Vacuums & Dusting
  • Now vacuum those hard-to-reach places. VaccUFlex - where no vacuum has gone before.
    Simply attach to your vacuum or shop vac.

    VaccUFlex has small diameter, flexible tubing to remove dust and debris from areas difficult to access. Uses upright/canister vacuums and wet/dry vacuums. Simply attach to your vacuum or shop vac. Effectively clean dryer vents, sliding window tracks, refrigerator coils, louvered doors, hepa filters, toasters, under and around bookshelves, sofas and appliances, and return air vents.

    Also useful for auto detailing under and between seats. Additional uses with wet/dry vacuum; unclog sinks/drains/toilets, inflate and deflate air mattresses, pool floats and balloons, blow dust and debris from keyboards and electronics and mush more.

    Included are 2 flexible, rubber caps and 5 tubes in varying thicknesses. Fits 1-1/4" , 1-1/2" , 1-7/8" and 2-1/2" hoses.

    Endorsed by Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean.

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    $19.99 - $34.99
    4.8/5 (16)
  • Kalorik Artisan Hand Vacuum

    Stop hiding those clunky, old vacuums in the closest and bring style to your home with the Kalorik Handheld Artisan Vacuum cleaner. While not in use, this unit stores in a beautiful, decorative charging base with built-in, hidden storage for all attachments. Included is a round brush and crevice nozzle for those hard to reach spots. The vacuum is powered by rechargeable batteries and offers 12 minutes of continuous run time for cleaning in style. Once the battery is dead, just place this unit back on the base and enjoy the bright blue LED glow until the unit is ready for use again.

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  • Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner saves your time and effort.

    It will sweep and vacuum from carpet to hardwood to tile automatically so you don't have to. The new flat design allows it to go under beds and other places where upright vacuums can't go to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair. It works for about 70 minutes before recharge. It has built in AI Smart Chip and self-adjustable wheels to prevent the cleaner falling down steps or elevated surfaces. Comes with a remote control so that you can maneuver it anytime. Easy to use and clean.

    Safety features include:
    *Stops automatically when unit gets stuck or was picked up
    *Comes out from dark areas and stops in better lit area once finished cleaning or when battery power is low
    *Gives a warning sound when low on power.

    Package includes:
    *Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner
    *Remote Control
    *Battery Charger
    *Filter Mesh
    *Rechargeable Battery
    *Cleaning brush
    *Side rotating brush replacement
    *One year manufacturer warranty
    3.8/5 (4)
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    Revolutionary robotic wizard is your 3-D vacuuming solution.
    This robot cleans your floors while the detachable canister cleans all the high spaces.

    Clean any surface in your home, regardless of size, shape or location. DEEBOT D77 integrates a robotic vacuum and a handheld supersonic canister vacuum for 3 dimensional cleaning ability. DEEBOT D77 has 4 cleaning modes, empties its own antibacterial dust bin and even charges itself when power gets low. Intelligent sensors on board to prevent falling down stairs, avoid obstacles, and detect dirt to determine the most effective cleaning path.

    Detachable handheld canister includes 12 accessories for your 3-D cleaning needs.

    • Automatic dust bin emptying
    • Automatic battery charging
    • Automatic cleaning with 4 modes
    • Antibacterial dust bin
    • Dust detection technology
    • Cliff/Stair detection technology
    • Anti-collision technology
    • Anti-tangle technology (for cords on the floor)
    • Smart battery management technology
    • Intelligent time scheduling
    • Small area cleaning technology
    • Super slim design
    • Main brush and dual side brushes
    • Remote control with batteries included
    • Detachable supersonic canister vacuum
    • 12 attachments for any vacuuming job
    • Never needs a vacuum bag
    • Re-usable HEPA filter
    • Comfortable shoulder strap

    13.1" x 13.1" x 3.9"
    2.0/5 (1)