• Bend in the Road Solid Hardwood Walking Sticks

    Ready for a stroll "round the shire," these collectible, solid hardwood walking sticks with sturdy rubber tips are both stylish and functional.

    "Rolling Road" boasts a natural, organically-inspired staff while "Wandering Road" features a derby handle, brass detail and a true English barley twist.

    Not recommended for orthopedic use.

    Each approx. 36"L.

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    $29.95 - $39.95
  • Never Drop Your Cane Again!

    Use our "handy" wrist strap for added security. It holds onto the cane so you don't have to!

    Fits most wood and aluminum canes.

    Keep Your Cane Accessible!

    Slip the cane holder onto your cane and hang it on any table, counter or desk. No more struggling to balance it on the handle.

    Fits any standard cane.

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    $5.95 - $9.90
  • Whether you're at home or on the go, this easy to use wrist-cuff makes accurate Blood Pressure tracking possible.
    Monitor blood pressure anywhere.

    Use it alone, or download the free Vitasigns App to store and track your vital signs. Auto-inflates and deflates with the touch of a button. Bluetooth Smart and compatible with many iOS devices.
    • Travel case included
    • Large LCD screen displays results
    • Track readings for up to 2 users
    • Unit memory saves up to 60 records with a date and time stamp
    • Convenient travel size
    • Unit automatically transmits data to the appropriate user in the free Vitasigns App (currently available for most iOS devices)
    • Track readings over time in the Vitasigns app
    • Easily share daily readings with your healthcare provider from the Vitasigns activity log
    • Goal tracking is incorporated for all Vitasigns users
    • Ergonomic wrist design for ease-of-use
    • Use the Vitasigns App with other Vitasigns connected devices to track Weight, Body Fat %, and Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Bluetooth Travel Blood Pressure Monitor and Vitasigns App are not intended to be diagnostic tools for serious medical conditions.

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  • Veridian Fashion Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Clinically accurate readings
    • Brushed aluminum housing
    • One-button blood pressure measurements
    • Large LCD display with blue LED backlight
    • Fully automatic inflation and deflation
    • Simultaneous systolic, diastolic and pulse results
    • 1-person memory bank holds 60-readings
    • Memory recall with date/time stamp
    • Average of last 3 readings
    • Hypertension Indicator
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • Automatic shut-off

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  • Dual Comfort Hot & Cold Pack

    Provides relief from strains, sprains, tendonitis and other injuries. Composed of nontoxic, biodegradable gel that retains therapeutic temperatures longer. Conveniently store the therapy pack in the freezer; it will stay soft and pliable. For hot pack, simply heat in the microwave or hot towel cabinet.

    Features two sides: dark blue side which provides slow-release therapy and light blue side which provides rapid-release therapy.

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    Sect = Tri-Sectional 9" x 16" Pack
    Rect = 10" x 13" Rectangular