• The Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap.

    This is the heated wrap designed to simultaneously soothe sore muscles in the neck and shoulders. Unlike typical rectangular heating pads that do not provide ideal coverage or contact, this model's slightly weighted edges provide a custom fit around the neck, shoulders, and upper back to deliver consistent, therapeutic heat in areas that are prone to tightness. The integrated heating element delivers even, deep-penetrating heat that stimulates blood circulation to loosen muscles, helps relieve swelling, and soothes joints. The tethered controller adjusts the temperature to four different levels and the plush, 100% polyester microplush wrap is soft against skin.

    With two-hour auto-off setting.

    Plugs into AC with a 9' cord that provides ample freedom of movement.

    Fully machine-washable pad.

    Lakeshore Blue.

    24" L x 23" W x 2" D; (1-1/2 lbs.)
    5.0/5 (3)
  • King Size Therapy for Painful Muscles & Tight Joints.

    Our extra large heating pad provides soothing dry or moist heat therapy for fast acting pain relief. Even heat quickly penetrates the skin to deliver a comforting deep tissue treatment.

    Features lighted control panel, four temperature settings, and automatic safety shut-off after 40 minutes.

    24" x 12".

    Hand washable cover.

    9' power cord.
    5.0/5 (2)
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    Stylish and colorful magnetic ionic bracelets designed with pure titanium - this style color is Rose Gold.

    Devoted to your health, performance and enjoyment. Each bracelet includes ionic germanium of 99.9% purity, stainless samarium cobalt magnets embedded in each alternating link and pure titanium for their unique health-promoting properties. The Hug and Kiss is perfect for the special lady in your life. Trendy, attractive and uniquely sleek!

    Add this beautiful hug and kiss bracelet to your outfit or give it to someone special as a meaningful gift. This elegant bracelet features heart links and x links alternating to represent hugs and kisses. This bracelet has magnetic and ionic properties to promote health.

    Select size 6.5" (S), 7" (M), or 7.5" (L).
    5.0/5 (2)
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    The old-fashioned pillbox meets the 21st century.
    Pill organization and electronic reminders improve medication adherence.

    It's a medication revolution! The Electronic Pillbox, was designed by a pharmacist, as an organizational system to store pills and a reminder system to ensure the right medication is taken at the right time. Features seven-day detachable storage bins with visual and audio reminders.

    Extra deep pillboxes can store up to 20 tablets per compartment.

    Includes carrying case for travel or transport to the doctor's office.

    The included USB cable connects it to your PC to customize your medication schedule and set email and text reminders.

    Wireless version allows loved ones to monitor medication adherence remotely.

    New and improved software is compatible with Mac and Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista Professional. In order to receive electronic messaging reminders for medication dosing times, the software will require access to standard PC internet connections.

    Made in the USA.

    14"L x 7"W x 2"H

    Select item.
    $247.99 - $297.99
    5.0/5 (2)
  • ThetaHealing - Introducing and Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality.
    Allow your faith, intelligence and subconscious to work for you.

    This book reveals a powerful energy-healing technique. Within the pages of this book, you will discover: How you can instantly change any negative thinking with in you that create illness, keeps you from achieving success.

    A concept that allows you to connect to the highest level of love and energy of All That Is.

    ThetaHealing is not intended as a substitute for your physicians advice or care.

    Theta Healing Book
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Slip on relief for arthritis pain and stiffness
    May also help with poor circulation and neuropathy.

    Controlling the agony of arthritis can be as easy as slipping into Arthritis Gloves. By providing mild compression for warmth and controlled swelling, circulation is increased and healing is promoted.

    Cotton/Spandex gloves have open fingertips for use with smartphones, tablets, and detailed tasks. Washable and latex-free.

    The only Arthritis Gloves to receive an Ease-of-Use Commendation from The Arthritis Foundation.

    Select size.

    To find your size, place a ruler on your flat, open palm and measure the total width across your knuckles:

    X-Small = up to 2-3/4"
    Small = up to 3-1/8"
    Medium = up to 3-1/2"
    Large = up to 4"
    X-Large = up to 4-1/2"
    4.8/5 (9)
  • This compact device produces a gentle whooshing noise that helps block intermittent or continuous annoying sounds such as traffic, ticking clocks, and footsteps so you can relax and fall asleep easily. Ideal for use in a baby's room to provide a soothing atmosphere, it can also be used in the office to mask distracting sounds for professionals and students who require a quieter environment for concentration.

    High-impact plastic case has a perforated top and side which can be adjusted for soft and amplified settings, and a rocker switch lets you select two frequency levels. Plugs into AC.

    Choose a style from the drop-down box above.
    $54.95 - $59.95
    4.7/5 (65)
  • Chase away stress with soothing sounds and enriched oxygen

    Work, stress, drinking and environmental factors deplete our oxygen and affect our health. This device helps you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Breathing 30% oxygen-enriched air from the included headset gives your body the clean, fresh oxygen it craves.

    Soothing music provides the tranquility your mind needs. The Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar replenishes, renews and rejuvenates you down to the cell. Headset delivers oxygen for easy concentrated inhalation.

    No replacement parts needed.

    16"H x 11 1/2"W x 6"D
    4.7/5 (3)
  • The Physical Therapist's Hot/Cold Wraps.

    Recommended by physical therapists, these wraps are made of a tough, flexible high-glycerine gel that retains both heat and cold, transferring it directly to joints or muscles to provide superior therapeutic treatment.

    The body wraps are covered with a four-way stretch material, and can be microwaved for heat therapy or chilled in the freezer for cold applications. The latex-free wraps are leakproof, and the safe, non-toxic gel won't dry out or harden, and remains flexible even at -20 degrees F.

    Wraps stay hot or cold for up to 40 minutes, and can be worn under clothing after physical therapy or strenuous exercise.

    Select an item from the drop-down box.
    $49.95 - $79.95
    4.3/5 (55)
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    Transcend is the smallest, lightest and most innovative CPAP machine in the world.

    Weighing less than a pound, it fits in the palm of your hand. Its optional portable CPAP batteries make it the ideal CPAP system for use at home or on the road.

    Designed around patient lifestyle, the Transcend Starter System features the Transcend CPAP--compatible with any mask via the Universal Hose Adaptor and standard six-foot hose included in the Starter System. Experience the smallest CPAP machine in the world and discover the freedom to sleep anywhere!

    • Smallest, lightest and most innovative CPAP system in the world
    • Weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of your hand
    • Compatible with any CPAP mask via Universal Hose Adaptor included with Starter System
    • Portable battery-powered CPAP--power on the go with Transcend P4 Overnight and P8 Multi-Night Battery Systems, 12V mobile power adaptor (optional accessories)
    • Quiet and vibration-free blower
    • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 8,000 feet
    • Compliance Reporting: AHI and leak detection, 13 months of data storage on-device, downloadable via mini-USB cord, Email-capable compliance reporting
    • Automatic voltage conversion for use outside the US


    This Product Includes:

    Transcend CPAP, Universal Hose Adaptor, Standard 6' Hose, Universal AC Power Supply, Transcend Bag, Instructional Guides

    • Operating Pressure: 4-20 cmH2O, 1 cmH2O increments, Automatic altitude adjustment less than or equal to 8,000'
    • Dimensions: 6.1 in x 3.5 in x 2.8 in
    • Weight: .94 lbs
    • Warranty: 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Purchase of this item requires a prescription. Please provide your e-mail address to receive instructions on how to provide this information.
    4.1/5 (27)
  • The Packable Walking Stick.

    This ingenious walking stick collapses and packs away in its 11-1/4" long nylon case, allowing you to take it virtually anywhere. It opens in seconds to a maximum length of 50"--each of the four sections nest within one another with an elastic band running the entire length of the tube for a rigid, reliable walking companion. The removable knob has a built-in compass and conceals a threaded post that accepts cameras, creating a convenient monopod for impromptu picture-taking. The metal tip for gripping soil can be exchanged with a rubber tip for hard surfaces. With wrist strap.

    Collapsed 10" L x 2" W. Extended 50" L x 2" W. (12 oz.)
    4.0/5 (7)
  • Lightest, Easiest, Most Compact Walker We've Found.

    This amazing, stylish walker folds effortlessly with the use of just one hand; stands when folded, so you can keep it within easy reach and is so compact, you can take it with you anywhere. To open, simply slide the handles apart.

    Made of anodized aluminum, it weighs only 6.5 lbs; but supports 250 lbs.

    Innovative height adjustment goes from 32"-36".

    Includes 4" urethane front wheels, rear easy-glide feet and two handy pocket organizers.

    • Fits easily in overhead bins
    • Makes a great gift
    • Quickly folds to just 6" wide

    Select color.
    4.0/5 (1)
  • The Voice Clarifying Amplifier.

    This is the digital earpiece that amplifies and clarifies voices while minimizing distracting background noise. An advanced microchip amplifies human speech frequencies and dampens background noise so that spoken words are clearly audible. Unlike lesser analog models that merely make all sounds louder, this superior digital earpiece amplifies voice pitch so words are easier to discern. The rechargeable device eliminates the need to repeatedly purchase costly replacement batteries and operates for up to 10 hours after a 12-hour charge.

    The amplifier has eight adjustable volume levels and recharges in the included carry case that's powered by the included AC adapter or two AAA batteries (included).

    Includes one amplifier and four different sized silicone caps to accommodate all ear sizes.

    1/2" L x 1/2" W x 1" H. (1/10 oz.)
    3.8/5 (12)
  • Collectible Authentic Polished Brass Gentleman's Walking Stick: 3 Gold Saucer

    Practical and stylish, our walking stick is a required accessory almost any time we venture from home. Its renewed popularity prompted us to bring you this exclusive classic from a premier manufacturer.

    Our collectible, polished hardwood stick boasts a high-quality polished brass handle.

    Not recommended for orthopedic use.

    Approx. 34"-36"H
    2.0/5 (1)
  • Push Down Brake Rollator

    • Push down rear wheel brakes lock easily and safely.
    • Padded seat (14"W x 13"D x 21-1/2"H) with zippered pocket.
    • Privacy pouch under the flip-up seat.
    • One handed folding.
    • Lightweight aluminum supports 300 lbs.
    • Limited lifetime warranty.
    • Dark Blue 24"Wx24"L
    1.0/5 (1)
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    Stylish and colorful magnetic ionic bracelets designed with pure titanium - this style color is Gold and Steel.

    Devoted to your health, performance and enjoyment. Each bracelet includes ionic germanium of 99.9% purity on each link, 1200 gauss stainless samarium cobalt magnets and pure titanium for their unique health-promoting properties.

    The Finish Line is designed for men with an upscale and handsome look. Trendy, attractive and uniquely sleek!

    Select size 6.5" (S), 7" (M), or 7.5" (L).
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Gentleman's Choice Green Sphere Chrome Plated Walking Stick

    Utilitarian yet elegant, our collectible hardwood walking stick is a timelessly fashionable accessory for any era. The Design Toscano hand-crafted cane boasts ornamental, silver-plated brass handle in a design every bit as unique as it's user.

    Sure to lend exotic style to any collection, it has a polished hardwood shaft that's been expertly finished in an ebony stain and then fitted with a polymer tip and smart brass metal collar. This item is a collector's walking stick and is not intended for orthopedic use.

    Approx. 36"L.
  • This machine allows you to design your own tranquil acoustic environment.

    Offered exclusively by Hammacher Schlemmer, the authentic sounds machine promotes concentration and relaxation in a busy home, noisy office, or a hotel room in a bustling city. Unlike other machines with computer-generated sound, ours uses the latest digital technology to create aural atmospheres from sound recorded at the source.

    Six included sounds (rain, surf, summer night, stream, wind, and white noise) play for 30, 60, or 90-minute intervals or continuously; additional sound cards are available.

    With digital alarm and headphone jack. Runs on included AC adapter or four AA batteries.

    6-3/4" H x 6-1/4" W x 2" D. (1-1/2 lbs.)
  • Cushy Arm Comfort.

    Upgrade any wheelchair or armchair with these super-plush armrest cushions. Each pad attaches with dual straps and double metal fastening rings.

    Fits arms 7"-11"L, up to 4"W.

    Sherpa polyester cover.

    Spot clean.

  • Snake with Globe Walking Stick - Exclusive Italian pewter collectible

    Practical and stylish, our walking stick is a required accessory almost any time we venture from home. Its renewed popularity prompted us to bring you this exclusive classic from one of Italy's premiere manufacturers.

    Collectible, polished hardwood stick boasts a quality solid pewter handle.

    This collectible walking stick is not recommended for orthopedic use.

    Solid hardwood shaft features a rubber tip.

    Approx. 34"-36"H.
  • Alligator Pewter Walking Stick - Exclusive Italian pewter collectible

    Practical and stylish, our walking stick is a required accessory almost any time we venture from home. Its renewed popularity prompted us to bring you this exclusive classic from one of Italy's premiere manufacturers.

    Collectible, polished hardwood stick boasts a high-quality solid pewter handle.

    Not recommended for orthopedic use. Solid hardwood shaft features a rubber tip.

    Approx. 34"-36"H.
  • The Transcend P8 Multi-Night Battery is the 8-cell portable battery option for Transcend.

    Slightly larger than a deck of cards, it provides power for a minimum of two nights of CPAP therapy before needing recharging. This small, lightweight battery operated CPAP system is perfect for use where wall power is unavailable or as backup power during storms and brown outs.

    • Smallest, lightest and most portable multi-night CPAP battery in the world
    • Provides power for a minimum of 14-16 hours of therapy at pressure of 14 cmH2O before requiring recharging
    • Rechargeable with AC power supply or DC mobile power adaptor
    • Power for CPAP therapy when wall power is not available
    • CPAP battery backup provides uninterrupted therapy when used in-line with AC power supply during power outages
    • Can be worn on the arm or chest with the battery pouch and band accessories

    Manufacturer: Somnetics

    • Proprietary Design: 14.4 VDC, 4S2P Li-ion
    • Recharge Time: <8 hours with completely depleted cells
    • Charge Indicator: LED
    • Dimensions: 4.33 in x 3.15 in x 1.66 in
    • Weight: 1.1 lbs
    • Operational Time: 14-16 hours @14 cmH2O
    • Operating Range: 32-113 degrees F, 10% - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
    • Storage Range: -4 - 140 degrees F, 10% - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
    • Warranty: 9 months
    • Operating Pressure Range: The P8 Multi-Night Battery is recommended for use in a pressure range of 4-18 cmH2O.
  • The Garmin FORERUNNER 310XT Multisport GPS Training Watch is a GPS-enabled training device that isn't afraid of the water.

    The rugged Forerunner 310XT is the triathlete's indispensable training tool - a GPS-enabled trainer that is water-resistant to 164 ft. (50m), tracks data in multiple sport modes and sends it wirelessly to your computer. This multisport device has up to 20 hours of battery life, tracks distance, and pace on land, and goes from wrist to bike in seconds. The 310XT times your swim in the pool or the lake. And while the GPS signal does not track distance while swimming like it does on land, thanks to a recent software update, it now accurately estimates open water swim distance and average speed. Simply enable the Swim mode and press start as you begin your swim. When finished, press the lap button and the 310XT automatically processes a combination of the time and GPS data to compute an estimate of distance covered and average speed while swimming.

    • GPS-enabled watch
    • 1.3 x 0.8-inch (3.3 x 2.0 cm) display size with LED backlight
    • Waterproof to 164 ft. (50m)
    • HotFix satellite prediction for coverage anywhere
    • 700 mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 20 hours of battery life
    • 1000 lap history
    • Garmin Connect: online community to analyze data
    • Virtual Partner (train against a digital person)
    • Advanced workouts (custom)
    • Pace alert and Vibration alert
    • Tracks distance and pace on land
    • Transition from running, to biking, to swimming