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  • For the many people who need help reading text and seeing details because of low vision, traditional magnifying glasses work only up to a point.

    The RUBY video magnifier takes handheld magnification to the next level and beyond.

    The 4.3-inch, full color, high brightness video screen of the RUBY makes it outstanding for reading bills, letters, checks, and receipts. It is so small and unobtrusive that it easily slips into a pocket or purse as the perfect traveling companion for visiting the grocery store, the pharmacy, the bank, the library, bookstore, restaurant, or anywhere else.

    • Magnify up to 14x
    • No distortion
    • Great for reading labels and menus
    • Perfect for browsing magazines
    • Weighs just 7.7 ounces
    • Four AAA rechargeable batteries included
  • Onyx Deskset XL 22" Portable Video Magnifier

    For students, professionals, and others with vision loss, the Onyx Deskset XL is a perfect magnification solution that goes where you go in one easy-to-carry, self-contained package. The Onyx Deskset XL fits in any classroom, business, or home and moves from one viewing situation to the next as quickly as you do. Plug it into any standard wall plug, and it's ready to deliver crisp, clear magnification. The camera rotates 350 degrees in all directions.

    The 22" monitor magnifies up to 96 times the original size, making it flexible enough for any viewing needs from looking at stamps or packaging directions to seeing what's on the board at school. The Onyx has a range of brightness adjustments to eliminate glare and enable viewing in low light, along with Focus Lock to keep an object or document crisp and clear when working or writing under the camera.

    The Onyx Deskset XL offers three distinct views: distance view, document view, and self-view.
    • In distance view, even objects from across large rooms or auditoriums can be seen in sharp focus.
    • Document view gives you the ability to magnify items such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels, and craft projects.
    • With self-view, you get a magnified true mirror image close up.
  • If you have been suffering with low vision, the Topaz video magnifiers can help you take your life back. The Topaz can magnify books, magazines, checkbooks, and photographs, and just about anything you want to read.

    Topaz allows people with low vision to read, write, view photos, and perform daily tasks. The high-quality camera and LED lighting will help you read even curved surfaces, such as pill bottles, with ease. The Topaz is also designed to support writing. It has enough room under the camera and light to fit your paper or checkbook and your pen. It even has room for your hobbies and projects!

    Topaz has a wide screen and powerful camera so you can read even the smallest text. Just turn a knob to make the text larger or smaller. This one video magnifier can do the job of a whole drawer full of traditional magnifiers. Topaz has 5 pre-set color modes, including high-contrast white on black, so you can easily move from viewing photographs to reading text in the most easy-to-see colors. The Freeze Frame feature allows you to capture images, such as phone numbers or package instructions, so you can use them whenever you need them.

    The Topaz XL HD brings you the most versatile desktop video magnifier available. The sharp image with high-contrast text, vibrant colors, and rich black and white, allows the Topaz XL HD to offer the lowest magnification, starting at 1.7 times the original size, and widest field of view of any desktop video magnifier. Many users find they can display an entire page of text in high contrast across a widescreen monitor and read without moving the reading table from side to side. This means less fatigue, faster reading, and better comprehension.

    The Topaz XL HD has the sharpest, clearest image of any video magnifiers, along with magnification up to 66 times the original size. Topaz XL HD can even connect to your computer for additional flexibility and functionality!

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