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  • Finely Finished Jewelry-Watch Display Cabinets worthy of use in the best Museum or Jewelry Store

    You will want to show off your watch collection with these finely crafted lacquer finished Cherry Cabinets. Master crafted and finished in multiple coats of lacquer then finely polished to provide the highest luxurious shine possible making the wood grain finish look greatly richer and more costly than the low price offered for these fine cabinets. No longer will just leaving a watch or piece of jewelry on your dresser be acceptable. Just showing your collection in this luxurious setting will make your watches and jewelry seem that much more valuable each time you put them on or put them back into their own special place.

    The interior is made of finely fitted soft felt fabric providing specially segregated orderly storage locations that hold ultra soft finely detailed little pillows to hold each watch be it for Him or for Her allowing easy access when choosing which to wear for that special occasion. The top opens up using finely detailed polished hardware hinges while the bottom drawer pulls out for easy access as well.

    You'll feel like royalty every-time you look at your collection or open this finely crafted cabinet.

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    4.5/5 (23)
  • Aramis Mosaic Glass Bottle

    Shades of blue and green blend effortlessly to create the Aramis mosaic glass bottle. Adds a subtle pop of color to table top or floor space!

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  • Canvas Storage Box

    Each Canvas Storage Box features a see-thru vinyl window so you can see at a glance what's stored inside, saving you the trouble of opening them all. Ideal for closet storage or craft supplies, they feature cotton/poly exteriors with removable lids and bottom inserts for stability. When not in use, you can fold in the sides of these Canvas Storage Boxes for easy stowing in a drawer of under your bed. The Canvas Storage Boxes are available in three convenient sizes, all easily stackable. Imported.

    Benefits of the Canvas Storage Boxes:
    • Sturdy boxes are excellent for closet storage or other organizing projects
    • Canvas Storage Boxes have see-thru vinyl window for easy identification of contents
    • When not in use, the Canvas Storage Boxes are collapsible
  • by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), in a Private Collection

    The sun burns golden through a gossamer blanket of bright clouds in this panoramic painting rising from the historic ruins of Syria to broaden out to meet the sea. At one time America's most famous artist, Church was a member of the Hudson River School of painters. Dramatic landscapes characterized by vast vistas and atmospheric detail heralded the artist's fame. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even its subtle brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano.

    Our replica European style, bright gold-toned, ribbed frame is cast in quality designer resin with an acanthus leaf and floret border that draws the eye toward the beautiful image.

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    Small: 17"W x 14"H
    Medium: 29"W x 22"H
    Large: 39"W x 29"H
    Grande: 49"W x 35-1/2"H
  • by Leon Comerre (1850-1916), in a Private Collection

    From large dark eyes, a beauty in the exotic trappings of Orientalism meets the viewer with a sensuously innocent and steady gaze in this lavish work awash in bright embellishments and period ornamentation. A French artist who studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Comerre's portrait work was widely sought after by the haute bourgeoisie, those wealthy merchants and their wives who wished to be immortalized in paint rather than in a photograph. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even it's subtle brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano.

    The imported, delicately carved hardwood frame boasts a delicate leaf motif with fine feathered detailing finished in antique gold tones.

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    Small: 14"W x 18"H
    Medium: 21"W x 29"H
    Large: 28"W x 41"H
    Grande: 33"W x 49"H
  • Friar's Metal Pomace Barrel

    Like the well worn vessels that Gothic friars once used to carry away the pulpy residue of skin and seed of crushed wine grapes, our decorative Pomace Barrels have an authentic Medieval look. Our Design Toscano exclusive replicas are hand crafted of metal in two sizes to add dramatic European flair to your entryway, hearth or mantelpiece.

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    Small: 15-1/2"dia. x 27"H; 6 lbs.
    Large: 18"dia. x 33-1/2"H; 9 lbs.
  • By artist Liam Manchester. Look what mythical beasts our artist dug up in his garden!

    We can't vouch for their authenticity, but artist Liam Manchester says these dragon bones are "archeologically accurate." With a head more than two feet long, our large-scale trophy for your home or garden is guaranteed to impress friend and foe with its sheer magnitude and detail. Cast in quality designer resin and finished to be indistinguishable from authentic fossils, Manchester also discovered a smaller-scaled cousin for garden or optional wall hanging. Bring inside during freezing temperatures.

    Small: 14"W x 19"D x 8"H. 10 lbs.
    Large: 18"W x 26"D x 18-1/2"H. 22 lbs.

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  • by Frederic Arthur Bridgman (1847-1928), in a Private Collection

    The deep and luxurious sleep of a warm afternoon yawns from each quietly comfortable element in this splendid painting, whether is be the leafy whisper of the palms overhead or the embroidered pillow cradling the head of a beautiful maiden. American artist Bridgman amassed a collection of costumes, architectural pieces and objets d'art from his North African travels, and used them to exotic employ in his paintings. Though he moved to and lived in Paris in pursuit of inspiration, his popularity in America never waned. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even its subtle brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano.

    Our replica European style frame is cast in quality designer resin and highlighted with a dash-and-dot border and a two-toned faux leather finish.

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    Small: 17"W x 14"H
    Medium: 29"W x 21-1/2"H
    Large: 40"W x 29"H
    Grande: 49"W x 34-1/2"H
  • by Andy Thomas (b. 1957), in a Private Collection

    The Republicans and Democrats rally in these nostalgic works that find America's past presidents shooting a game of pool and swapping campaign tales. American artist Andy Thomas won the Hubble Award for Initiative for capturing the well-researched likenesses of America's presidents in this high-spirited work.

    The authentic replica paintings capture the original works' depth of color exclusively for Design Toscano while the imported, classic tiered frame boasts an antique gold and black tone finish to blend with any decor.

    21"W x 14-1/2"H

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    Callin' the Red (Democrats)
    Callin' the Blue (Republicans)
    Small: 21"W x 14-1/2"H
    Large: 34-1/2"W x 24-1/2"H
  • Versatile and stylish decor elements.

    From the acanthus leaf capital down the fluted shaft to the square base, a Corinthian pillar is the epitome of classic beauty and grace. Remarkably, in 3000 years it has never gone out of style. It becomes an objet d'art in a modern decor or a historic reference in a more traditional setting.

    Use four pillars to create the legs of an elegant table, two to make the base of an extraordinary console, or one to make a statement as a pedestal topped with a statue or a cascading plant. Cast in designer resin.

    Small: 16"W x 16"D x 16"H.15 lbs.
    Medium: 16"W x 16"D x 29"H.26 lbs.
    Large: 16"W x 16"D x 39"H.33 lbs. 33 lbs.

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  • by Leon Bonnat (1833-1922), in a Private Collection

    With a calm and necessary trust, the sitter surrenders to the barber's slender blade in this amazing work of art. Punctuated by contrasts of light, color and texture, the eye skims delightedly from dark muscled shoulders showcased against a light wall to a coarse floor mat that meets a soft, blue gown. French-born artist Bonnat studied in Spain before becoming a winner and later, Grand Officer of the medal of honor in Paris as well as a professor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Though Bonnat was known as an artist who stressed simplicity and overall effect rather than detail, this masterful work achieves both. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even its subtle brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano.

    Our imported hardwood frame features bold, beaded detail on the borders and is highlighted in antiqued gold tomes to enhance this spectacular image.

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    Small: 14-1/2"W x 17"H
    Medium: 23"W x 29"H
    Large: 30"W x 39"H
    Grande: 37"W x 49"H