• Upon its creation, 13 original rules governed the game of golf.

    In 1744, to ensure that all players participating in the first recorded golf competition at Leith Links were abiding by the same rules, the Gentleman Golfers of Leith, soon to become the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, drafted and posted the Original 13 Rules of Golf. Golf, like every sport, evolved over the years, and so did the rules, but most of the old rules still apply.

    Among the rules: You must Tee your Ball within a club length of the hole; You are not to change the Ball which you strike off the Tee; You are not to remove Stones, Bones, or any Break club for the sake of playing your Ball, Except upon the fair green, and that only within a Club length of your Ball. These rules are yours to own as displayed on this fantastic wooden 8x10 plaque.

    The 13 Rules Of Golf 8x10 Plaque
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