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  • Love the look of a tropical ceiling fan but don't want to buy a whole new fixture?

    Now you can get the look of a palm leaf ceiling fan just by covering your standard fan blades with these palm blades! The Palm-Leaf Ceiling Fan Blades are designed to look and act as real palm-frond fans, evenly distributing air from the ends of the blades, rather than directly down, so there's no annoying downdraft.

    The Palm-Leaf Ceiling Fan Blades can be used year 'round to distribute cooled or warmed air. Simply slide each "leaf" onto your existing fan blade, and tighten the thumbscrews. No tools needed! The Palm-Leaf Ceiling Fan Blades are made of ABS resin that wipes clean easily. You get five Palm-Leaf Ceiling Fan Blades, each 15" wide, 23" long, and weighing about 6 ounces, for fan blades up to 6" wide.

    Please specify color.

    Palm-Frond Fan Blades
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  • Attic Deck Panels

    Designed specifically for unfinished attic spaces with joists that are 16" on center, this sturdy floor decking is easy to install-without measuring or cutting. Each rigid plastic panel supports 250 lbs., and the vented design means insulation can breathe and wiring and plumbing underneath stay visible. Panels are secured by screws (included), install in minutes, and fit easily through most attic access doors. Package of 6 panels cover 10 square feet.

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.