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Log Racks

  • Log Racks

Log Racks

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Price From: $49.99


Choose an off-the-ground Log Rack large enough, strong enough, for your firewood supply.

Now you can chop once and forget about it with this sturdy constructed firewood storage rack. Our firewood racks are made of heavy-duty, 1-3/8" thick tubular steel that can handle the full weight of your stored wood supply. Firewood storage keeps your firewood off the ground to discourage vermin and insects from infestation and also allow the logs to dry faster. Dry logs make for a crackling fire and precisely why firewood racks are the perfect firewood storage solution.

Firewood racks require some assembly but all of the hardware is included. The firewood racks consist of powder-coated, anti-rust steel, with a black textured finish.

Benefits of the Steel Firewood Rack:

  • Sturdy firewood storage, strong enough to handle your entire wood supply
  • Firewood racks are made of a durable, anti-rust steel
  • Store your wood up off the ground with the firewood racks
  • Select the size firewood storage unit right for your needs

Select a size from the drop-down box.

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  1. Perfect Fit review by rasja

    We have heated our home with wood for 30+ years as my husband was a chimney sweep. This is the best log rack we have come across in a long time. It holds more wood than the picture shows and the cover is very thick and has velcro on each side of the front for easy access. Also went together in about 5 minutes. Would recommend to anyone!

  2. Dry and ready to go review by dooner

    I am so happy with my log rack and sturdy easy access cover! I am going to buy one for my son's family, too. Easy to assemble perfect for the porch!

  3. Happy with my purchase! review by Retta1

    I recently had two trees cut down in my back yard and wanted to keep the wood for my fireplaces. !This Log Rack and cover is perfect! !It is very stylish and will keep all my wood neat, stored, and ready for use.

  4. great features review by cary2

    Have not used it yet but love the appearance.

Log Racks
Log Racks

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