• The Configurable Outdoor/Indoor Pen.

    This versatile pet pen has six 38" panels that can be assembled into numerous configurations to keep pets contained, even in hard-to-enclose spaces. For both indoor and outdoor use, the pen makes an ideal dog run, playpen, or portable fence.

    Two sets of removable corner pins allow for quick assembly on hard or soft surfaces. Long pins stake into the ground for outdoor assembly, and short pins allow for assembly on hard surfaces, indoor or out. Panels can be removed or added to adjust size and configuration, and removing pin transforms the pen into portable 18"fence.

    Configuraton options include a 6' x 2' rectangle, 4' x 4' square, or 5' diameter circle, and multiple pens can be joined together to create a larger space for pets. A built-in gate allows easy access to your pet. Constructed of durable, galveanized steel with a decorative crackle finish.

    38"L x 36"W x 1/2"D.
    5.0/5 (2)