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  • Ultimate Plant Clips 50-Pack

    50 pack of the Ultimate Plant Clips. Suitable for indoor or outdoor growing. Use to supprt plants, vines, etc. Made in the USA. 100% recyclable plastic. Works with the Deluxe Ultimate Plant Cage (sold separately).

    Make a "C" with your left hand's pointer finger and thumb. That's how the Ultimate Plant Clip fits in your hand and is why it's so easy to use. You can quickly secure stems and fruit to your stake or line - gone is the awkward, difficult and time consuming process traditional plant clips require.

    No more feeling like you're some less evolved species lacking opposable thumbs when you're securing your plants. The natural motion makes the clip easy to use. And the clip locks when you touch your index finger to your thumb. How easy is that?

    The durable, 100% recyclable plastic clip secures plant stems up to 1/2" in diameter and it can be used over and over again. Its bright green color and plant shaped ends allow it to blend easily in with ALL your plants.

    Finally, this clip is tough but it's no vice-grip. It's built with a PATENTED tolerance design so it won't choke off your stems as they grow. Like a green rubber band - the Ultimate Plant Clip has slack and expands to keep your plants secure and GROWING.

    3 Reasons to Use the Ultimate Plant Clip
    • Works with you hand's natural motion to make securing your plants FAST and EASY
    • It's Quality. Durable and Flexible design keeps your plants secured for YEARS
    • It Won't Kill Your Plant's by Choking their Stems - the Clip has enough give to let them grow
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Home & Garden

    Get ready for the holidays with holiday decor, or create an outdoor oasis with garden and patio furniture and fashions that are fun and functional.

  • Deluxe Ultimate Plant Cage 2-Pack

    The Ultimate Plant Cage is the first ever, fully adjustable plant cage! The unique, patented 6 pole design opens up your plants and allows light to penetrate all the way from the fruit to the root. The support poles adjust and extend for different size plants. With the Ultimate Plant Cage, plants are caged properly and the branches and fruit are secured, rather than falling down. This makes for a cleaner and more organized garden. Now it's easy to turn or move potted plants without damaging them.

    The snap together, three piece design allows the user to fit or remove the cage from the base of a plant without disturbing or damaging the branches foliage. Use with any type of media including rockwool, soil and Hydroton. Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. Made in the USA. 100% recyclable plastic. Each Ultimate Plant Cage Set comes with (2) 6 Pole Ultimate Plant Cages, (12) plant clips and (12) trellis clips in green.

    Top Reasons to use the Ultimate Plant Cage:
    • 100% Made in USA
    • First ever adjustable plant cage. Poles adjust and extend for different size plants
    • Opens up plants and allows light to penetrate all the way to base of the plant
    • When plants are caged properly using the Ultimate Plant Cage, the branches and fruit are secured, rather than falling below
    • Makes for a cleaner, more organized garden
    • Makes it easy to turn or alternate potted plants without damaging them throughout their life

    Add all these benefits up and you'll have healthier, stress-free, stable, cleaner plants with fewer problems, therefore producing higher yields than ever before! Let the good times grow!
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Home & Garden

    Get ready for the holidays with holiday decor, or create an outdoor oasis with garden and patio furniture and fashions that are fun and functional.

  • Bowl for salad with servers.

    The perfect "salad-for-2" size or for serving your favorite side dish, this stylish 9.5" square bowl comes with figural servers.

    Cast aluminum.

    Hand wash.

    Grape Salad Set - Set of 3
    Bowl: 9-1/2"W x 3"H
    Servers: 11"L
  • Designer Luxury and Technology Meet

    Vera Wang marries her world renowned design expertise with the best digital frame technology to create the perfect gift.

    • Authentic Vera Wang Designer Frame
    • Silver Plate and Enamel
    • High Resolution Display
    • Clock and Calendar view features your photo slide-show
    • Supports JPG, AVI and MP3 Files
    • 800x600 Resolution
    • Built-in Memory Card Reader
    • Programmable On/Off
    • Overall Dimensions: 10 x 1.5 x 8.2 inches
    • Product Includes: Digital Photo Frame, AC Adapter, User Guide and Remote Control
  • Great for serving hot or cold dishes!

    Utility gets an upgrade with this elegant grape casserole holder.

    Cast aluminum with 13"x 9"pyrex [3-qt. capacity].

    Hand wash holder; Pyrex dishwasher/heat safe.
  • Serving Bowl

    Intricate winding vines create the stand for our signature 14" acrylic bowl, perfect for casual, as well as formal, dining.

    Cast aluminum stand with acrylic.

    Hand wash.

    Grapevine Stand
    12-1/2"H x 14" Dia.
  • Grape Oval Serving Platter

    Lush grapes and vines adorn this generous platter.

    Cast aluminum.

    Hand wash.

    18-1/2"L x 14-1/2"W
  • Monkey Banana Holder & Fruit Bowl

    Playful monkeys are tempted by the fresh produce on our whimsical banana holder which keeps fruit fresh and handy.

    Cast aluminum stand with textured glass bowl.

    Hand wash.

    17"H x 9-1/2" Dia.
  • Arthur Court presents an eye catching focal point for your buffet service.

    Hand crafted of glass with a hammered texture, decorative cast aluminum base/lid with stainless steel spigot. Dispenses cold beverages only. Hand wash.

    10" sq. x 19"H; holds approximately 2.5 gallons.

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