• Superior GOLD performance

    The GPX 5000 is the best gold prospecting detector on the market and is capable of finding gold significantly deeper than ANY other metal detector in ALL ground conditions!

    State-of-the-art electronics and eight Soil/Timings (Timings), combined with the legendary GPX ability, allow you to 'see through' the toughest ground while maintaining excellent depth and sensitivity to small gold. It's like having a different detector each time you select a different Timing.

    This industry leading detector, with a wide range of specialist features and functions, will allow beginners through to professionals to find more gold than ever before; from sub-gram nuggets to 'retirement' nuggets and everything in between.

    If you want the best gold detector available -- LOOK NO FURTHER!

    • Overview: Superior Pulse Induction detector with eight Soil/Timings for maximum depth in all ground conditions. Supplied with two coils. Like having 8 detectors in 1.
    • Search modes: Patch, General, Deep, Hi-Min, Hi-Trash, Pinpoint
    • Soil/Timings: Enhance, Sensitive Extra, Normal, Salt / Gold, Sharp, Sensitive Smooth, Fine Gold, Coin / Relic (8)
    • Iron Reject: Off (All Metal), On (1 to 10)
    • Ground Balance: Off, Fixed, Tracking (3 speeds), Specific
    • Tune (Noise Cancel): Automatic & Manual (0 to 255)
    • Threshold: Yes (modulated)
    • Sensitivity (Rx Gain): Manual (1 to 20)
    • Backlight: Yes (variable time-out)
    • Standard coils: 11-inch Double-D and 11-inch Monoloop
    • Headphones: Koss UR-30
    • Batteries: Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
    • Key technologies MPS, DVT, SETA
  • All-terrain TREASURE performance

    The CTX 3030 is a new waterproof, all-terrain TREASURE detector designed to give you ultimate performance in any landscape.

    Featuring a host of new technologies including FBS 2, Smartfind 2, GPSi and Wi-Stream, the CTX 3030 has an unparalleled ability to find treasure amongst even the most trash filled areas.

    Record your finds using the GeoStore feature and transfer your detecting information onto Google Maps using the XChange 2 PC application. Automatically download detector software upgrades via XChange 2 and easily keep your CTX 3030 at the cutting edge of high performance.

    Whether you take your CTX 3030 on land or underwater, its 'switch on and go' simplicity and five preset Search Modes make it the perfect choice for beginners with customizable options for the experienced treasure hunter.

    • Overview: Ultimate performance multi-frequency TREASURE detector with enhanced FeCo discrimination, integrated GPS and wireless audio options, all in a sleek rugged design that is waterproof to 10 ft (3 m).
    • Search modes: Coins, Beach, Relic, Silver, High Trash and 5 additional user customizable Search Modes. 2 Pinpoint options (Normal and Sizing)
    • Discrimination patterns: 20 fully customizable (10 pre-programmed - 2 per Search Mode)
    • Discrimination type: Enhanced Color discrimination (35 Fe x 50 Co = 1750 segments), Target Trace, Target Trace Pinpoint, Tone ID Profiles, Target Separation (Ferrous-Coin and Ground-Coin), Accept/Reject cursors
    • Ground Compensation: Auto and Ground Balance
    • Noise Cancel: Auto & Manual (11 channels)
    • Threshold: Yes
    • Sensitivity: Auto & Manual (1 to 30)
    • Backlight: Yes
    • Standard coil: 11-inch Double-D (waterproof)
    • Headphones: KOSS UR-30
    • Batteries: 8 x AA alkaline pack (Standard Pack only); Rechargeable Li-ion pack
  • The ADVENTURE begins

    Packed with value and features, the X-TERRA 305 is a great choice for any individual or family looking to begin a detecting adventure.

    The entry-level X-TERRA 305 is very easy to use. Thanks to various preset functions, you can switch it on and go detecting straight away. It's that simple!

    With a large LCD screen you can easily see all the important information needed to identify the targets you have detected. The user friendly control panel allows you to quickly adjust functions for optimum results. You will be an expert in no time.

    This lightweight, well balanced detector lets you search comfortably for long periods of time.

    The standard waterproof coil detects deep on most targets. A range of six additional accessory coils are also available to further enhance performance.

    • Overview: Entry-level family detector with user friendly yet powerful features for finding coins, relics and jewelry.
    • Search modes: Coin & Treasure; Pinpoint (Normal)
    • Discrimination patterns: 2 preset (customizable); All Metal
    • Discrimination type: Linear scale (12 segments); Numerical Target ID (-4 to44); Multiple Tone ID (up to 12)
    • Ground Balance: Manual (0 to 20)
    • Noise Cancel: Manual (3 channels)
    • Threshold: Yes (modulated in Prospecting Mode)
    • Sensitivity: Manual (1 to 30)
    • Backlight: Yes
    • Standard coil: 9-inch Concentric 7.5 kHz (waterproof)
    • Headphones: Optional
    • Batteries: 4 x AA cells (not included)
    • Key technologies: VFLEX, 7.5 kHz, 18.75 kHz
  • Twice the ADVENTURE!

    The X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack is the most advanced, easy to use and versatile ADVENTURE detector from Minelab. Thanks to its dedicated Coin & Treasure and Prospecting Modes, just choose what you would like to search for, choose the appropriate coil from the two that come as standard in the Dual Pack, then start detecting.

    Use the 9-inch Concentric, 7.5 kHz waterproof coil for all round detecting and treasure hunting then quickly swap to the 10 x 5-inch Elliptical Double-D, 18.75 kHz water-resistant coil for finding those elusive small gold nuggets when prospecting.

    With a large backlit LCD screen, highest discrimination resolution and maximum depth of the X-TERRA Series, Target ID Stability, modulated Threshold (in Prospecting Mode) and many Automatic Ground Balance options -- you will be recovering more valuable finds than you can possibly imagine.

    • Overview: Multi-purpose versatile detector with advanced features and functions for finding coins, relics, jewelry and gold nuggets deeper and with more accurate discrimination. Like having 2 detectors in 1 (Coin & Treasure, Prospecting)
    • Search modes: Coin & Treasure; Prospecting; Pinpoint (Normal & Sizing)
    • Discrimination patterns: 4 preset (customizable); All Metal
    • Discrimination type: Linear scale (28 segments); Numerical Target ID (-8 to 48); Multiple Tone ID (up to 28); Iron Mask (Prospecting Mode)
    • Ground Balance: Manual (0 to 90); Automatic, Tracking, Tracking Offset, Normal, Beach
    • Noise cancel: Automatic & Manual (5 channels)
    • Threshold: Yes (modulated in Prospecting Mode)
    • Sensitivity: Manual (1 to 30)
    • Backlight: Yes
    • Standard coils: 9-inch Concentric 7.5 kHz (waterproof) & 10 x 5-inch Elliptical Double-D (water-resistant)
    • Headphones: Optional
    • Batteries: 4 x AA cells (not included)
    • Key technologies: VFLEX, 3.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 18.75 kHz
  • Great TREASURE performance

    The Safari is an easy to use mid-level TREASURE detector with enhanced multi-frequency technology and discrimination. This detector is great for high performance treasure hunting.

    With Safari, you can detect anywhere, anytime. Its FBS technology uses an extended range of multiple frequencies, along with Automatic Sensitivity and Ground Compensation. This enables you to detect in a wide range of ground types from parks to salt water beaches.

    The Safari Pro Pack allows you to detect for longer by using the rechargeable battery as your main power source, and keep the AA pack as a backup. You can also use the supplied headphones to cut out more environmental noise and pick up the faint target signals of even more treasures.

    The great value Safari Pro Pack consists of:
    • Safari metal detector
    • RPG PH100R Headphones with adjustable headband and left and right channel volume controls
    • NiMH rechargeable Battery Pack
    • Main battery charger

    • Overview: Easy to use mid-range multi-frequency detector with improved discrimination features.
    • Search modes: Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Beach; Pinpoint (Normal)
    • Discrimination patterns: 4
    • Discrimination type: Linear scale (51 segments); Multiple Tone ID (up to 28)
    • Ground Compensation: Automatic
    • Noise Cancel: Automatic
    • Threshold: Yes
    • Sensitivity: Auto & Manual (0 to 20)
    • Backlight: No
    • Standard coil: 11-inch Double-D (waterproof)
    • Headphones RPG PH100R Headphones with adjustable headband and left and right channel volume controls (standard with Pro Pack)
    • Batteries: NiMH rechargeable Battery Pack with mains battery charger (standard with Pro Pack)
    • Key technologies: FBS
  • MLB Team Dynasty Banner

    • Dynasty banners are our signature collection of banners
    • Inspired by the true MLB dynasties of the past, these unique commemoratives honor the teams, traditions and memories
    • Constructed with heavy wool felt and embroidery/ applique design
    • Size: 24 x 36

    Select a team from the drop-down box.

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