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  • Cloud Sets

    Due to customer requests, we have created a huge set of our popular clouds now in repositionable vinyl. Our largest set gives you the detail look of painting with the ease of the self adhesive vinyl. The cloud sizes range from: 1 x 8.5" to 2 x 19".
  • Home & Garden

    Get ready for the holidays with holiday decor, or create an outdoor oasis with garden and patio furniture and fashions that are fun and functional.

  • TelescoPik Reacher (30" - 44")

    Introducing the World's first adjustable length reacher! The TelescoPik is the most versatile reacher ever. With a simple turn of the locking collar on the shaft, the TelescoPik adjusts from 30"- 44" - making everything within easy reach.

    • Constructed with strong aluminum and polycarbonate materials for superior performance and extended long term durability
    • Unique design of the 5 1/2 " wide jaws allows it to rotate 90 degrees in order to fit into tight and awkward spaces
    • Jaws also include a foam rubber insert that enables it to hold objects as small as a dime
    • Ergonomic trigger grip can lift objects weighing up to five pounds
  • Home & Garden

    Get ready for the holidays with holiday decor, or create an outdoor oasis with garden and patio furniture and fashions that are fun and functional.

  • TrashStik

    Never Touch Trash Again! The TrashStik is uniquely designed to keep safety and hygenics in mind.

    • Unique retractable, protective sleeve colllect and ejects debris with one-button operation so hands are kept free from trash and tips
    • Anodized aluminum shaft is durable and rustproof
    • 42" shaft length eliminates undue reaching and bending
    • Secure protective sleeve locks in place to safely cover tips and store TrashStik when not in use
    • Ergonomically designed handle and nylon strap are convenient for handling and storage
    • Heavy duty stainless steel double-point design makes collection of beverage cans, trash, cigarette butts, and unsanitary items convenient and safe
  • Travel Magnetic Mattress Topper

    Therion' travel magnetic mattress cover brings comfort and convenience together, so you can enjoy stress-free, soothing sleep while you're away from home. The travel magnetic mattress topper uses 210 large, 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets to help relax tense muscles and reduce stress. While traveling, you'll find it easier to fall asleep and rest through the night, while therapeutic fields soothe tense muscles and help your body recover from stress. The mattress topper is covered with an elegant, beige Visco-Stretch ticking that feels soft and gentle next to your skin. Visco-Stretch fabric contains 25% Organic Cotton. The bottom of the mattress pad is covered with a non-slide fabric to keep it in place on the bed. The topper is lightweight and rolls up for easy transport. Measures 36" x 74" x 3/4" Thick. (Bag not included.). Important:. Do not use a magnetic mattress pad if you have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical device. It is Safe to use a magnetic mattress pad if you have a hip replacement, knee replacement, or if you have surgically implanted pins, screws or rods for orthopedic bone repair. These items are non-magnetic.
  • Aqua Tongs

    The Original All Purpose Reacher made for cleaning fish tanks or simply for people in need of a longer reach with a product that is water resistant. PikStik reachers let you retrieve or put away items safely without undue stretching, bending and straining. Durable, safe and lightweight design make this the ideal reacher for all purposes. Use at home, work or in the wild. 32" reach. Extend your reach today!
  • Medieval Castle

    A set of knightly proportions! This castle measures over 3 feet wide.
    • Knight: 10"
    • Wizard: 10"
    • Castle: 38" x 22"
    • Dragon: 23.5" x 11"
    • 2 Sheets
    • Tree: 8.5"x7.5"
    • Tree: 7.5" x 6.5"
    • Tree: 23.5" x 28.5"
    • Wizard: 7.25"
    • Knights-2: 7.5"
    • Dragon: 12.25"
  • Princess CastlePerfect

    For a fairytale princess and not too girly.
    • Our castle set includes: Knight: 10"
    • Wizard: 10"
    • Castle: 38" x 22"
    • Tree: 23.5" x 28.5"
    • Dragon: 23.5" x 11"
    • 2 sheets
    • Castle: 30x19
    • Tree: 8.5" x7.5"
    • Tree: 7.5" x 6.5"
    • Wizard: 7.25"
    • Knights-2
    • 7.5"
    • Dragon: 12.25"
    • Princess: 7"
  • Multi Colored Dots-Bright Pink, Baby Pink, Sea Blue, Robin Blue and Lime

    *7 Sheets
    *1 sheet per color
    *22 of each color
    *154 dots
    *5 x 1.5"
    *5 x 2"
    *1 x 2.5"
    *3 x 3"
    *1 x 3.5"
    *2 x 4"
    *1 x 4.5"
    *2 x 5"
    *1 x 8"
    *1 x 10"

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