• Weplay Softwood Blocks

    Weplay Softwood Blocks are light, soft, and durable building blocks made from high grade EVA foam with unique wood grain patterns throughout the entire block to mimic real softwood. This set is comprised of cubes, cylinders, pillars, triangles and more. They can be piled up easily and are suitable for both individual and group plays.

    Children can enhance their capability of structural understanding and explore their imagination and creativity extensively while playing with these blocks. The activity stimulates creativity and imagination. It enhances body movement coordination. It promotes awareness of shapes. It cultivates structural understanding and spatial concepts. The block play improves fine motor skills, enhances muscles stability in hands and encourages teamwork and peer interaction.

    The innovative wood grain pattern that is throughout the entire block is just like real wood. It is not printed on and it will not be rubbed off. The blocks are waterproof and floatable making them suitable for bath time fun. Aroma free & non-toxic.

    Choose from 56 pieces (large size, 3.15" thickness), 152 pieces (small size, 1.57" thickness) or 68 pieces (small size, 1.57" thickness).
    $335.00 - $377.00
  • Weplay Ball Chair

    The Large Ball Chair is ideal for school, office & home use. The round, soft exterior of the ball makes it an ideal chair. Its flexibility and shape can help improve one's sense of balance and posture. The high back rest provides unparalleled comfort and helps promote circulation to the legs. The ball can be manually inflated to suit your own personal preference. Ball Diameter: 19.69". Chair Dimensions: 20" x 24" x 31". Maximum Weight: 300 lbs. Ages: 7 years & up. Contains small parts.

    The Small Ball Chair is especially made for children. The round, soft exterior of the ball makes it an ideal chair. It can effectively help children improve their posture and sense of balance. Ball Diameter: 15.35" Chair Dimensions: 20" x 19" x 23". Maximum Weight: 132 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up. Contains small parts.
    $150.00 - $215.00
  • Team Walker

    This Weplay Team Walker set includes 4 colorful pairs of walkers. Each walker set can be used alone or firmly locked together with the other sets to create a teamwork activity that enhances coordination and improves individual motion development. The adjustable rubber straps allows the item to fit the feet with ease. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

    Dimensions: 16" x 5" x 1". Maximum Weight: 177 lbs. per pair. Ages: 4 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Construction Tower

    The Weplay Construction Tower set consists of 12 blocks: 4 green blocks with a solid square design, 2 yellow blocks with open square "window" designs, 2 blue blocks with open "rectangular" designs and 4 pink solid triangular blocks. The Construction Tower set is compatible with all blocks in the We-Block series. Ages: 2 years & up.
  • Weplay Wavy Tactile Path

    The Weplay Wavy Tactile Path is designed so that the patterns and width of the boards offer tactile sensory intensity for the human body, while creating the most realistic "nature" experience for children. The set can be arranged into curvy or linear patterns to provide users with multiple ways of playing. There is no directional uncertainty; the change in angle is natural to humans. The slight slopes on the 4 sides of the boards offers front to back balance, as well as right to left balance.

    This activity enhances muscle development and tactile stimulation. It improves vestibular balance, movement coordination, and sense of balance. It tranquilizes emotions and enhances concentration and improves self-confidence, learning ability, and sense of reaction. The path develops action planning and helps children adapt to new environments through games. This activity cultivates spatial concepts through arranging and constructing the path.

    Dimensions: 27" x 7". Components: (Blue) 8 pcs./set. Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.

    Choose from Blue or Green.

    Pictured with the Rainbow River Stones (sold separately).
  • Brick Me Block Set

    The Weplay Brick Me block set includes 30 full bricks and 15 half bricks. They are large scale plastic bricks that are light in weight. They can interlock for building. Because the bricks are large scale, it makes stacking and building with them easier for younger children. Brick Me blocks can be used to build endless colorful creations. Through this activity, children will develop their imagination, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. Dimensions: 30 Full Bricks - 10" x 5" x 3" 15 Half Bricks - 5"x 5" x 3". Ages: 2 years & up.
  • Putt Putt Balance Board

    The Weplay Putt Putt Balance Board has double layered tracks that allow the ball to move around the track, in one hole and out from another continuously, through the user's left to right movements. This activity promotes movement, balance, and coordination. The user can see the running ball out in front of their feet as opposed to under their feet in other versions. The anti-slip design on the bottom of the board ensures the safety of the user. The ball can circulate between the upper and lower layers. The play method can vary from simple to complex based on the child's ability.

    Dimensions: 20" x 16" x 5". Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Weplay We-Block Minis

    Weplay We-Block Minis are an amazing new addition to the Creative Play Series of toys. The set is made up of large, tactile blocks that are sturdy and light-weight. These blocks take building to a whole new level. Each set has 5 different block types in bright, primary colors. All blocks are grooved to make stacking and moving them easier. Some of the blocks are simple geometric shapes and others have windows. These shapes are familiar to daily life, encouraging role play. The block dismensions are aproximately: 8" x 8" x 0.5". Ages: 3 years & up.

    This 56-pc set comes with 8 triangles, 8 blocks with rectangle windows, 8 blocks with square windows, 12 blocks with big windows and 20 solid blocks. The 28-pc set comes with 4 triangles, 4 blocks with rectangle windows, 4 blocks with square windows, 6 blocks with big windows and 10 solid blocks.
    $112.00 - $200.00
  • Weplay Balance Arch

    The Weplay Balance Arch comes in a set of 4 pieces (creates a full circle) or 2 pieces (half circle). The pieces can be used on their ends or on their sides. Balance exercises are essential elements during a child's development. The different surfaces provide various textures for playing. The different sizes allow for variation to target specific areas. Please use the product on a padded mat on a flat surface and use the foot sheath to ensure the safety of the game.

    Outside Diameter - 53" Inside Diameter - 43". When assembled in 1/4 circle the dimensions are L - 37" W - 5" H - 18". Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.
    $442.00 - $832.00
  • Sand and Water Table

    The Weplay Sand & Water Table is a fully mobile sensory station. Wheels are attached to two of the legs to make it easy to move. All of the legs are adjustable to suit the height of the children using it. The tub is lightweight and can be lifted out to make cleaning easy. The tub's lid fits snuggly and easily on top of the tub to keep sensory items covered.

    It can also be flipped over and used as a shallow play area or a writing or drawing surface when it is filled with sand. The lid becomes a storage shelf when placed underneath the tub on the rack. If using liquids in the tub, the draining flow can be controlled by the drainage plug. The table allows for numerous activities that stimulates a child's sense of touch by learning the different characteristics of sand, water or other sensory items. It also promotes sharing and interaction among children.

    Dimensions: 35" x 25" x 17" - 23". Participants: 4-6 people. Ages: 2.5 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Rainbow River Stones

    The Weplay Rainbow River Stones emphasize nature with the flow and randomness to mimic real river stones. There are three different sizes of river stones to suit the needs of growing children and to allow many creative route designs. It is highly recommended to have children take their shoes and socks off to increase the safety and stability of the game. It also ensures the exposure of the sole of the foot to the textured stone surface to stimulate sensory development.

    This activity helps children learn to adapt to the environment through game experiences while improving self-confidence and reaction capacity. It improves the ability to concentrate and enhances the stimulation of vestibular balance and promotes movement coordination. This activity improves one's action planning ability while also activating muscle development. Maximum Height w/3 Stacked Stones: approx. 11.5". Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.


    • Large (2 pcs.) Diameter 16" - Maximum Stone Height 5"
    • Medium (2 pcs.) Diameter 14" - Maximum Stone Height 6"
    • Small (2 pcs.) Diameter 11" - Maximum Stone Height 3"
  • Tai Chi Balance Board

    The large Weplay Tai-Chi Board alone serves as a balance board. Teamwork and coordination are developed while two children stand on it at the same time and work together to rotate the ball along the orbit. The two interchangeable disks can be added for more fun and to present more of a challenge. The two disks can also be used as a handheld device for one or two people to enhance hand-eye coordination. Up to 6 children can use the balance board and two disks at one time.

    Includes: I board, 2 disks and 3 balls. Diameter: 26". Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Gears Set

    The Weplay Gears set consists of 14 components: 6 green panels with holes, 2 large flower gears, 4 small flower gears, and 2 handles. Both the small and large gears can easily fit into the holes on the panels. The Gears set is compatible with all blocks in the We-Block series. Ages: 2 years & up.
  • Tactile Playing Mat

    The Weplay Tactile Playing Mat set consists of 6 brightly colored mats with fun shapes that have various textured designs on them to enhance the users tactile sensitivity. The mats can be puzzle-pieced together to allow for more creativity during play. The mats are made of a high-quality, EVA foam that is light, safe, and neat. It is also water, humidity, and acid proof. Aroma free & Non-toxic.

    Components: 6 pcs./set. Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 1". Ages: 2 years & up.
  • Pedal Walker

    The Weplay Pedal Walker works like a quadricycle. It has two balancing pedals and one pair of detachable handrails. It allows a child to move forward by exerting their own body weight and distributing it across the pedals of the walker. For the more experienced user, the handrails can be removed to encourage higher levels of balance and coordination exercise.

    Dimensions: 15" x 20" x 22" Pedal - 11" x 4". Weight Limit: 110 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Tactile Cube

    The Weplay Tactile Cube set consists of 6 We-Blocks: 2 solid blue with dot patterns, 2 solid green with grid patterns, and 2 solid pink with concentric circles. The blocks fit together like puzzle pieces and have anti-slip pads to allow them to be used safely as a walkway.

    Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 2" / pc. Maximum Weight: 66 lbs. Ages: 2 years & up.

    The Tactile Cube set is compatible with all blocks in the We-Block series. Pictured with Gears Set (sold separatley), Reflector Cube (sold separately) and Construction Tower (sold separately).
  • Reflector Cube

    The Weplay Reflector Cube set consists of 6 anti-shatter mirrored blocks: 2 yellow, 2 pink, and 2 green. Mirror types include: concave, convex, and funhouse. The Reflector Cube set is compatible with all blocks in the We-Block series.

    Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 2" / pc. Ages: 2 years & up.
  • School Ball Set (25 Pieces)

    The Weplay School Ball Set contains 25 pieces of balls in various sizes and shapes to create over 40 different activities. This set helps to promote balance and overall physical coordination. Ages: 6mos. and up. Contains small parts.


    • (5) Massage Balls - 2.76"
    • (5) Massage Balls - 3.15"
    • (5) Massage Balls 3.54"
    • (1) Gym Ball - 33.46"
    • (1) Gym Roll
    • (2) Jumping Balls -15.75"
    • (2) Jumping Balls - 21.65"
    • (4) To & Fro Balls
    • (1) User Guide Book
  • Octagon Creative Blocks

    The Weplay Octagon Creative Blocks come in multiple colors of bright red, yellow, blue, and green. They can be used in creative play to build fences for sandboxes and ball pools; or they can be simply used as building blocks. They have non-slip feet and children can make paths and walk upon them. Maximum Weight: 110 lbs. Dimensions: 15" x 8" x 5". Includes 12 pieces. Ages: 3 years & up.
  • Hand Held Rotation Board

    The large Weplay Handheld Rotation Board allows one or two children to sit on the board with his or her hands holding onto the handles. Movements can be achieved by simple motions exerted from the waist and arms. The two base mounts (height 1.2" or 1.6") of varied curvatures add more fun and diversity to the games. This exercise helps to target and stimulate the development of the cerebral cortex.

    Diameter: 26". Maximum Weight: 132 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Roller Board

    The large Weplay Roller Board is an all-purpose mobile device. It can be used by one person or a small group of people. There are numerous games and activities that can be created and played using this board. It encourages balance and coordination exercises, as well as creative play and teamwork.

    Diameter: 26". Weight Limit: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.
  • Water Lily Set

    This Weplay Water-Lily set is comprised of 4 water-lily islands, 1 patterned-curvy bridge, and 1 patterned-flat bridge. The curvy bridge board can be used to construct a wave or a valley, allowing the children to practice the actions of walking or crawling up and down. This exercise will help them to enhance their physical coordination, dexterity, and balance developments. The stimulation of the foot's sole provided by the surface patterns on the bridge boards and islands can help users enhance their concentration. The process of making changes in island heights and creating different path combinations can help children cultivate spatial concepts and improve their action planning and problem solving skills.

    Water Lily Island Dimensions: 21" x 21" x 6.5" (L xW x H). Flat Bridge Dimensions: 46" x 11" x 2" (L x W x H). Curvy Bridge Dimensions: 46' x 11" x 6.5". Maximum Weight: 88 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.
  • Weplay Stepping Clouds

    The Weplay Balance Stepping Clouds are the next stage in the balance series collection. Each cloud has multiple air chambers, that when stepped on, cause them to wobble. This motion enhances the users physical coordination and balance development. Route organization of the clouds develop action planning ability and spatial concepts.

    Each set contains 2 green clouds with raised tactile dots and 2 blue clouds with raised tactile stripes. All of which fit into a cute, zippered, carrying case. Dimensions: 9" x 12" x 2" / pc. Maximum Weight: 132 lbs. Ages: 3 years and up.

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