Therapeutic Items
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    The old-fashioned pillbox meets the 21st century.
    Pill organization and electronic reminders improve medication adherence.

    It's a medication revolution! The Electronic Pillbox, was designed by a pharmacist, as an organizational system to store pills and a reminder system to ensure the right medication is taken at the right time. Features seven-day detachable storage bins with visual and audio reminders.

    Extra deep pillboxes can store up to 20 tablets per compartment.

    Includes carrying case for travel or transport to the doctor's office.

    The included USB cable connects it to your PC to customize your medication schedule and set email and text reminders.

    Wireless version allows loved ones to monitor medication adherence remotely.

    New and improved software is compatible with Mac and Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista Professional. In order to receive electronic messaging reminders for medication dosing times, the software will require access to standard PC internet connections.

    Made in the USA.

    14"L x 7"W x 2"H

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    $247.99 - $297.99
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Chase away stress with soothing sounds and enriched oxygen

    Work, stress, drinking and environmental factors deplete our oxygen and affect our health. This device helps you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Breathing 30% oxygen-enriched air from the included headset gives your body the clean, fresh oxygen it craves.

    Soothing music provides the tranquility your mind needs. The Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar replenishes, renews and rejuvenates you down to the cell. Headset delivers oxygen for easy concentrated inhalation.

    No replacement parts needed.

    16"H x 11 1/2"W x 6"D
    4.7/5 (3)
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    Transcend is the smallest, lightest and most innovative CPAP machine in the world.

    Weighing less than a pound, it fits in the palm of your hand. Its optional portable CPAP batteries make it the ideal CPAP system for use at home or on the road.

    Designed around patient lifestyle, the Transcend Starter System features the Transcend CPAP--compatible with any mask via the Universal Hose Adaptor and standard six-foot hose included in the Starter System. Experience the smallest CPAP machine in the world and discover the freedom to sleep anywhere!

    • Smallest, lightest and most innovative CPAP system in the world
    • Weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of your hand
    • Compatible with any CPAP mask via Universal Hose Adaptor included with Starter System
    • Portable battery-powered CPAP--power on the go with Transcend P4 Overnight and P8 Multi-Night Battery Systems, 12V mobile power adaptor (optional accessories)
    • Quiet and vibration-free blower
    • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 8,000 feet
    • Compliance Reporting: AHI and leak detection, 13 months of data storage on-device, downloadable via mini-USB cord, Email-capable compliance reporting
    • Automatic voltage conversion for use outside the US


    This Product Includes:

    Transcend CPAP, Universal Hose Adaptor, Standard 6' Hose, Universal AC Power Supply, Transcend Bag, Instructional Guides

    • Operating Pressure: 4-20 cmH2O, 1 cmH2O increments, Automatic altitude adjustment less than or equal to 8,000'
    • Dimensions: 6.1 in x 3.5 in x 2.8 in
    • Weight: .94 lbs
    • Warranty: 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty

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    4.1/5 (27)
  • Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar with Turbo Air Flow.
    Relax with 2 airflow settings and plug into your own music.

    The Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar's enhanced oxygen concentration allows you to breathe clean, fresh, oxygen-enriched air anytime!

    Enhance your experience with the unique Turbo Airflow option or the Standard Airflow setting. Relax with the included personal headset for oxygen delivery and earbud headphones for convenient music listening.

    Can be used to plug into your own audio music playing device or into the Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar's built in tranquil sounds music player.

    8-3/4"H x 4-3/4"W x 12-1/4"D.