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    The iPad Pen
    Enables freehand writing on an iPad.

    This is the wireless stylus that makes taking notes on an iPad seem as natural as writing freehand with pen and paper. Comparable in size and feel to its ink-filled cousins, when used with free downloadable apps such as IdealNotes or FlyNotes and the included wireless infrared receiver, the pen transforms an iPad into a familiar note pad. The pen allows you to write fluidly, even letting you rest your hand on the screen, making it ideal for taking notes during meetings, jotting a quick memo, or sketching a playful doodle. Your work is saved as jpg images on the iPad, allowing them to be edited and shared via e-mail or social media sites.

    Includes two SR41 batteries and replacement tip.

    Receiver plugs into 30-pin charging port of iPad running iOS 3.2 and later.


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    1. Clunky and the Ap is not updated. review by LeeChristo75 on 5/1/2015

      I hoped this would be a great device.  It does work as advertised, but the software in the iPad and the ways in which you can use the pen leave much to be desired.  

    2. To good to be true review by Max2013 on 5/1/2015

      This item did not perform well at all. Once you download the app you have to use in order to use the pen, even though it appears you can write onto your IPad notebook, you need to collaborate the item. Seems simple enough. It was not. Even though we followed the directions to the tee once we began using the item, instead of writing where we wrote on the "notebook" it translated the words upside down on the bottom or about an inch below where you were actually writing script. In the description it states you can place your hand or wrist on the iPad while writing, well if you do that it was unable to translate what you were writing accurately. Very disappointed. 

    3. Great idea, poor execution review by ColdInWisconsin on 5/1/2015

      I was really excited about this and looking forward to something really functional at last. Same as other reviewers I was quickly disappointed when it wouldn't calibrate even after contacting manufacturer support and trying 4 different apps.  The app in the directions was completely useless. Back it went. Too bad.  Great idea but needs the bugs worked out.  

    4. Couldn't make it work review by Boarslayer on 5/1/2015

      That's right. I just bought an iPad pen, put it together according to the instructions, and started to calibrate it. The process self-aborted about one third through. Over and over again. I returned the pen. Good idea, worthless functionality.

    5. Piece of Expensive Junk review by LeeO on 5/1/2015

      I received an "apen" for this order.  It comes with a business card sized folded paper with minimal instructions.  While I was able to attach to my iPad and calibrate (4th or 5th try) it is so poorly designed I am sending it back.  First, you must push down so hard for it to read your writing it is impossible to draw or write naturally.  Second, everytime you disconnect you must recalibrate which rarely happens the first time through.  Additionally, the App you are instructed to download has such limited functions it is no better than the apps that let you use your own plain stylus to write on your iPad for free.  Disappointing!

    6. Is not compatible with MOST IPads... review by KerriW on 5/1/2015

      There is nothing stated anywhere that this pen is ONLY compatible with older IPads.  I was terribly disappointed to find this out, it was a gift...

    7. Worse than poor review by Divo on 5/1/2015

      I am sorely disappointed. I worked and worked with this pen; first trying to find the "top" to charge it, which in reality is the bottom. Could not get the toggle to open. Realized it uses ink refills??? This is a good idea , but is not there yet. Don't waste your time trying it.

    iPad Pen
    iPad Pen

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