Therapeutic Items
  • Personal mobility made simple with the Grip-n-Assist Lift Belt!

    A brilliant idea - a mobility/transfer belt that's designed to aid caregivers in getting post-surgery patients and seniors to their feet, or helping during physical therapy or injury recovery. It can be worn either by the person who needs help or by the caregiver.

    Four well-positioned foam grips are built in, so all support is focused at the waistline, the center of gravity. There's no more need to grasp and pull on hands and arms, to get behind and try to lift, or to involve more than one person in the lifting effort. The belt is secure and comfortable, made of highly durable, waterproof, and washable materials.

    It's invaluable in helping individuals in and out of beds, chairs, vehicles, bathtubs, and up and down stairs. The belt fits securely with a buckle strap and hook-and-loop fasteners. It not only makes the process of moving more comfortable, it also encourages safety and security for all involved. It brings comfort and ease to those who need it and helps to restore a good quality of life for the elderly, the injured, or anyone with restricted mobility.
  • Nice-N-Cool Gel Mat

    Revolutionary gel mat absorbs body's heat. Provides hours of cooling relief with out refrigeration. Ready to use!

    • Revolutionary gel core absorbs body heat
    • Provides cooling relief for one hour; easily refreshes itself while you move
    • Decreases body temperature to promote good sleep
    • Helps relieve night sweats and hot flashes
    • Can safely come in contact with skin or placed under a sheet or insed a pillowcase
    • Designed to be used most anywhere (home, travel, or at the office) over and over again
    • No source of energy or refrigeration required
    • Blue self-cover with non-toxic gel center
    • Hand wash only, air dry
    • Store away from direct heat at room temperature
    • Size: 15.35" x 11.5"
    • Detailed use, cleaning and storage instructions included
    • Dedicated Customer Care Help Line for end-user product inquiries