• Misty Mate Patio Mister

    A continuous stream of ultra-fine mist flash evaporates on contact, so all you feel is a cooler, more comfortable environment. The Misty Mate Patio Mister can actually lower the ambient temperature up to 30 degrees F. This high-quality, pre-assembled patio misting system comes complete with 6 micro-mist nozzles. Just clip the mist line to the roofline or gutter by your patio, deck or any outdoor area (brackets included), and connect to your garden hose. No cords or electricity needed.

    With the Misty Mate Patio Mister, you can enjoy being outside again even on the hottest days or muggiest nights. This patio misting system includes 10 feet of misting line; for larger areas, get two or more Patio Misters and connect them together. Made in the USA.

    Benefits of the Misty Mate Patio Mister:
    • Patio misting system provides a cool environment instead of blowing hot air around like fans do
    • Misty Mate Patio Mister sets up easily; uses the water pressure from your garden hose
    • Use this patio misting system for deck, kids' play area, work site
    5.0/5 (4)
  • This is the fan that emits evaporative mist to cool ambient air temperature by as much as 30 degrees F.

    Three patented nozzles create microdroplets of mist that feel dry to the touch and evaporate instantly, creating a fan-driven, cooling mist that won't dampen surfaces. The 16"-diameter fan oscillates up to 90 degrees and its blades adjust from 930 to 1,220 rpm to cool up to 200' sq. on a deck or patio.

    Because flying insects typically avoid wind and moisture, the fan also helps reduce these outdoor nuisances.

    The fan has a rust- and UV-resistant frame, it connects to a standard hose and uses only 1/2 gallon of water per hour, and its replaceable 5-micron filter removes air and water impurities. Adjusts from 44" to 56" high. Plugs into AC with a 6'-long cord.

    44"-56" H x 17-1/3" Diam. (24 lbs.)