• Our 4-panel Resin Outdoor Privacy Screen is the perfect garden screen decor addition to any yard.

    These outdoor privacy screens hide unsightly yard items, create a private area or separate your yard from the neighbors. Your garbage cans, recyclables, bikes, lawn mowers and A/C condenser units will be out of sight with this Outdoor Privacy Screen. Our UV-resistant outdoor privacy screens not only make your yard look neater, but require no maintenance, never need painting and won't rot or mildew.

    The lattice-top outdoor privacy screen is available in white or beige; design is on one side only, back is hollow. Connect multiple outdoor privacy screens together to serve as yard fencing. The resin outdoor privacy screen includes four 23"W x 44"H x 2" Thick panels, plus five connector posts that can be pushed into the ground for added stability. Made in the USA.

    Use Metal Ground Stakes (sold separately) for added stability. Heavy-duty dart-design stakes are specially designed to hold the posts of the resin privacy screens. Use up to 5 stakes with each screen.

    Benefits of the Resin Outdoor Privacy Screen:
    • Hides unsightly yard items like the A/C condenser, garbage cans and more
    • The garden screen decor adds a touch of elegance to your patio or deck
    • Outdoor privacy screens offer privacy from neighbors
    • Maintenance free
    • Adaptable-connect two or more outdoor privacy screens for a fenced in area

    • What's Included: 4 Privacy Screen Panels, 5 connector posts, Powder-coated steel post stakes
    • Dimensions:
      Each Panel: 23"W x 44"H x 2" Thick
      Ground Stake: 3"Dia. x 18"H
    • Materials: Resin panels, steel post stakes
    • Assembly: Simple assembly required

    Select color.
    4.3/5 (22)
  • Our handsome 4-panel Woven Resin Privacy Screen provides instant concealment.

    This sturdy outdoor privacy screen has the look of woven wicker on top with slatted panels below. Crafted of molded resin, the rich brown color is fade-resistant and won't mildew so you can leave the Woven Resin Privacy Screen out all year to hide your trashcans or provide privacy. Hinged panels allow you to configure the outdoor privacy screen in a variety of ways, using the included powder-coated steel posts. This resin outdoor privacy screen includes four 23"W x 44"H x 2" Thick panels, plus five connector posts that can be pushed into the ground for added stability.

    NOTE: design is on one side only; back is hollow.

    Use Metal Ground Stakes (sold separately) for added stability. Heavy-duty dart-design stakes are specially designed to hold the posts of the resin privacy screens. Use up to 5 stakes with each screen.

    Select color.

    Benefits of the Woven Resin Privacy Screen:
    • UV-resistant outdoor privacy screen not only makes your yard look neater, but requires no maintenance
    • The Woven Resin Privacy Screen consists of 4 panels that can be arranged in many different ways
    • Use this outdoor privacy screen to conceal recycling cans or A/C units, or to add privacy on a deck or patio

    • What's Included: Woven Resin Privacy Screen, 5 Connector Posts, Hinges
    • Dimensions:
      Each Panel: 23"W x 44"H x 2" Thick
      Ground Stake: 3"Dia. x 18"H
    • Weight: 26 lbs.
    • Materials: Resin
    • Assembly: Simple Assembly Required
    1.0/5 (2)
  • Extend a Fence Instant Fencing

    A good-looking instant fence panel that you can move to wherever you like. Better still, you simply adjust the width to suit your own circumstances. Stands on stable feet, so no digging needed

    • Great for dividing flowerbeds
    • 36 inches High
    • Expands from 12 inches to 54 inches in width
    • Stain should be applied for maximum life
  • Create a clean landscape border between your lawn and flower bed using the Stone Wall Border.

    Now you can have the beauty of a stone garden wall without the hassle of finding the perfect sized stones. Stone Wall Border Landscape Edging is made of weathered, UV-resistant plastic that looks like the real thing. Each landscape border kit comes complete with six interlocking base pieces that hold back the flower bed's dirt or mulch. Add the six top landscape border pieces that snap-lock into place while anchoring the landscape border with the 9-1/2" long zinc plated steel spikes that are included. The Stone Wall Border Landscape Edging also comes with six bridge pieces that allow you to create a unique landscape border with curves or angles up to 90-degrees. All landscape border pieces look like real stone, from every angle. Each landscape border kit creates a wall 10' long, 6" high.

    Select color.

    Benefits of Stone Wall Border Landscape Edging:
    • Easy-lock landscape border is easy to install
    • Gives your yard the beauty of a stone wall effect without the expense of actual stones
    • The landscape border is adjustable to conform to your garden needs
    • Durable UV-resistant plastic looks like the real thing

    • What's Included: 6 Interlocking Base Pieces, 6 Top Pieces, 6 Bridge Pieces, Steel Spikes
    • Dimensions: Creates a Wall 10' L x 6" H
    • Materials: UV-Resistant Plastic
    4.4/5 (12)
  • Enjoy your deck or patio without neighbors looking over your shoulder; or hide central-air units, hide garbage cans, or hide pool filters out of your view with these yard privacy screens.

    Crafted of weather-durable, solid eucalyptus, these privacy patio screens will help make your yard look neater and add visual interest. You can also use the tall 4-panel yard privacy screen to provide a bit of shade, creating a more enjoyable place to relax. When used in a garden, the charming lattice design on these outdoor screens will also support climbing vines.

    Each privacy screen set includes four wood fence panels that can be connected in a row or at almost any angle, thanks to the easy hinge assembly. Use these outdoor screens in your yard, on the patio or deck, or by your hot tub or pool. You can set up the Yard Privacy Screen in three different ways: 1) freestanding, 2) staked into the ground (8" stakes included), or 3) mounted to concrete or wood with "L" brackets included. Additional hinges are also included so you can add additional panels to make a wider privacy screen or privacy fence.

    No express delivery.

    4-Panel Yard Privacy Screen benefits:
    • Blocks unattractive views
    • Provides privacy for you and your guests
    • Can be set up in a row or angled
    • Ideal for use in yard or garden, on a deck or patio, or by the pool
    $59.95 - $289.95
    4.8/5 (9)
  • Never trim the lawn again with our landscape borders.

    The Bedrock garden borders reduce the need for tedious "post-mowing" edge trimming. Your lawn mover can travel right on the landscape borders flange, allowing the blade to cut all the exposed grass. So adding garden borders to your landscape save you time and hassle.

    Every 10' length of our landscape boarders includes eight interlocking 20"-long sections, to create straight or curved landscape borders. The garden borders pivot up to 180 degrees allowing you to customize your landscape design. The Bedrock garden borders also include sixteen 3" spikes and nine 5-3/8" spikes to keep each 10' length of our landscape borders firmly in place. Garden borders are made of a durable UV-resistant polymer. Install these landscape borders with a just a hammer. Garden borders include end caps to finish off the look.

    Benefits of the Bedrock Garden Borders:
    *Create a finished edge to your garden borders
    *Eliminate the need for edge trimming with our unique landscape borders design
    *Comes complete with everything you'll need easily install your landscape borders
    *Customize your landscape borders with our pivoting system
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Our 4-Panel Metal Privacy Screen is now available in two finishes.

    Traditional latticework design is beautifully crafted of stamped powder-coated seel, in your choice of rich bronze or off-white. Hinge assembly allows screens to connect in a row, at any angle.

    Set up three ways: freestanding, staked into ground (10" stakes included), or mounted to concrete or wood (hardware not included).

    Hinges included to add additional panels. No express delivery.
    $149.99 - $199.99
    4.8/5 (5)
  • Flexible 16' E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging provides a clean, finished look without digging!

    Made from 100% recycled materials, E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging is both very durable and wonderfully flexible, allowing for easy do-it-yourself installation -- and no digging! Simply snap together the 4-ft. sections of Edging with the patented locking connectors and secure into the ground with the 6" spiral stakes included. You'll have a beautiful professional-look landscape in minutes!

    Because E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging is flexible, it bends easily to follow the curves of your border. The low-profile design won't detract from your landscape as it creates a defined edge between your lawn and flowerbed. Multipurpose Landscape Edging won't rust, rot or breakdown in sunlight, plus it's easy to cut.

    Additional stakes available for added stability (sold separately). Set includes 4 spiral stakes, each 10" long.

    Benefits of the E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging:
    • No digging is required to install this low-profile lawn edging
    • E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging has pre-drilled holes with locking connectors for a clean, locked joint
    • This sturdy lawn edging can also be used as an edge restraint for brick paver patios
    • E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging will help keep grass from growing into your flowerbeds

    • What's Included: Four 4-ft Lengths of E-Z Connect Multipurpose Edging with Patented Locking Connectors, 8 Nylon Spiral Stakes
    • Dimensions: 16'L x 1-1/2"H
    • Weight: 6 lbs.
    • Materials: Recycled Plastic

    16' Multi-Purpose Landscape Edging
  • Additional E-Z Connect Landscape Edging Spikes - Set of 4

    For use with 16' Multi-Purpose Landscape Edging.
  • Our Resin Wicker Privacy Screen brings impeccable style outdoors.

    Enjoy the beautiful look of wicker without the work. This Resin Wicker Privacy Screen requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable. Aluminum frames are wrapped with synthetic flat-weave wicker in a rich espresso color that won't warp, crack or fade. Use this handsome 3-panel screen to create privacy on your patio or by your pool, or to conceal an unsightly area. The Resin Wicker Privacy Screen has an integrated base for stability.

    Select color.

    Benefits of the Resin Wicker Privacy Screen:
    • The Resin Wicker Privacy Screen is sleek, contemporary and wonderfully sturdy
    • An integrated base makes it easy to stand this privacy screen on any level surface
    • Hinged panels can be arranged at any angle, and fold together for storage

    • What's Included: Resin Wicker Privacy Screen, Base Supports
    • Dimensions: 90"W x 54"H x 2" Thick
    • Weight: 44 lbs.
    • Materials: Resin, Aluminum
    • Assembly: Simple Assembly Required
  • Follow the bend in your path with the Curved Wooden Walkway.

    Use this garden walkway to create a meandering path through your yard. The curved wooden walkway is made of cedar wood slats with drainage spacers that make it flexible enough for any ground contour. Ideal for use in soggy or bare areas, this wooden walkway will help keep your feet dry or make a wheelbarrow easier to push. The Curved Wooden Walkway rolls up for storage.

    Benefits of the Curved Wooden Walkway:
    • Garden walkway creates a dry pathway through your landscape
    • Several Curved Wooden Walkways can be placed together in different configurations or used with our straight Wooden Walkway
    • This wooden walkway can also be used to bridge the area from your lawn to a water spigot
    • What's Included: 1 Curved Wooden Walkway
    • Dimensions: 42-1/2"L x 17-3/4"W
    • Materials: Cedar Wood