Pet Screen Door

  • Pet Screen Door

Pet Screen Door

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Price From: $19.99


Sturdy Pet Screen Door lets Rover or Fluffy come and go as they please, but you're still in control.

You won't have to bother opening the screen door every time Rover barks that he wants "in" or "out". Simply fasten the plastic frames of the Pet Screen Door together through the existing screen of your patio or storm door, trim around the swinging door, and your dog or cat can push his way through whenever he wants, coming or going...unless you've latched it closed.

Works with all types of screens. Small Pet Screen Door. has an 8"x9 1/2"-tall opening. Large Pet Screen Door has a 12" x 16"-tall opening.

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  1. Wonderful Doggie door !! review by JBHatLady

    I bought a large pet screen door and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I hated the flies, etc. that would get into the house in the summer, so we had to keep the glass door closed. Now the screen door can be closed and the glass door open for fresh air and no bugs!!!!!!! I would recommend this item to everyone.

  2. really helpful review by alteredecoart

    No more letting the dog in and out, in and out...

  3. Great purchase review by Diel

    Was perfect for our puppy was a great way to house train her. Taught her how to go in and out and now she gets out of her crate and and goes outside when she needs to use the restroom, instead of me having to wake up every few hours to take her to the bathroom. And it is very easy to install!

  4. Terrible product review by jann77

    I had high hopes for an affordable product. The directions are simple, however the frame will not stay snapped together. Unfortunatley I had already cut the screen when I noticed the problem and now have to pay for a new screen. I tried everything, the pins do NOT snap together or hammer together making the door completely worthless and a waste of time and money!

Pet Screen Door
Pet Screen Door

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