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  • Tru-Action Electric Baseball Game

    Realistic and authentic baseball action where players have complete control. Features include total Pitching control for fast balls, curves, and changeups; and total Batting control for bunts, hitting to the opposite field, and swinging away for singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. Speed control adjusts players' running speed around the bases. Fun for two or more players. Recommended for ages 8+. Game Size: 19.3" x 19.3" x 1.8".
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    Whatever your gift budget is, you can find great ideas for birthdays and other special occasions. Find wonderful choices for under $50 or under $150.

  • A kids' classic, this handmade snakes and ladders game features some of the cutest multi-colored snakes.

    Perfect for a rainy day or for that next family vacation, this set will keep the kids happily entertained. The board features a handsome natural wood finish with snakes and ladders hand-painted in vibrant colors. The set includes a flat wooden game board, a wooden storage box, four hand painted wooden pegs, one die for rolling and determining the next move, and instructions for play. The board handily functions as the box cover, keeping the pieces securely stored inside its hollow interior section when not in use.

    An ideal gift for the little ones, this handcrafted set is sure to become a childhood keepsake that they'll want to pass on to their kids! Measures 6 inches wide x 6 inches long x 2 inches high.

    This creation has been entirely handmade by skilled Thai artisans using only the finest materials. Experience the world from the comfort of home when you shop with AsiaEXP, bringing you a wide range of handmade creations from a variety of world cultures. By shopping with us you not only receive a unique and authentic handicraft, but also help to sustain local artisans and Thailand creative traditions.

    The handcrafted nature of this item will produce slight variations from piece to piece in color, form, and sizing, adding to the unique quality of individual items. All measurements are approximate.
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    Whatever your gift budget is, you can find great ideas for birthdays and other special occasions. Find wonderful choices for under $50 or under $150.

  • Electric Football Challenge Game

    Plays just like real football and is an excellent way to learn the game. A game of strategy and skill for all players, and it's fun for the entire family! This larger version of the classic Electric Football Game comes with all the fun of the original with more space for players to run free. You're the coach, the quarterback, and the team owner in this realistic football game. Includes everything you need to play the game. Interchangeable/adjustable players and player bases. Recommended for ages 8+. Game Size: 34.7" x 18.6" x 1.8".

    History of Tudor Games - Written by Earl Shores

    Electric Football's ancestry can be traced back to 1929, when Elmer Sas incorporated Tudor Metal Products in New York City. The company survived the Depression through the popularity of its Budget Bank, which Elmer created. In the late 40's, Elmer's son Norman became president of Tudor, and invented the toy we all know and love - - Electric Football.

    Those early No. 500 Electric Football models look crude to the modern eye - - but, just for a second, imagine being a child on Christmas morning in 1949. No spinners, no dice, no cards to flip over. . . just turn on the game and watch your players run - - all by themselves!

    Electric Football was an immediate hit, captivating boys' imaginations like few toys ever had. Tudor produced the first all-plastic 3-D men in 1958. In the early 60's, industrial designer Lee Payne was showing Norman Sas a set of player prototypes whose realism would change Electric Football forever. Tudor introduced these players on its first large game, the 1962 #600 model.
  • Enjoy fun on the road, at the cottage or at home with this handmade wooden travel-size checkers game set.

    The board features a handsome natural finish with hand-painted black squares, while both ends of the individual wooden pieces are brightly hand-painted different colors to make them easy to distinguish from the board and easy to grab. (When a piece becomes a "king" it can be flipped over to display its other color). The playing pieces fit snugly into hand-carved peg inserts on the board, making this game easy to play on the beach, bus, train or anywhere else. The convertible board conveniently flips over to become a cover for the wooden box in which the pieces may be securely stored when not in use.

    Compact in size and light enough to slip easily into a carry-on bag, the set consists of the handcrafted wooden board and 16 "peg" checkers, eight in each color (colors may vary from those in the accompanying pictures), and comes with an instruction booklet for those not familiar with the rules. A naturally beautiful handcrafted set, make sure you have checkers to go.

    Measures 4.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches long x 1 inch high. This set has been entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans from northern Thailand, using only the finest materials. AsiaEXP brings you authentic handmade goods from a variety of world cultures. With this purchase you are not only receiving a beautiful handicraft, you are also supporting a great cause.

    The handcrafted nature of this product will cause minor differences in design, color and sizing. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to the unique quality of individual creations. Measurements may vary slightly.

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