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    Live Smart. Enjoy life.

    Introducing the new WINBOT 7 Series. The world's only window cleaning robot that can clean glass of ANY thickness -- even Thermopane! Now you can clean your windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with just the touch of a button.


    WINBOT is Efficient! Trade in your old cleaning tools. WINBOT has them all! A bottle of professional cleaning solution to wet the front Cleaning Pad, a built in squeegee for wiping, and a second Cleaning Pad for drying.

    WINBOT is Smart! WINBOT automatically determines the size of your window, then programs a path to clean the window quickly and efficiently. It even has a remote control.

    WINBOT is Easy to Use! Just switch WINBOT on, place it on the window, and press Start. It's THAT easy.

    WINBOT is Safe! Powerful suction, a back-up battery, and a Safety Pod all add up to unparalleled safety - even on windows above ground level.

    • Frameless Window Identification: Yes
    • Cleanable Glass Thickness: Unlimited
    • Working Time: Unlimited
    • Working Speed: 0.15m per second / 5.9" per second
    • Working Noise: 55 dB
    • Dimensions: 232mm x 225mm x 95mm / 9.1" x 8.9" x 3.7"
    • Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lb
    • Back Up Battery: 11.1 V Lithium Rechargeable

    Say goodbye to old-fashioned window washing and let WINBOT do the work!

    WINBOT The Window Cleaning Robot
    3.5/5 (13)
  • Wash away those dark stains from the outside of your gutters with the Gutter Cleaning Applicator.

    Wondering how to clean stained gutters without continually climbing up and down a ladder? This Gutter Cleaning Applicator is the solution you've been looking for. Simply attach the contoured gutter cleaning applicator with lambswool pad to any extendable painter's pole (not included), and you can wipe off exterior gutter surfaces while you're standing safely on the ground. The Gutter Cleaning Applicator can be used with any all-purpose cleaner to dissolve that dingy grime created by roof runoff, wind and rain.

    Benefits of the Gutter Cleaning Applicator:
    • Finally an easy answer to the problem of how to clean stained gutters
    • The Gutter Cleaning Applicator is specially designed to fit around gutter exterior
    • Attach the Gutter Cleaning Applicator to an extendable painter's pole for safe and easy cleaning

    • What's Included: Gutter Cleaning Applicator with Pad
    • Dimensions: 7-1/2"W x 5-1/2"D x 3-1/2"H
    • Weight: Less than 1 lb.
    • Materials: Plastic Base; Synthetic Lambswool Pad
    4.3/5 (4)
  • Miracle Cloth cleans with plain water-no need for chemicals.
    Wet or dry, this remakable cloth cleans like magic-even without cleansers! How? With a unique microfiber fabric that makes our cloth better than similar cloths. Our Miracle Cloth has a unique dense loop-and-rib weave-you can feel it "grab" as you run your fingers across it. Thousands of soft, superfine fibers reach into corners and crevices, cutting through dirt and locking it deep inside. Dry, Miracle Cloth attracts dust like a magnet. With just water, it erases grime and shines chrome and glass to perfection.
    Miracle Cloth absorbs 7 times its weight in liquid.
    This cloth quickly soaks up spills before they become stains. Just wash and reuse. No waxes or chemicals to wear out or wash away. Each cloth is approx. 14"x16". Sold in a package of three; assorted pastels, please let us choose for you.

    4.5/5 (2)
  • The Luna Steam Cleaner is a giant leap forward in cleaning innovation.

    The Luna Micro Pulse Steam Cleaner gives you a total home steam cleaning system where you can clean and sanitize by killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on almost any surface! Luna is the first steam cleaner of its kind combining Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology and 3 levels of adjustable steam control with illumination from a powerful LED light source.

    Its revolutionary Micro Pulse Technology vibrates at over 5400 vibrations per minute, giving you a powerful scrubbing effect, without you doing the work.

    The Luna Micro Pulse Steam Cleaner has an incredibly low profile 180-degree swivel head; it can go where other mops simply can't reach.

    As a floor steam cleaner, choose the level of steam on the LED steam indicator; Low for dusting, medium for mopping or high for scrubbing, these steam levels are designed to clean all types of sealed floor surfaces; stone, tile, hardwoods and vinyl.

    • Easy assembly, no tools required.
    • 25ft power cord, large 15.2 oz (450ML) easy fill water tank.
    • Unique LED light in the water tank indicates the water level.
    • Unit stands upright on its own.
    • Ergonomic handle has an integrated cord holder and quick release cord wrap.
    • 1500 Watts of steaming power in seconds.
    • Energy saving power shut-off.
    • Unit Includes carpet glider kit, 2 washable eco-microfiber cleaning pads and a custom fill cup.
    • 23.5"H x 12.75"W x 5"D; 8.5 lbs.

    Select Steam Cleaner item or Accessory Kit item. Save when you buy the combo item which includes both!
    $39.99 - $159.99
    4.0/5 (2)
  • Over time, kitchen cabinet surfaces develop a build up of grease, dirt and smoke.

    Now you can purchase a kitchen cleaning product that genuinely cares for your kitchen cabinet surfaces. Kitchen Cabinet Creme leaves behind a polished appearance and pleasant spicy scent, so your kitchen cabinets look new again. This concentrated kitchen cleaning product is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible. Cleaning all your cabinets is a breeze with Kitchen Cabinet Creme from Parker & Bailey, the home care experts since 1819.

    No express delivery.

    Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Creme:
    • Gently removes grease, smoke, fumes and oils from all types of kitchen cabinets
    • Protects surfaces and gives kitchen cabinets a beautiful polished appearance
    • Leaves behind a fresh spicy scent
    • No waxes or harmful solvents
    • Safe for laminated and painted finishes
  • The Museum Precious Metals Cleaning Plate.

    Using electrolytic action instead of traditional chemical polish abrasion, this tarnish remover bathes away tarnish from oxidized silver without removing any of the underlying metal. Simply place the 6" x 8" cleaning plate in a sink of hot water, add the activator, and immerse the tarnished metal. Tarnish dissolves and transfers to the cleaning plate, which lasts indefinitely and rinses clean under the tap. Non-toxic and harmless to precious gems, the tarnish remover cleans copper, quality brass, bronze, stainless steel, silver, and gold. Includes 1 lb. of activator; use 1 tbsp. per 1/4-cup of water. 6" W x 8" L. (3 oz.)
    4.1/5 (14)
  • The Water Eater; moisture absorbent packs prevent water damage and mildew that can ruin window sills, walls, wood or vinyl floors and carpets.

    The Water Eater; sucks up and locks-in water and other liquids in its 100% organic, super moisture absorbent packs. Place a water eater along leaky basement walls and plumbing, sweaty windows and glass doors.

    The Water Eater; is a nylon-encased "snake" which is 36" long and 2" in diameter. The WaterEater can be molded to any shape and the best news; these moisture absorbent packs air-dry to be used again. Each water eater retains about 1-1/4 gallons of liquid and is made of non-toxic material.

    Benefits of the Water Eater:
    • Moisture absorbent packs which hold 10 times their weight in liquid
    • Reusable and non-toxic
    • The Water Eater; protects foundation, woodwork, and flooring from water damage and mildew
    • Flexible to mold sweaty pipes and corners
    • Just air-dry and this Water Eater; is ready to use again

    After you've protected your home with the water eater moisture absorbent pack, you can freshen up your home with the Refresh-A-House.
  • One Pound of Additional Activator for use with The Museum Precious Metals Cleaning Plate.
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Safeguard against germs on the road.
    Create your own personal barrier.

    The small shields are perfect for airplane head rests and great for hotel/public restroom countertops, while the large shields protect bare feet on bathroom floors. Sani Squares disposable sanitary shields allow you to create your own personal barrier.

    Made of waterproof cotton / polypropylene.

    7 count multi-pack includes 4 small 14" x 14" squares and 3 large 19-1/2" x 19-1/2" changing squares.

    Always be prepared and never run out.

    SAVE when you purchase 2 Multi-Packs. SAVE even MORE when you buy 3 or more Multi-Packs.

    Sani Squares Multi-Pack Germ Barriers
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Smooth, radiant cooking surfaces can't be cleaned with just any kitchen cleanser.

    This 4-pc. kit includes: (1) burnt-on grease remover formulated for really tough baked-on messes (2 ozs.); (2) cooktop cleaner that removes discoloration caused by burned foods, minerals and residues (10 ozs.); (3) specially designed scraper; and a (4) no-scratch cleaning pad (4"x2-1/2"). For smooth-top ranges of glass, ceramic or porcelain.
  • Use Gutter Zap to make grimy streaked gutters look brand new again.

    This biodegradable gutter cleaner is the quick and easy way to get rid of those ugly black streaks caused by the electrostatic bonding of dirt and acid rain runoff from roofs. Simply wet down the gutter with water, apply Gutter Zap Cleaning Spray, use a Gutter Cleaning Applicator (sold separately) to wipe the surface, then spray off the residue with your garden hose. Your gutters will look bright and clean in just minutes! Gutter Zap Cleaning Spray comes in a ready-to-use 1-quart bottle.

    Made in the USA.

    Benefits of the Gutter Zap Cleaning Spray:
    • Gutter Zap Cleaning Spray will clean the outer surface of gutters quickly and easily
    • When used as directed, this gutter cleaner will not harm vegetation or painted surfaces
    • Gutter Zap Cleaning Spray is 100% biodegradable with special sheeting agents for easier rinsing

    1 Quart (3-1/2"Dia. x 9-1/2"H)

    Weight: 2-1/2 lbs.
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Additional Pads for The Home Floor Scrubber/Polisher. Specify microfiber, felt, or terry cloth; set of two.
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Additional Cleaning Pads for use with the Gutter Cleaning Applicator.

    Pack of 2.

    10"L x 5"D x 1/2" Thick

    Synthetic Lambswool Pad
  • 16' Telescoping Pole has a threaded top for attaching a variety of cleaning accessories.

    For use with the Gutter Cleaning Applicator.

    Made of anodized aluminum, this 4-section pole telescopes from 58" to 16'.