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  • Lekue Starter Set

    Set includes: 1 steam case with draining tray, 3-4 person, 1 small green oyga, 1 book with 40 recipes, 1 clear fresh bag, 1 square ovo. All items are dishwasher safe.The steam case allows for easy, delicious steamed, oven or microwave preparations. Foods are cooked in their own juice or steam, enhancing their original and genuine aromas and preserving all nutrients. Food is cooked at the perfect temperature (between 200f and 212f), preserving the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. The shape of the case lets the steam circulate for faster, easier cooking. Use with steam tray for pure steaming function or with foods with high water content; remove the tray for "stew-type" cooking.

    The Oyga is a silicone sauce pan or stew pot for the microwave. Cooks pasta, rice, soups or stews directly in the microwave. Easy, one pot cooking with a recipe booklet. Cooking times depend on the individual microwave. Dishwasher safe.

    The Fresh Bag is a versatile cooking bag-store in it, freeze in it, reheat in it, cook in it. Hermetic seal to store liquids or solids. Match up the arrows on the bag, clip and pull closed. Write-able surface; 33.87 ouce capaitcy with markings for cups, ounce and milliliter. Dishwasher safe.

    An Ovo is a unique mold to cook eggs in fun shapes with lots of flavor with either a bain marie or microwave. Add ingredients of your choice to give eggs more flavor. Rub mold with one drop of oil to activate the non-stick properties. Do not place product over a direct source of heat. Cooking times depend on the individual microwave.

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