• Grand Trunk Beach & Picnic Blanket

    Grand Trunk wants you to come prepared on your next beach day, concert, or picnic. The Parasheet Beach & Picnic Blanket sheds sand and dirt, dries in a snap, wipes off easily, and even doubles as a picnic table cover.

    Most beach blankets are just that: blankets. Sand and dirt get ground into their fabric, and they always seem to get wet and mildewy-which is a terrible when you put them in your car trunk. So, Grand Trunk designed its multi-use Parasheet Beach & Picnic Blanket with super-durable parachute nylon. It stands up to all the abuse you and your family can throw its way, and it stays tidy and funk-free for years.


    • Parachute nylon fabric weighs little, dries in a snap, and sheds dirt and sand-just shake it off, and it's clean
    • Large size is ample space for the family or friends to stretch out
    • Pockets at the corners can be filled with sand so the sheet won't blow away in the breeze
    • Sheet packs compactly into its built-in stuff sack
    • Sheet is machine-washable and air-dries quickly, plus it's mildew-resistant
    • Dimensions: 7ft x 7ft
    • Weight: 20oz
    5.0/5 (4)
  • Quick Set Sun & Beach Shelter

    Most sun shelters and shade tents are a nightmare to set up; only one family member can remember how to do it (the same one who can make cable work on the TV), and it's a struggle to assemble them on the windy shore. So, Grand Trunk made the Quick-Set Shelter ultra-simple...slip it out of its case, set it where you want it, and pull the top hub up. That's it! It's all set in less than a minute. Plus it offers UPF 50 rated protection from the sun. Includes a sack for easy portability.


    • Durable polyester tent walls offer UPF 50-rated protection from the sun
    • The poles' fold-up design keeps wear and tear to a minimum, so the shelter will last for years
    • Light 6-pound weight means even the smaller family members can carry the shelter around-it comes with a carrying sack for easy portability
    • Removable PU-coated floor offers a clean, smooth spot to sit-and if you'd rather sit directly on the sand, just fold the floor up and set it aside
    • Overhead mesh gear loft keeps smaller items organized
    • Set up in less than a minute
    • Dimensions: 87" x 59" x 43"
    • Capacity: 2 adults or 3 children
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Grand Trunk Bamboo Travel Towel

    Well-seasoned travelers know it's the creature comforts that make a huge difference between getting by and feeling comfortable on the road or on the trail.

    Pack the Bamboo Travel Towel anywhere-whether you're camping to traveling, backpacking, or just going to the gym, this towel dries quickly on its hang loop.


    • Built-in button holes make it easy to use as a cover-up at the beach or gym shower
    • Small mesh stuff sack lets it dry when you need to pack up and go
    • Soft bamboo fibers feel great as they dry the skin
    • Since bamboo is sustainable and easily renewable, you're making less of a mark on the environment than you would with conventional fibers
    • Use For: Gym, travel, beach
    • Weight: 15oz (425g)
    • Materials: 70% Viscose from bamboo piles (organic), 30% cotton base
    • Unfolded Size: 27.5" x 55" (70cm x 140cm)
  • Grand Trunk Tree Sling Hammock Hanging Kit

    Grand Trunk offers a Hammock "Tree Sling" Hanging Kit that makes it extra easy to hang any of its hammocks. Most of its hammocks come with rope cord, but this kit includes wider sling-style tree protectors that won't dig into a tree or post and will prevent any slipping or sliding. The slings are pre- knotted for easy hanging--just attach them to the carabiners or S hooks at the ends of your hammock, and you're set.


    • Included stuff sack stows the Tree Sling kit
    • Slings will hold hammocks with up to 400-pound loads
    • Long cord attached to the slings lets you hang your hammock even if the trees are widely spaced, so you can adapt to difficult terrain where it might otherwise be tough to find a hanging spot
    • Cord comes in handy around camp when not in use--it makes a great clothes line
    • Use For: Hanging your hammock or shelter in absolutely any terrain (besides a moon-scape)
    • Material: Synthetic 5mm cord
    • Weight: 5.6oz
    • Length: Two 20-ft cords with slings
  • Grand Trunk Bamboo Travel Sleep Sack

    Well-seasoned travelers know it's the creature comforts that make a huge difference between getting by and feeling comfortable on the road or on the trail.

    Grand Trunk's Bamboo Sleep Sack is made from luxuriously soft bamboo viscose material, which stretches, dries quickly, and draws perspiration away from your body to keep you comfortable.

    An ideal sleep sack for traveling and camping in warmer climates-it's all you need to sleep in on a tropical night. Also works as a sleeping bag liner in cooler temps, adding an extra layer of warmth to your bag. Washes easily and protects you from untrustworthy hostel bedding. Perhaps best of all, it's made from sustainable, renewable, organic bamboo fibers, so when you choose the Bamboo Sleep Sack, you're pitching in to keep the planet healthy

    *Use For: Camping, travel, at-home blanket
    *Material: Viscose from bamboo (organic)
    *Unfolded Size: 85" x 30" (216cm x 76.2cm)
    *Weight: 16oz (453g)
    5.0/5 (1)
  • Grand Trunk Quick-Dry Pack Towel

    Well-seasoned travelers know it's the creature comforts that make a huge difference between getting by and feeling comfortable on the road or on the trail.

    Stuff your Quick-Dry Pack Towel into its small mesh sack and tote it along on your next backpacking trip, hostel-hopping tour or morning at the gym.


    • Super-absorbent, soft microfiber fabric dries your whole body
    • A built-in button closure means you can wear it around your waist during your post-shower dash to your clothes
    • Hang the towel by its loop for fast drying; if you're in a hurry to make the train to Prague, just stuff it into its mesh sack and hang it from your pack
    • Since the towel's fabric is ultralight, it won't weigh your pack down
    • Fabric: Synthetic microfiber, synthetic mesh bag
    • Use For: Travel, gym, camping, backpacking
    • Dimensions: 24" x 52"
    • Weight: 6oz
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Grand Trunk Woven Hammock

    The cushiest and softest of Grand Trunk's hammocks, the Roatan Backyard Hammock's comfortable woven cotton material feels great against the skin. It's easy to set up--just hang it on any hammock stand or hang it from slings on trees or posts.

    Tree Sling Hammock Hanging Kit sold separately. Tree Slings are sling-style tree protectors that won't dig into a tree or post.

    For easy transportation, the hammock stuffs into a small stuff sack, so you unhook it from its backyard stand and pack it along on your next beach trip or car camping weekend.


    • Hammock is wide enough for two people (or multiple kiddos) and holds up to 450 pounds
    • Carry bag included; if hanging slings are needed, check out Grand Trunk's Hammock "Tree Slings" hanging kit
    • Fabric: Washable cotton
    • Use For: Back yard, camping, beach & lake relaxing Details
    • Weight: 4lbs
    • Dimensions: 8ft x 5ft
  • Grand Trunk Parachute Hammock

    Grand Trunk understands the pleasure of relaxing in a hammock, so they designed quality hammocks for everyone from the fast-and-light adventurer to the family who loves camping on the beach. It's the hammock that's just right for any purpose and any trip. Really, how you hang is up to you.

    The Grand Trunk Single-Person Parachute Nylon Hammocks are extra strong (i.e., they could each support a person, a couple, a person and a dog, a person and two kids, or ... well, you get the idea). Or bring the Two-Person Parachute Hammock on your next weekend camping trip to the lake.

    These hammocks stuff into a sack the size of a softball, so you can easily toss one into the car for a day at the beach or a weekend of camping and fishing.


    • High-strength, mildew-resistant parachute nylon with triple-stitched seams and nautical-grade hanging carabiners ensure the hammock can hold up to 400 pounds
    • Rope and hanging instructions are included (Tree Sling Hammock Hanging Kit is sold separately. Tree Slings are sling-style tree protectors that won't dig into a tree or post.)
    • Use For: Car camping, travel, beach & lake, home
    • Weight: Single weighs 16oz, Double weighs 20oz
    • Dimensions: Single measures 10.5ft x 5ft, Double measures 10.5ft x 6.5ft
    • Fabric: Parachute nylon
    $54.99 - $64.99
  • Grand Trunk Portable Chopsticks

    Well-seasoned travelers know it's the creature comforts that make a huge difference between getting by and feeling comfortable on the road or on the trail.

    Your friends bring sporks, whittle twigs, or use throw-away plastic utensils on your camping and backpacking trips. You gave that up long ago when you picked up your Collapsible Chopsticks from Grand Trunk.


    • Polish off your plate, then rinse these sticks off, fold them up, and slip into their tiny drawstring sack so they won?t get lost in your bag
    • Use For: Camping, backpacking, travel, picnics
    • Weight: 1oz (28.3g)
    • Expanded size: 8.5in (21.6cm)
    • Packed-Up Size: 4.6" (11.7cm)
    • Material: Stainless steel & ebony
  • Grand Trunk Cotton Sleep Sack

    Savvy backpackers and travelers appreciate a comfy sleep sack, so Grand Trunk made the One-Person Cotton Sleep Sack with 100% Premium Cotton. It weighs just five ounces and packs down to a few inches in size, but when you use it, you'll feel downright luxurious.
  • Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

    The Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag is a brilliant solution for hammock sleeping on cool and cold nights. Most sleeping bags compress under your back when you lay in a hammock, which crushes the insulating loft and lets your back freeze. But Grand Trunk's Hammock-Compatible Bag wraps around you and the hammock, creating a warm, swinging nest. Hanging in the cool mountain air never felt so good.

    NOTE: Hammock not included. Sold separately.
  • Grand Trunk Collapsible Micro-Stool

    Fold up the Micro Stool, slip it into your backpack or tote bag, and enjoy always having a place to rest your rear. This simple stool weighs in at a mere ten ounces, but it can hold a 250-pound adult just fine. It's an excellent solution for backpacking, outdoor concerts, and faraway adventures.
  • Grand Trunk Mozzy Hammock Mosquito Net

    NEW from Grand Trunk is the deluxe mosquito netting that will fit almost any hammock. With a built in floor, you now have the total protection along with being able to store some gear on the ground while you relax.

    Hammock and Tree Sling Hammock Hanging Kit sold separately.


    • 56" Door Zipper
    • Can be Staked to ground
    • Two 32" spreader poles
    • Carry Case included
    • Weight: 22.5oz
    • Dimensions: 144" x 32"
    • Floor Size: 90" x 32"
  • Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock

    The Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock boasts a godsend for summer camping: attached no-see-um mosquito netting overhead that keeps biting little buzzers away so you can actually enjoy the fresh air. The larger Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock can support up to 400 pounds.


    • Grey No-See-Um mosquito netting hangs overhead and away from your face so you can still read a book or sip a drink without feeling claustrophobic
    • Just sit in the hammock and zip yourself in with the double- sided zipper
    • If the coast is clear and you don't need the mosquito netting, just flip the hammock over and sit on it as a normal hammock
    • Two interior storage pockets keep smaller items organized (like the ones in a tent)
    • Triple-stitched reinforcements on the mesh and fabric boost the hammock's strength
    • Hanging rope, instructions, and larger carabiners (Tree Sling Hammock Hanging Kit is sold separately. Tree Slings are sling-style tree protectors that won't dig into a tree or post.)
    • Fabric: parachute nylon silk
    • Use For: Travel in buggy places, park, lake, backpacking, camping
    • Weight: 28oz
    • Dimensions: 10.5ft x 5ft

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