No-Spill 14-Gallon Portable Gas Pump

  • No-Spill 14-Gallon Portable Gas Pump

No-Spill 14-Gallon Portable Gas Pump

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The 14 Gallon Portable Gas Pump

This is the 14-gallon gas pump with a patented siphon handle that instantly stops and starts the flow of gas, allowing you to fill a 10-gallon gas tank in five minutes. A squeeze of the handle initiates hydrostatic pressure that dispenses gas without any pumping. Two sturdy 6" wheels and the integrated handle ensure ease of transport to a dock or shed, while the 10' hose allows you to refuel hard-to-reach gas tanks without lifting the entire container. Unlike traditional gas cans, the unit has two shutoff valves--one on the hose and one on the container--that seal internal pressure and restrict gas vapors. Made from durable, high-density polyethylene, the gas pump will neither rust nor dent and it can be set up horizontally or vertically when refueling.

Not recommended for diesel fuel.

34-1/2"H x 16"W x 12-1/2"D; (19 lbs.)

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  1. no spill no way review by mitt

    i purchased the no spill portable gas pump. first i had to keep pumping the handle to get the gas out. so then i had to put up high on the bed of my truck so the gravity would finally put the gas in. then as the instructions said it will instantly stop when it is full. no way the gas started pouring out on the ground when the tank was full. very disappointed that i spend that much money. now i am stuck with a heavy gas can and full of gas. everytime i have to use it i will have to get someone to help me put it on my bed of the truck to fill my mule. i am a 60 year old women and was trying to find something easy to use.

  2. No spill Portable Gas Pump review by laurala

    This portable Gas pump is the best ever. It saves lifting a gas containier to fill any type of tank. It is helpful for anyone with a back problem as the siphon handle is awesome.

  3. Sturdy Fuel Dispenser review by Hoosier50

    Sturdy container, compact wheels, long hose and useful handle and easy to assemble.

  4. This works for me review by HappyBoater

    We have a boat on a lake with no facilities. I had been filling the boat gas tank from 5 gal gas cans. They are very heavy to hold from above in the boat. Easier to hold standing in shallow water but then my face was right next to the nozzle and gas fumes. After 3 cans, either my back or lungs were killing me. My wife bought this for me last year and I like it alot.

    I fill this on the land from the 5 gal cans which easily rest on top - no back pain, no fumes in the face. Then I place this tank on the dock - above the boat because gravity will only pull the gas down :) Then I place the nozzle/handle in the opening to the boat gas tank and squeze the handle to fill. As one other poster noted, when the tank is full the gas will continue to flow - but I also had that challenge with the 5 gal cans. Just listen - you can hear the gas as the level reaches the top and go slowly from that point.

    This is probably overpriced by double, but for me, I'm not complaining - it is saving my back and lungs.

No-Spill 14-Gallon Portable Gas Pump
No-Spill 14-Gallon Portable Gas Pump

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