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  • You never have to touch another bug!

    No more chasing bugs around your home! Bug Vacuum creates a stylish, high-powered suction that captures unwanted pests. A trap door feature securely traps captures pest, insects within the nozzle and prevents them from flying back out. It is a safe, efficient and non-toxic alternative to costly, toxic bug sprays in your home. The Bug Vacuum is an easy, efficient and non-toxic way to control bugs, insects and other pests that fly or crawl.

    Bug vacuum, made for bug control a cordless vacuum that has been designed to remove insects cleanly and efficiently. The high-powered vacuum assembly is strong enough to pick up any type of insect. The Bug Vacuum is a rechargeable hand-held vacuum unit. The Bug Vacuum is perfect for catching spiders or any other insect, pest etc. The flexible rubber tip makes it easy to use in corners as well as anywhere else. The Bug Vacuum is a must have for all homes or offices. Flexible and its rubber tip can trap bugs even in corners.
    • Nozzle extends to reach insects in high corners & high ceiling homes.
    • Safety interlock disables grid voltage on the BV01 when wand is removed for insect disposal.
    • Charging stand with LED charge indicator.
    • High voltage grid built into the base kills bugs safely.

    In Base: 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 25"
    In Hand (Extended): 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 29-1/2"
    Weight 2.2 lbs.

    Bug Vacuum Hand-Held Electronic Insect Trap
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Home & Garden

    Get ready for the holidays with holiday decor, or create an outdoor oasis with garden and patio furniture and fashions that are fun and functional.

  • Pond Kits include everything you need to construct a beautiful, low maintenance water garden.

    Comes with:
    • 6ft x 6ft non-toxic Pond Liner
    • 200gph Filter-free pump with protective shell
    • Water-bell Fountain Head
    • 3-tier Fountain Head
    • Telescopic Riser
    • 2 silk Water Lilies
    • Installation Manual

    10.24"L x 11.61"H x 9.45"W; 11.33 lbs.

    84 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
  • Home & Garden

    Get ready for the holidays with holiday decor, or create an outdoor oasis with garden and patio furniture and fashions that are fun and functional.

  • Keep up to nine 12-ounce cans of soda or your other favorite beverage cold and easily accessible with Koolatron's Coca Cola Personal Cube Fridge.

    This compact cooler takes up minimal counter space, and it makes a fun addition to any dorm room, workshop, games room, kitchen or bar area with its vibrant red exterior and white "Coca-Cola" logo. The Coca Cola Personal Cube Fridge uses solid-state thermoelectric cooling technology to keep drinks cold. The Coca Cola Personal Cube fridge also includes an easy to clean removable shelf for storing your favorite beverages.

    12.9"L x 12.7"H x 13.7"W; 8.8 lbs.

    Coca Cola Personal Cube Fridge
  • Cook fun and easy meals with the Total Chef Raclette Party Grill.

    This versatile grill is a great way to make delicious meals, fondues, smores and much more. The Raclette Grill comes with everything you need to make fun and fast meals for your friends and family.
    • Prepare easy to make, fun to cook meals
    • Serves 8 persons with 8 small pans & spatulas
    • Use with fondue pot or marble slab
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Cool touch thermo-insulated handle pans
    • Non-stick, easy to clean design

    What's Included?

    1 Raclette Party Grill
    Grilling Surface
    Marble Slab
    Fondue Pot
    8 Fondue Forks
    8 Small Pans
    8 Wooden
    Spatulas Instruction Manual

    60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


    Length: 18.7"
    Width: 13.4"
    Height: 4.9"
    Weight: 9.6"

    Dimensions (Fondue Pot)

    Diameter: 7"
    Depth: 4"
    Capacity 40 oz.
  • The Miracle Mixer Deluxe is the most versatile kitchen tool you will ever use.

    With the Miracle Mixer Deluxe, you can chop, mix, peel, whip, grind, grate, blend and so much more. Make refreshing drinks, delicious desserts, sauces, and even home made baby food.

    The powerful cutting blades are designed to circulate food back into the cyclonic cutting zone with force and speed for consistent mixtures every time. You will be amazed with how many kitchen tasks you can finish in just seconds using The Miracle Mixer Deluxe.
    • Powerful! Versatile! Easy to use!
    • Mix, chop, whip, grind, grate, blend!
    • Make refreshing drinks, delicious desserts, great party dips and much more!
    • Finish many kitchen jobs in seconds!

    Power supply: AC 110V

    What's Included

    1 Miracle Mixer power base
    2 cups
    Carafe with lid
    Juice extractor
    Cross blade
    Straight blade
    2 vented lids
    2 sealed lids
    4 tall cups with colored flip-top lids
    User manual & delicious recipes guide

    Package Dimensions:

    Height 10.6"
    Width 11.3"
    Depth 9.3"
    Weight : 5.2 lbs.
  • Does a waterfall of melted chocolate cascading down onto an awaiting strawberry sound appealing to you

    Or have you ever wanted to serve chocolate fondue at your birthday, wedding or other catered event but didn't have 100 fondue pots to accommodate all of your guests Look no further, because the Total Chef Mini Chocolate Fountain is the perfect addition to your next party. Your guests will love the experience of dipping strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pound cake or anything into the delightful chocolate waterfall that flows out of the fountain.

    • Creates a cascading tower of melted chocolate
    • Stainless-steel design
    • Disassembles quickly for easy clean-up
    • Can melt up to 2 lbs of chocolate
    • Dip fruits, cakes, marshmallows in chocolate
    • Built in auger and safety fuse prevent blocks or jams
    • Use dark, milk, or white chocolate
    • Great for holiday gatherings or big groups
  • Take all the goodness and nutrition out of fruits and vegetables, and put the vitamins and minerals fresh into your glass with the Total Chef Juicin' Juicer.

    Fresh juice is only a twist of a knob away with this powerful machine. Turn most fruits or vegetables into ultra-fresh, nutritious juice with this easy-to-use electric juicer. You can experiment with different combinations of fruits, vegetables and juices to create all new taste sensations.
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Metal filter, and removable pulp container
    • Surgical steel juicing blade
    • Dual Speed Selector
    • Wide mouth to feed full fruits.

    What's Included

    Juicin' Juicer
    Instruction Manual

    60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Technical Specifications:

    Length : 13"
    Width : 8.3"
    Height : 15.8"
    Weight : 9.2 lbs.
  • The Koolatron Total Chef 4 in 1 Grill

    It's a Sandwich Maker, Waffle Maker, Grill & Griddle all in one compact little machine that doesn't take up too much space in your kitchen. Have fun making meals with easy-to-use cooking plates that are non-stick coated and dishwasher safe. It stands on end for easy storage, and is great for preparing breakfast for the family, quick snacks after school, or a whole meal in a dorm room.
    • Sandwich Maker, Waffle Maker, Grill & Griddle in one appliance
    • Easy pop-in & out cooking plates
    • Cool to touch housing
    • Stands on end for easy storage
    • Great for dorm rooms or small apartments
    • Easy to clean

    What's Included

    Koolatron Total Chef 4-in-1 Grill
    1 Waffle Plate
    1 Griddle Plate
    1 Sandwich Plate
    1 Grill Plate
    Instruction Manual

    90-Day Manufacturer's warranty
    60-Day Money back guarantee

    Technical Specifications:

    Length : 9.75"
    Width : 9.5"
    Height : 4.38"
    Weight : 4.7 lbs.
  • Have you ever wanted to make your own beef jerky or dried fruit

    The Total Chef Food Dehydrator is the machine for you. Start eating healthier by drying fruits and vegetables at home. The Total Chef Deluxe 5 Tray Food Dehydrator is the perfect way to serve up healthy, wholesome snacks and dried foods for your family, friends and guests. Save hundreds of dollars by making your own snacks, without the added sugar or salt.
    • Makes dried fruit snacks, fruit roll-ups, and jerky
    • Built-in fan and heater dry foods evenly and quickly
    • Easy to clean
    • Features 5 trays for maximum space

    What's Included

    1 Total Chef Dehydrater
    5 Drying Racks
    Instruction Manual

    60-Day Money back Guarantee.

    Technical Specifications:

    Length : 13"
    Width : 13"
    Height : 7.5"
    Weight : 4.9 lbs
  • The Total Chef Coffee Maker/Wine urn has a sleek, modern design and is perfect for serving hot beverages.

    It features an anti-drip spout, can hold 24 cups, and is easy to use and clean. Just plug it in and switch it on. Make coffee, tea, mulled wine or cider.
    • Features unique, modern design
    • Versatile - prepare coffee, tea, mulled wine, or just keep drinks warm
    • Recipe guide included
    • Anti-drip feature
    • Great for parties or large gatherings
    • Perfect gift for the holiday season

    Hosting a big party No problem. Keep your coffee warm and within reach with the Total Chef Coffee Maker/Wine Urn. This is the perfect addition to your home for the holiday season, and along with your purchase we'll also give you a recipe booklet with complete instructions on how to make spiced teas, ciders, and wines in your Total Chef Coffee Maker/Wine Urn.

    What's Included

    1 Total Chef 24 cup Coffee Maker/Wine Urn
    Instruction Manual
    Recipe Booklet

    Technical Specifications:

    Length : 11.6"
    Width : 11.6"
    Height : 18.5"
    Weight : 9.5 lbs.
    Rating : 120V / 60Hz
    Power : 1000W
    Capacity : 24 cups
    Materials : Plastic

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