Organization, Storage & Cleaning
  • You never have to touch another bug!

    No more chasing bugs around your home! Bug Vacuum creates a stylish, high-powered suction that captures unwanted pests. A trap door feature securely traps captures pest, insects within the nozzle and prevents them from flying back out. It is a safe, efficient and non-toxic alternative to costly, toxic bug sprays in your home. The Bug Vacuum is an easy, efficient and non-toxic way to control bugs, insects and other pests that fly or crawl.

    Bug vacuum, made for bug control a cordless vacuum that has been designed to remove insects cleanly and efficiently. The high-powered vacuum assembly is strong enough to pick up any type of insect. The Bug Vacuum is a rechargeable hand-held vacuum unit. The Bug Vacuum is perfect for catching spiders or any other insect, pest etc. The flexible rubber tip makes it easy to use in corners as well as anywhere else. The Bug Vacuum is a must have for all homes or offices. Flexible and its rubber tip can trap bugs even in corners.
    • Nozzle extends to reach insects in high corners & high ceiling homes.
    • Safety interlock disables grid voltage on the BV01 when wand is removed for insect disposal.
    • Charging stand with LED charge indicator.
    • High voltage grid built into the base kills bugs safely.

    In Base: 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 25"
    In Hand (Extended): 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 29-1/2"
    Weight 2.2 lbs.

    Bug Vacuum Hand-Held Electronic Insect Trap
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Organization, Storage, & Cleaning

    Create a place for everything and keep it tidy with organization, storage, & cleaning solutions. Find a variety of laundry and cleaning accessories.

  • No more chasing bugs around your home!

    Koolatron's Mini Bug Vac offers a quick and easy way to capture bugs and insects in the home with an economical, battery operated handheld vacuum that pulls them into a nozzle for transportation outside or disposal in the trash. It is a safe, efficient and non-toxic alternative to costly, toxic bug sprays in your home.

    Simply remove the plastic capture lid on the top of the nozzle, activate the vacuum by pushing the On button on the handle, and point at the bug or insect! Once pulled into the clear nozzle, replace the capture lid to trap the bug or insect for proper disposal. The Mini Bug Vacuum is an easy, efficient and non-toxic way to control bugs, insects and other pests that fly or crawl.
    • New TurboBoost Attachment
    • No Messes to clean up
    • Handheld and Lightweight - extremely portable!
    • Easy to use
    • Uses one 9 Volt battery (not included)

    Product Dimensions:

    With Cap: 15.75" x 2.5" x 2.5"
    With Turbo Boost Attachment: 17.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
  • Organization, Storage, & Cleaning

    Create a place for everything and keep it tidy with organization, storage, & cleaning solutions. Find a variety of laundry and cleaning accessories.

  • This wasp trap attracts and traps wasps & yellowjackets easily and effectively without any chemicals.

    Wasp Traps is non-toxic and pesticide free. Easy to use - just add water with bait of your choice and hang in problem areas and get rid of wasp, yellowjackets and other insects.
    • Attracts and traps wasps & yellowjackets
    • Easy to use - just add water with bait of your choice and hang in problem areas
    • Safe - pesticide free, non-toxic
    • Reusable

    Unit Dimensions :

    Height: 337 mm (13.25")
    Width: 159 mm (6.25")
    Depth: 159 mm (6.25")
    Weight : 110g (4 oz)
  • Your last line of defense, and personal bug zapper!

    The Bite Shield Electronic Racket Zapper kills all flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats, just by waving at them with the electric fly swatter. Practice your forehand or backhand at those pesky insects flying around you at the beach, park or in the woods - our Electronic Racket Zapper is small enough to take with you, wherever you go.
    • Kills or stuns biting insects on contact
    • Protective Grid - for added safety
    • Light-weight and easy to use
    • "Press & Hold" Safety Switch
    • Uses 2 "AA" batteries (not included)
    • Clip strip included in inner packs

    This handheld Electronic Racket Zapper electrocutes all flying insects on contact with the electrified grids. A must for the home and garden! You can take the Electric Bug Zapper anywhere you go such as camping, to BBQ's, the beach, or on your next hunting or fishing trip. No more swatting furiously at flying insects - just zap them with the Electric Racket Zapper with a simple wave!

    The Electronic Racket Zapper is battery operated (two "AA" batteries - not included). While it is not a toy and should be handled with care and kept away from children, the output power is relatively low, constituting no real hazard to humans or pets. The electronic grid becomes active only when the on button on the handle is pushed. The Electric Racket Zapper kills flying insects upon contact when activated.

    The net will become hot when activated, so please keep away from skin and children. This is not a toy.
    • On/Off Button. Press button to activate/release button to de-activate net.
    • Dimensions: 19" L x 6.25" W x 1.25" H.
    • Extremely light weight
    • Takes 2 "AA" batteries( Not included)
    • Simply push the button on handle to zap away those annoying bugs.

    Simply push the button on handle to zap away those annoying bugs.
  • Help Protect your entire family from mosquitoes with Koolatron's Bite Shield Mosquito Trap Guardian.

    This trap uses all of the proven mosquito attractants to draw the annoying and harmful insects away from where your loved ones gather. An easy-to-assemble, weatherproof unit, powerful enough to cover a full acre of land, The Guardian requires the installation of a 20-pound propane tank (not included).

    The Mosquito Trap Guardian utilizes the documented attractiveness of carbon dioxide (CO 2), moisture, body temperature (thermal imaging), color, shape and airflow in an effective design that captures and kills mosquitoes. Similar traps have been in use for years by universities, state monitoring programs and researchers around the world. The MK12 Mosquito Trap uses this traditional trapping approach, combined with the latest in research, to turn the female mosquitoes natural hunting techniques toward seeking out the trap and facilitating capture in a product that private homeowners can use. Additionally, an Octenol cartridge is included as an attractant "boost" when needed, to further reduce the female mosquito population around your home.

    24"L x 13"H x 19"W; 30 lbs.

    Mosquito Trap Guardian 1 Acre with Octenol
  • Keep unwanted cats and dogs away from your lawn and gardens.

    Completely harmless, this innovative pest repeller keeps cats and dogs away with ultrasonic frequencies. Uses passive Infra-Red motion sensing technology to detect unwanted animals and create an uncomfortable environment for them by triggering ultrasonic sirens. Helps Keep unwanted cats and dogs out of your yard. Perfect for: yards, gardens, flower beds, near garbage, or anywhere animals intrude.

    9"L x 6"H x 11"W; 2 lbs.

    Cat & Dog Repeller with 110V Adapter
  • The MK20 photocatalytic flying insect trap uses a combination of insect attractant to lure and kill unwanted flying pests.

    White LED lights lure flying insects to the trap where they dehydrate and die. The flying insect trap lures and kills unwanted mosquitoes. Blue LED UV lights interact with Ti02, creating soft light waves, which specifically target mosquitoes. Use the trap as a nightlight; the blue and white LED lights are great for seeing in the dark. The flying insect trap can also be used for aromatherapy; insert the included sponge sheets into the base of the trap to create pleasant smelling fragrances. The trap can be powered with the included AC adapter or through a USB connection.

    4.75"L x 4.75"H x 4.75"W; 9 oz.

    Indoor Flying Insect Trap
  • Help Protect your entire family from flying insects with Koolatron's Bite Shield Wall Mount Flying Insect Trap.

    This simple and elegant unit fits well with all home decor while still being powerful enough to rid your home of pesky flying pests. An Octenol cartridge is included to increase the amount of insects caught in the trap. Octenol is a proven insect attractant, which will draw insects away from you and your family and into the trap.

    4.7"L x 7.3"H x 13.6"W; 3 lbs.

    Mosquito Trap - Wall Mount with Octenol
  • Koolatron's Multi-Purpose Electronic Pest Repeller - The PestContro 5 in1 System!

    Ultrasonic sirens to fight pests within the room; Electromagnetic technology to help drive pests out of the walls where they might be living; Ionic air purification to help cleanse the air quality within the room where the unit is plugged in; a soft glow floor light; and an extra outlet built into the side of the unit so you don't lose any plug space!

    Designed for average sized rooms, the PestContro 5 in 1 Dual Technology Pest Repeller begins working the moment you plug it in to drive rodent pests from your home or office, producing ultrasonic sound above the hearing range of humans and common domestic pets such as dogs, cats, snakes and birds. The electromagnetic function also begins creating an uncomfortable environment for pests within the walls of the home or office, encouraging them to relocate their nests out of your home.

    The electromagnetic feature works within the wiring of your home and will not affect computers, TVs or other electronic devices. The Ionic feature is controlled by the On/Off switch found on one side of the unit. Color coded LED's on the face of the unit confirm the various functions are working correctly to assure your PestContro 5 in 1 electronic pest repeller is performing at peak capacity.

    1.75"L x 2.5"H x 6"W; 6.4 oz.

    PestContro 5 in 1 with Ionizer
  • Attack Wave Pest Repeller
    *Produces strong sound pressure in the air, attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents causing them to abandon their food sources and shelters
    *Ultrasonic sounds continuously penetrate up to 5,000 unobstructed sq ft
    *Uses automatic wave variation, minimizing chance that pests become immune to sound
    *Inaudible and harmless to humans and common pets (do not use in presence of gerbils, hamsters, Guinea pigs and other rodent pets)
    *Operates totally chemical and battery free
  • Say goodbye to bugs with the Bite Shield Protector Mosquito Trap.

    Blood seeking flying insects are drawn to the unit by key attractants and pulled into a capture net within the machine where they quickly dehydrate and die. The Bite Shield attracts mosquitoes and keeps them away from you, your family and friends.

    Provides protection for up to 1/4 acre. Uses Ultraviolet light, Carbon Dioxide, and Octenol; all proven mosquito attractants. No Assembly Required. Compact and weatherproof design. Easy-clean filter screen. Uses 110-120V AC

    13.4"L x 11"H x 11"W; 8 lbs.

    Mosquito Trap - Quarter Acre with TiO2
  • The Electronic Flying Insect Killer uses ultraviolet black light to lure light sensitive flying insects into an electrically charged metal grid, destroying them quickly.

    Dead insects are collected in the tray at the base of the unit. The Electronic Flying Insect Killer works night and day to protect homes and commercial premises alike. Use it in domestic rooms and pet areas, shops, factories, farms, stables or kennels. Electronic Flying Insect Killer provides reliable and continuous control of flying insects.
    • Zapper lures and destroys flying insects on contact
    • Ultra-violet light attracts the flying insects
    • Removable collection tray at base
    • Clean & convenient
    • Lightweight, easy to use
    • Durable plastic housing
    • Designed for outdoor use

    Model Specifications:

    Dimensions: H 13" x W 5.3" x D 5.3"
    Weight:2 lbs.
    Power: 110V 60Hz 8W
    Lamp Type: 9W U-Type Ultraviolet
    Grid Volt: 800V
  • "PestContro" brand Ultrasonic devices use ultra-high frequency sound waves that are set within the hearing range of rodents and other common household pests.

    Inaudible to humans, cats, dogs and most other household pets, the Ultrasonic frequency sounds like an extremely loud siren to rodents, driving them from the protected area. The PestContro 600 is designed to provide ultrasonic coverage within a single room. The PR35-3 contains three individual PestContro 600 units, allowing you to place multiple units in selected areas of your home or office.

    The proven and effective pest repelling power of the PestContro Ultrasonic 600 in a convenient 3-Pack to cover your entire home or office.
    • Each unit covers a single room (Approximately 600 Sq. ft. of area) with Ultrasonic protection
    • Economical three - pack offers multiple room protection
    • Simply plug it in and the product begins emitting Ultrasonic protection immediately
    • Automatic night light built in to each unit

    Simply plug the PestContro 600 device into an unobstructed wall outlet in the room to be covered by ultrasonic sound power. Coverage in a room can be improved by bouncing the sound off reflecting objects such as walls, mirrors, cupboard doors, appliances, etc.

    Obtaining a ricochet pattern will increase effective coverage. It is important to note that ultrasound cannot transmit through walls and doors, so you can keep the ultrasonic coverage within a room by closing doors, or leave the doors open to potentially extend the protection outside the room where it is plugged in. There will be a stronger ultrasonic effect within the room where the unit is placed.