring designed to impress and it does not disappoint. You can own this spectacular ring for less than $100. But, please don't wait. Our supply is dropping rapidly.
    3.9/5 (30)
  • The Beauty in the Beast.

    For almost a hundred years it lay dormant. Silently building strength. At 10,000 feet high, it was truly a sleeping giant, a vision of peaceful power. Until everything changed in one cataclysmic moment. On May 18, 1980, the once-slumbering beast awoke with violent force and revealed its greatest secret.

    It was one of nature's most impressive displays of power. Mount St. Helens erupted, sending a column of ash and smoke 80,000 feet into the atmosphere. From that chaos, something beautiful emerged... our spectacular Helenite Necklace. Produced from the heated volcanic rock dust of Mount St. Helens, this brilliant green creation has captured the attention of jewelry designers worldwide.

    Our Helenite Necklace puts the gorgeous green stone center stage, with a faceted pear-cut set in gold-layered .925 sterling silver. The explosive origins of the stone are echoed in the flashes of light that radiate as the piece swings gracefully from its 18" gold-plated sterling silver chain. Today the volcano sits quiet, but this unique piece of natural history continues to erupt with gorgeous green fire.

    Jewelry specs:
    • 6-1/2 ctw Helenite in gold over sterling silver setting
    • 18" gold-fused chain
    5.0/5 (2)
  • How to make a splash without getting wet.
    This is not a necklace. It's the World's Most Beautiful Personal Flotation Device. Ever since ancient times, sailors have sworn by aquamarine for protection on the open water. For them, it was a sacred gem connected to Neptune. But today you don't have to leave shore to reap the benefits of this legendary blue gem, because your ship has come in.

    Claim your "Mermaid's Treasure."
    On any vessel crossing the oceans, there was no more precious cargo than aquamarine. Sailors paid handsomely for its power, considering it more valuable than diamonds or gold. In scientific terms, the chemical composition of our Mare Necklace beads are nearly identical to precious emeralds. They begin life as geological twins underground, colorless until something sparks a change. Add a dash of chromium and they become emerald. Mix in some iron instead and you get the brilliant blues of aquamarine. That's the beauty of chemistry.

    A legend among luxury jewelers.
    Named for the Latin words for "water of the sea," aquamarine shines with all the colors of the ocean. Each bead is like a droplet of the sea frozen in space and time. Fifth Avenue thinks nothing of offering a strand of aquamarine "pebbles" for $12,000. But with a color this captivating, you deserve more than a dollop.

    That's why we collected the finest blue stones from three continents, polished them to perfection and arranged them in this double-stranded, 300-carat masterpiece. The 20" Mare Aquamarine Necklace, featuring two loops of graduated beads with a lobster clasp and spacers layered in gleaming 14K gold. Nobody but Stauer can give you this much genuine aquamarine for so little.

    Jewelry specs:
    • 300 ctw of genuine polished aquamarine
    • 14K gold-layered spacers and clasps
    4.5/5 (2)
  • Watch legend comes back in black.

    In 1770 a Swiss watchmaker created a legendary movement. He built the first watch with an automatic mechanical drive. The innovative movement required no batteries and never needed to be manually wound. His invention changed the face of time forever. More 150 years later, someone did it again. Now it's our turn.

    It could be said that the Stauer Midnight Meisterzeit was born on the battlefields of Europe. During the fierce combat of World War I, a British serviceman and watchmaker had a revelation. He found that opening a watchcase to manually wind it left the delicate mechanics vulnerable to dust and moisture. After the war, he developed the very first self-winding, self-contained wristwatch. Building on the historic designs of a Swiss genius, he transformed the way the world kept time.

    Our Midnight Meisterzeit has been painstakingly handcrafted to meet the demanding standards of vintage watch collectors. We engineered this classic with millions worth of precise, Swiss-built machinery. Every interior dial has been carefully engineered to replicate the "complications" of the earliest multifunction watches. Interior dials display day and month and a date window sits at the 6 o'clock position. The 27-ruby-jewel movement utilizes a self-winding mechanism inspired by the British soldier's 1923 patent.

    With an exhibition back, you can see into the heart of the engineering and watch the rotor spin to keep it wound--it's powered by the movement of your body. The watch secures with a genuine leather strap and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs.

    Watch specs:
    • 27-jeweled Vertex automatic movement
    • Exhibition back
    • Genuine black leather band fits wrists 7-1/4" to 9-1/8"

    Stauer Midnight Meisterzeit Timepiece
    3.8/5 (11)